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TomTom GO 920T


As of this writing, the TomTom GO 920T is the top of the line GPS system from TomTom. No holding back, no features left out for other higher end models. And for North American users the 920T and 920 is currently the only model to offer voice prompted address entry. This model also comes with […]

385 Responses

  1. Spoken address answer for E-Z above. I had the same problem with my new 920. Called customer support and they told me that the updated software recently downloaded neglected to include the spoken address option. A fix is supposed to be on the way in a couple of weeks.

    Rudi - March 31st, 2008
  2. Jason,
    My 920 is up to date and functioning correctly. What I am pointing out is the very glaring deficienies of the 920 when you are not in a large city. I’m assuming that since you are a police officer and need a GPS to find your way around your turf, that you are in a large city. In smaller metropolitan areas the problems that I listed occur quite frequently. Here’s an example – try getting directions to the local Home Depot located at 2201 S Kensington Dr in Appleton, Wisconsin. This store is no less than five years old and is in a city of 75K people with a surrounding area of another 125K people. You will see what I’m talking about in message you will receive that ‘House numbers are not available’ for this street, despite the street (a state highway) being decades old. This weekend we went to the Wisconsin Dells, a tourist area with millions of visitors per year, and had several POIs that were literally miles off the target, usually because of the 920’s inability to differentitate that house numbers start over again when you cross the ‘zero block’ and the street changes from East to West or North to South while maintaining the same street name. Just because you have not had these problems while using your 920 in your cruiser does not mean that they do not exist, and your opinion is quite myopic to generate with your limited usage area. Try the address that I’ve posted above and tell my if your unit will let you put in a house number, because the $200 Garmin that I’m refering to works like a charm in smaller cities where the 920 fails.

    Ken S. - March 31st, 2008
  3. Ken – I can pull up that exact address, with street number, on my 720 and on my 920. It has numbers on that street. Here is the map on my TomTom and here is the map from Home Depot’s website.

    Tim - March 31st, 2008
  4. Ken, i do work in a larger city (population 200k) however several surrounding areas are rural and have small populations. I have used the units in both settings with the same results I live in South Carolina, and have used this unit to travel back to Illinois which is a long hike as well as down to Florida, still no issues. I did have them side by side for both trips. It sounds to me that you have a faulty unit. I’ve experienced none of your issues. I will try and input your address tomorrow when I’m at the unit. If its not there, open up mapshare and put it there. That’s one thing you can do that you can’t with the nuvi.

    Jason - March 31st, 2008
  5. Ok so cuiousity got the best of me so i ran out and got the unit. It pulls up tha address perfecty for me. i have a screen shot but i dont know how to post it here. however the streets west of it and around it are S. buchanan, S midpark, S Fidelis, S Matthias, S Theodore, S Irma, S Clara, Jade and south is Railroad street.
    im guessing you didnt try it with the S in the address. Which relates back to my original post, most issues are related to USER ERROR. Try it with the S. 2 of us did and had no issues.

    Jason - March 31st, 2008
  6. Thanks for the info gents. My 920 seems to work fine in large cites when it comes to addresses, but poorly in smaller settings, so I wrongfully assumed that it was working correctly. I update the software frequently, and I usually end up uploading at least one or two map corrections to TomTom at the same time. I will contact TomTom, but no doubt they will want me to send in my unit. Anyway, I do appreciate the feedback from those whoe units are working correctly, and I hope to join your ranks again in the near future.

    Ken S. - March 31st, 2008
  7. Ken – I don’t believe anything is defective with your device. I suspect you are just not selecting ‘S Kensington Dr’ and are selecting ‘Kensington Dr’ instead.

    Tim - March 31st, 2008
  8. Jason,
    As for your last post, I appreciate you taking the time to run out to the cruiser and check out the address. However, it can’t be user error, as the message that “House numbers are not available for this street” pops up as soon as you choose a street. I would upload a picture of what I get, but I’m not sure how on this site. In any case, both your and Tim’s units can do this, which proves that mine is not working correctly. Thanks again.

    Ken S. - March 31st, 2008
  9. Ken, did you try it with the S in front of the street? do S (space) Kensington it comes right up. When i tried to put in just Kensington it gave me the same message your speaking of.

    Jason - March 31st, 2008
  10. Okay, this is the last I will torture you with this. I get these messages all the time other than in major cities. If I want to go to Nordic Mountain, the closest ski hill, located at W5806 County Road W, Wild Rose, WI , no street numbers are available. You can find the road by guessing a croos street, but then it’s 50/50 that you then head in the correct direction. I just can’t figure out why these messages should ever occur, given that the grid for house numbers were set up decades ago. This doesn’t seem to happen on other manufacturers units that I have tested. I love this unit when I’m in Chicago, and I curse it in smaller towns.

    Ken S. - March 31st, 2008
  11. Ken – There is no doubt there are errors and deficiencies in the mapping from time to time. Correct, on the second address you have listed there are no house numbers on that street. However, I tried that same address on a Garmin and it didn’t do much better. It doesn’t have 5806W on that street either. Instead it asks if you want the closest known points, W5099 and W4999. Those two points are shown as being 5.2 miles apart so that too is a pretty big section of road to search.

    Tim - April 1st, 2008
  12. Tim, I am a Sat nav newbie in the UK, I have been considering all the options carefully and with the help of your site narrowed down my preference to the TT 920T. I have one question that I hope does not appear too naive. I have been using Microsoft’s Autoroute for many years to plan detailed trips in the UK and Europe. Is it possible once having planned a route in Autoroute to download that route to the 920 unit as preferred route and for the 920 to guide between the way points? Thanks for your help.

    PS – Great site

    Simon S - April 1st, 2008
  13. Simon, I’m not certain since I don’t use autoroute myself. The TomTom Itineraries can hold up to 48 points. I see that the freeware program GPSBabel can read Microsoft Autoroute 2002 files, and since it can export to the Itinerary Planning format of TomTom devices it sounds like it might be possible.

    Tim - April 1st, 2008
  14. Tim, Thanks for the swift response. I will check out the GPSBabel programmes compatibility with Autoroute 2007 and let you know. Best wishes and thanks again.

    Simon S - April 1st, 2008
  15. I’ve boiled my search for a gps down to the TomtTom 920 and the Garmin Nuvi 770…they both are similar it seems in features including the European maps which would be very handy for our frequent trips there. Two basic questions: FIRST, which is generally more user friendly and less problematic and SECOND since they are basically similar in features, why is the Garmin about 30% more in available pricing? I hope these aren’t unreasonable questions and this site is just what the doctor ordered (for my gps-shopping-related headache.) Thanks.

    Alan - April 6th, 2008
  16. Alan – I’d say the Nuvi is perhaps a tiny bit easier to use, simply because there are a few less customizations available. They are both some of the easiest to use GPS devices out there. As to price, Garmin, being the market leader in North America, have always commanded a small premium over other similarly equipped GPS devices.

    Tim - April 6th, 2008
  17. Tim…Thanks so much for the very rapid response to my questions. Seems that from what you’ve said the TomTom 920’s most likely a good choice then and I’m going to give that a shot. I can handle (I think…and hope) a slight difference in ease of use…and the price is of the TomTom in light of the similarity of features is very attractive. After all…travel in Europe isn’t cheap these days. Again, thanks for your help.

    Alan - April 6th, 2008
  18. Can anyone verify this statement?

    “Enhanced Positioning Technology (GO 920T only) uses movement and gravity sensors to calculate drivers’ positions when GPS signals are unavailable.”

    The traffic coverage up here in Western Canada is not realy worth the extra $100 between the 920 & 920T but this feature may be worth it in low coverage areas.

    Thanks for your help and comments.


    bear - April 6th, 2008
  19. Bear – I’m not certain what you would like for me to verify. I’m assuming you read this page and the seven paragraphs under the heading ‘Enhanced Positioning Technology (EPT)’?

    Tim - April 7th, 2008
  20. Ordered a 920 an hour ago after years more or less happy with a Garmin i3 (usb port now snapped off sadly), looking forward to something more modern

    after a far bit of surfing ths is by far the most useful resource, bravo to Tim and the various posters, other than some tiresome ‘my nuvi’ stuff in the middle

    thanks all

    Tynan - April 7th, 2008
  21. Sorry Tim, I should have been more clear. I have read through this whole article and did understand that the 920T has the EPT and did not see any refrence to the 920 (did not expect one as this one is a review on the 920T)

    I thought I had read somewhere that the 920 had this technology as well but one of the vendor pages says it is only the 920T (the quote) so I was trying to find out which one was correct.

    Thanks for your replies and dedication to this forum. I have read lots of good stuff helping me decide.

    bear - April 7th, 2008
  22. Got it, I understand now. The 920 and 920T are identical except for the traffic receiver. The 920 does have EPT.

    Tim - April 7th, 2008
  23. Thank you for the info and keep up the great work here.

    bear - April 8th, 2008
  24. Tim,
    I just got the 920T and love it. Recently, they had a software update problem, and after downloading to the unit, it lost it’s ability to speak or recognize replys. They have since fixed this problem. My question is this: Without going to Tom Tom Home, how do you “Back up” (on a floppy), what’s programed in the unit when you first get it home? I want to do this to insure that I can factory reset it the way it came in case of another software glitch. The last one prevented you from factory reset!


    Mike - April 9th, 2008
  25. Another (hopefully quick question). Can you enter coordinates in as a destination? The main reason I am looking at a new system is my Garmin Legend has a display problem and I thought one of the car ones would work to double as a hand held for some geocaching. I have read the 920/T will display the coordinates but would like to find out if you can enter them in as well.

    Thanks again!

    bear - April 11th, 2008
  26. You can, however if the coordinates are not “close enough” to a road (I don’t know what that exact distance is) it won’t create a route.

    You could, however, create a favorite with any set of coordinates and view that location on the map relative to your current position.

    Tim - April 11th, 2008
  27. Tim,
    I’m looking for a GPS that works well in Pedestrian mode since I’ll be in Europe. I have my eye on the 920, but became discouraged when you said it was good in pedestrian mode compared to the 270 & 770. Can you please elaborate or cite some examples of the differences? Thanks!

    Suzie - April 14th, 2008
  28. Suzie

    The Garmin 270 and 770 both have a hold switch that locks the screen. Thus, accidental touches will not open up the menus and lose the map page. this means that they can be happily placed in the pocket with no worries. You have to be more careful with the 920 in this regard…small annoyance!

    The ipaq 310 is theoretically better than the other 2 brands as it has a screen lock and 3D maps that would cause even greater visual recognition. Unfortunately, HP has disabled the Pedestrian routing mode, but fortuately, its easy to restore if you are the least bit Computerate. I have restored it myself with 2 minutes work. The other problem is that HP is still 2 weeks away from selling European maps for the 310 and you cant buy the 314(european version) in the US.

    The most practical option at the moment is the relatively cheap G270, but the TT 920 is selling for $270 at the Dell web site now.

    infama - April 14th, 2008
  29. One thing I find very annoying about the tomtoms is the standard micro usb plug to connect it to power and the computer. that plug is very prone to malfunction. I have owned my tomtom for 6 weeks now and the plug is already so worn out, it wont charge anymore… i have to get a repair / replacement.

    I am seriously thinking of switching to another manufacturer for this reason only. what good is a gps if you cant charge it ?

    chris - April 15th, 2008
  30. Has anybody been able to connect to TomTom traffic using Alltel phone?

    I have TT Go 920 and Alltel Samsung R500 phone. I was able to connect TomTom to my phone and use hands free phone feature, but having trouble setting up data connection for TomTom Traffic.
    I’ve already tried the following configuration with no luck:
    Access Point Name: Alltel
    User Name: my 10 digit phone number@alltel.com (I’ve also tried @alltel.net)
    Password: alltel
    Obtain IP Address Automatically
    Obtain DNS server address Automatically
    Dial #777
    Logon Script: Left blank

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Duke - April 18th, 2008
  31. i I have purchased a 920T last January in Spain. It supposes to be one of the best navigators… Well, well… so much for Tom-Tom finesse! It failed too many times. The voice directions came too late quite often. Other times did no recognize the roads. The main complain is that if you don’t follow the directions given to you than it took too long to find the right spot again. The thing is that your copilot, the navigator, supposes to give you the precise directions several times ahead before you reach the point of changing directions, and if you make a mistake it suppose to give you the correction as fast as possible and take you to the correct place. Tom-Tom 920T quite often doesn’t know where you are. And gives you the wrong direction. It makes too many mistakes.
    In the busy streets with a very fast traffic you need directions very accurate and fast directions. You don’t have time to look at the screen, and you don’t suppose to do that.
    I trade the 920T for a Sony NV-U93T. This Sony doesn’t have so many good things as the Tom-Tom but it gives you the precise directions several times ahead. No mistakes what so ever. If you take the wrong turn off it corrects immediately. Even in large tunnels guides you perfectly and it doesn’t get lost like the Tom-Tom. With Sony you don’t have to look at the screen. I have to recognize that Sony has much too catch-up in many ways.

    jose - April 19th, 2008
  32. After reading numerous reviews and comments, I took the plunge and got a Go920 last week. Here are some of my observations. Some of them agree with findings by others, and some of them disprove observations by others. Many of these comments also apply to the Go720 and Go920T:
    – the unit itself is nicely constructed, with a very nice rubbery exterior, elegant trim, and overall nice fit and finish. The same can’t be said for the suction cup, which just is not up to standards, a shame because the mounting design of the GPS is an essential function and should be strong, reliable and lasting.
    – I connected to Tomtom’s Home website, downloaded their Home v2.2 software and installed it. I made a mistake entering the device code, and when I tried to correct it I got a message “you have to wait 6 months before you can change this code” – I have no idea what the purpose of this policy is, it just frustrates the heck out of legitimate customers.
    – the issue of the SD card: after many hours experimenting with various methods and procedures, I found that just because your computer can write files to an SD card and read from it, it does NOT mean your Go920 will recognize it also! some brands work, and some brands don’t work .. you’ll just have to try by trial and error which ones are compatible. To install MP3 music, make a directory on the SD card called “MP3″, and copy the MP3 files to that directory. For photographs, you need to put them in a directory called “Photos”. You can just use Windows explorer, you don’t have to use the Home software to copy your MP3 files.
    – I am very interested in the FM transmitter function, and had read numerous comments that the reception is noisy and volume is low. I’m happy to report that it worked great in my Toyota, just set the MP3 volume to maximum, and choose a spot on your FM dial that is EMPTY (you will hear a hissing white noise at an empty spot). Make a note of that frequency, and then program the Go920 to use that frequency. I used 100.1, and after shutting down the Go920 and resuming a few hours later, it still remembered the FM frequency and I didn’t have to re-configure it. The sound is very acceptable this way, similar to listening to a good FM station and much better quality than say using those cassette audio adapters.
    – while entering some addresses under “favorites”, I was surprised to find some street numbers were not recognized on the Go920, EVEN THOUGH they were accepted with no problem by my previous unit (a Garmin 650).
    – the GPS signal reception is very good (as described by others), I can sit 3 meters away from a window and it will still pick up 2 satellites.
    – turning ON the unit is not always reliable, most times it works, and often one has to push the reset button before it will respond and turn on; (this never happened with my old Nuvi 650).
    – some people commented that to cancel (clear) a route one had to go 3-deep in the menus, however there is an option to have a “quick menu” link right on the front with menu links of your choice (I chose jukebox, add favorites, FM transmitter, help me, and turn-off sound).
    – I found an old calculator case that fits it almost perfectly which saves me $30 having to buy an aftermarket product.
    – the Tomtom website is more geared to selling than helping. With incomplete documentation and weak on-line support, I imagine many customers feel frustrated and abandoned. I won’t be able to update my software until the 6 months punishment period has passed.
    – overall I’m pleased with the 920, since I already had realistic expectations after reading so much excellent information on Tim’s GPS Review.

    I haven’t yet tested the other functions (bluetooth, talking commands, the remote unit), my main concerns are good navigation and decent music reproduction, and I’m already satisfied with those two.

    Hector - April 20th, 2008
  33. TT920 vs. Nuvi 670, causing lost sleep on which to keep. Wish I could blend the two together.

    Garmin is way ahead on mounting it’s unit,screen brightness and use is to be envied, the included accesories require nothing else. Some of the navigation features are better. Map screen looks better. Love the cradle mounting ease ot use. Actual battery time is triple the TT. Leather case. My phone works 100% and the Nuvi will send conversations thru truck stereo for excellent on the road hands free talking, better than Onstar. Nuvi with one touch activates phone voice control and works totally hands free. TomTom will only use internal speaker for phone use. Only partial phone use on LG Muzik and Shine.

    The TT920 is loaded with awesome features, and love the stuff the Garmin doesn,t have.
    Help Me/ voice address entry/ EPS/ mapshare/ auto updates and TThome software/ quick gps fix/ qwerty keys/ way more customization etc.

    The TT920 is an addictive piece of tech. You do need more time to set it up and try it out, so it is not to yappy or bombard you with too much info. There are so many settings to check out it takes some time to get used to it. Give Grandpa the Garmin and he’ll love it. Give the TT to the IT guy and he’ll love it. Who am I, down the center I guess cause I love both.

    Navigating? It’s a wash. TT seems smarter and has more routing options, Garmin is very consistant and pleasant to deal with. I rate the TT920 with a slight edge here because it seems to see the big picture better, and is way more flexible allowing more driver input on choice of route. Garmin has a one track mind and is tough sometimes to get it to accept something else. A big factor if you want to take the scenic holiday route on anything other than fastest or shortest route. Errors betwwen the two have been identical so far and probably have nothing to do with the devices.

    I will stick my neck out here and say I think the TT920 is the better GPS device. I got both for great deals (TT $399 vs 670 $479 CDN).

    BUT, I need some help to make the TT liveable for me.
    I must have the cradle mount from Carcomm that I have seen on this forum. The CNM-165 is for me. When will it be ready and where can I buy it?
    Who makes an aftermarket case that fits the 920 for $15-30 range?

    With these two items I will keep the TT920 and buy a compatible phone when my contract is up or pay to upgrade it.

    I loved all the professional reviews available on these gps’s, and to tell you the truth they all are correct in their evaluations, from a certain point of view. You have to view and use these things yourself to find out what suits you. I think everyones brains are wired for different stimulie and only the user can decide what works for them.
    I was and still am addicted to the Garmin after 30 days, but after one weekend with the TomTom I’m going to switch, despite the very painful phone issues. That may be a strong statement in itself. Give me a Garmin Nuvi 860 for less than $500 and I’m there.(not a chance though $$$)

    Please keep up the good work on these sites as it is a valuable tool for many consumers. Wouldn’t have even touched a TT without it.

    Doug - April 20th, 2008
  34. Tim & y’all – Thanks for all your comments, inputs & help.

    I’m an engineer, all-around gadget guy, and just purchased the 920T, have spent at least 10 hours configuring all of its options and using its features including voice input, MP3 player, slide viewer, Audible Book Reader, audio-over-FM, etc, and couldn’t be happier. It sync’d and read in my Sprint Treo 700wx PocketPC phone book, worked well on calls, and I had no problems other than trying to crack open the remote control case without a tool.

    I found instructions for the Sprint Vision Access Point setup as well for accessing TomTom Internet Traffic; others have made this work. I also plan to try playing music from my Zune through it’s “iPod” interface, albeit without the control element.

    The only thing I can’t figure out yet is how to simply cancel/abort a destination mid-stream. It will take a new destination while driving, but how to just kill one? Someone above said they used their shortcut menu for it, but then didn’t mention the option name. If I want to make an impromptu stop such as a gas stop, or forgot I need to stop at my ATM or another short side-stop, it can just be turned off so it stops nagging me, and back on again when I want to resume course.

    Mark - April 20th, 2008
  35. Mark – the button you are looking for is called ‘Clear Route’. Depending if you have the ‘Show ALL Options’ option turned on, you will find it in Menu -> (next a couple of times) -> Clear Route.

    Tim - April 21st, 2008
  36. Crow, that’s what I’m eating. After gushing about the TT920 (see above), it went defective on me. Say’s it’s connected to my phone every 2 mins, premium batteries in remote die every 4-5 hours, screen started to crap out like it got hit with an EMP pulse, and a few other issues. Returned and left store with e new Nuvi 760. The end.

    Doug - April 21st, 2008
  37. I am looking at the TT over a Garmin primarily because it has the speed alert. Some comments here indicate that it may not work very well which may just be a regional issue in which case does anyone know if the 920 is capable of producing a warning when I enter a certain area(or point of interest)? Will garmin do this?(I know they don’t have speed alerts)
    Also does anyone know if the forum refered to on this comment list is “www. tomtomforums.com”.

    Thanks for any input, John.

    John Ukos - April 23rd, 2008
  38. John you are correct, there are some roads that have warnings and many more that do not. Note that some Garmin models like the Nuvi 700 series also have speed limit warnings. The TomTom 730/930 seems to have more coverage. Both the TomTom and Garmin models have POI alerts.

    Tim - April 23rd, 2008
  39. Thanks Tim, I think Garmin should train their support guys better because it was Garmin that told me NONE of their gps had speed warnings. Any ideas as to why the 720 and 920 are priced equally on TT’s web site (US) when you get so much more with the 920? Thanks for your help.


    john ukos - April 23rd, 2008
  40. Update (to msg. #232):
    I noticed Tomtom Home v2.2 has now let me change the device code for my 920! (originally it wouldn’t let me, demanding a 6 month wait first). Maybe they’re reading GPSReview also?

    I promptly updated my app software (from v7.22 to v7.481), and got the newest GPSquickfix (not interested in installing data for European “safety cameras” at this time).
    Thanks Tomtom, for being sensible!

    Hector - April 23rd, 2008
  41. John – I don’t know why.

    Tim - April 23rd, 2008
  42. Hi Tim (and everyone else),

    I just stumbled onto this site the other day, and it’s really fantastic from what I’ve seen! I am considering the purchase of a TomTom GO 920, but I like the idea of the “Where Am I?” feature on the Garmin nuvi 700’s. With regard to earlier comments (#225/226), couldn’t I potentially use the 920 to figure out where my car is if I save the coordinates when I park?

    P.S. Rock Like War – Rustic Overtones :)

    Vanna - May 9th, 2008
  43. Vanna – Yes, you can mark your current GPS coordinates as a favorite and then use the ‘Browse Map’ feature to find your way back to your car.

    Great job on the music quiz by the way! Viva R.O.!

    Tim - May 9th, 2008
  44. Whose map software does the 920 use in Australia?

    Robert - May 11th, 2008
  45. I think it is Sensis, but I don’t know for certain.

    Tim - May 11th, 2008
  46. Tim, since the pending release of the 930t, the price of the 920t has been dropping. I’ve been scouring the web, but am unable to determine if the 930t is worth waiting another week on or should I snatch up a discounted 920t. I really couldn’t tell any differences.
    thanks in advance & keep up the good work

    Dave - May 15th, 2008
  47. Dave – You can read our review of the 930.

    Tim - May 15th, 2008
  48. I had already read the review of all of the tomtoms. I couldn’t decipher any noticeable differences between the 920t and the 930t. If anybody else has figured anything out, please let me know….thanks for the attempt to answer my question.

    Dave - May 15th, 2008
  49. Dave – The entire 930 review I linked to above only talks about the differences between it an the 920…. color, active lane guidance, static intersection images, IQ routes, and a few application changes.

    Tim - May 15th, 2008
  50. FYI – for an easy alternative to TT’s wall charger for the 920T, go to your local cellphone store (I bought mine at Verizon) and pick-up a Motorola W385 Travel Charger (for the Motorola Razr Ve). It’s a 6′ straight line cord with the proper connector for the 920T. Do it soon though, as I think this phone has been discontinued.

    Mark W - May 17th, 2008
  51. Hi.
    I m looking at my first GPS unit. Like the look of Tomtom. When will the GO 930 be available in Canada and are the graphics in Europe the same as here plus can you get the voice in other languages?

    Harold - May 19th, 2008
  52. Harold, yes to all three.

    Tim - May 19th, 2008
  53. I am trying to decide between this unit and the Garmin Nuvi 670. I am moving to Germany very soon, and I plan on doing a lot of traveling…which of these two units is better? The 670 is exceedingly more expensive, so I am wondering what the difference is. Thanks.

    Joe - May 20th, 2008
  54. I just got a TT GO 920, this is my first GPS. I s there a way I can set it up to speak street names,
    (e.g. “Turn right on Broadway in 200 feet”)

    Deo - May 21st, 2008
  55. I recently purchases a TT920. I successfully paired it with my Blackberry Curve and was able to upload my phone book entries. I was unable to pair the TT remote with the TT920. TT technical support says that only one Bluetooth unit can be paired with the TT920. This does not sound right. Has anyone been able to use pair their remote after pairing their phone?

    Mike - May 27th, 2008
  56. Mike – You shouldn’t need to “pair” your remote with the 920, that will happen automatically– the 920 will “hear” the button click and ask if it is okay to accept commands from the remote the first time it is used.

    I am able to use the remote and a connected phone at the same time. I just tried it out to double check. You can actually even use the remote to navigate through the menus and place the call, using the remote to select the numbers, etc.

    Tim - May 27th, 2008
  57. Thanks Tim. I called TT tech support and they had me remove the batteries from the remote, cycle power on the TT920 and then press the reset button and power up the TT920 again. After placing the batteries in the remote, the remote started working after one minute. I can also work my Blackberry curve with the remote too.

    Thanks again.

    Mike - May 27th, 2008
  58. Hi, great website. I did lots of research here before deciding on buying my tt 920. It was on sale [snip, see comment policy], could not go wrong.
    ?-can the unit be powered on and off automatically when hooked up to car charger, or do I have to manualy turn on/off with the power button? If not, are there any units (Garmin)? that have this feature?
    thanks in advance and this has been a great site I have recommended it to a couple friends…

    Jacob - June 4th, 2008
  59. I purchased the 920 and love it. I chose this one because of the european maps. I go to europe a couple times a year and find this feature very useful.

    Now, what I am wondering is, if you have figured out a way to get my audio books on to he thing, I can’t seem to get them on.


    Pat Jaimes - June 4th, 2008
  60. Jacob, there is no auto-on, but I think there is an auto-off.

    Pat, you can load audio books (provided they are not in a protected format like iTunes) from the TomTom HOME application.

    Tim - June 4th, 2008
  61. Tim,
    Either I am doing it wrong, or don’t understand but it seems I can only use audible.com. Could you send me step by step on how to download it from my computer to my TomTom.

    Also, I don’t think there is enough room. Do I need to put in a SD memory card or something?

    Pat Jaimes - June 4th, 2008
  62. Pat – I’m an Audible user & here is how I do it.
    (I use an SD card for space reasons) On the SD card create a folder named “audiobooks” (if you are going to play music, also create a folder named “mp3″.
    You do need to attach your 920 to the computer and run the AUDIBLE program on your PC and in audible, and “add a new device” – this will authorize your 920 to recognize audible files.
    After that, you can find the card under the “my computer” pc function and just drag & drop Audible files to the “audible books” folder on the SD card.

    John - June 4th, 2008
  63. Are you saying the only way is to become an Audible subscriber ? I dont
    want to do that. I have many, many books on cd and want to put them on my
    TomTom. I see no reason in subscribing to something I don’t need. I should
    be able to just load my own books on without being railroaded into joining
    something I don’t need.

    Areala - June 5th, 2008
  64. Actually, there is an audio book alternative to Audible.com. If you rip your audio books to MP3s, you can play them like any other music mp3. (Load them into your mp3 folder on the SD card) A word of caution – you may need to rename the sections of your audio books (assuming you are ripping them from CDs) in some sequential fashion (eg SuddenPrey_01 for CD1 and SuddenPrey_02 for the second, etc.) Also, audio CDs are usually broken into multiple tracks about 3 minutes in length to make it easier to navigate forward or backward in the books. So a 60 minute CD may have 20 tracks and a book may have 10 CDs, so you are looking at 200 tracks for the book.

    If you go to TomTom Home’s Help page on audio books, it says the following:


    On some TomTom devices you can listen to Audible™ Audiobooks.

    Audiobooks can be purchased from http://www.audible.com. Books in US and UK English, French, German and Spanish are currently available. There are many types of spoken entertainment including fiction, comedy, mystery, non-fiction, politics, newspapers and even ‘how to’ guides.

    Note: Not all TomTom devices are able to play Audiobooks.

    Adding an Audiobook
    1. Click Add Maps, Traffic, Voices in the main menu in HOME.
    2. Click Audiobooks.
    3. Click Go to audible.com to buy and download Audiobooks for your device.

    John - June 5th, 2008
  65. Thanks for the info. I had already determined I could load it as an MP3 like music but then keeping track of where you left off was exactly ideal.

    I did go to TomTom help and read exactly what you posted which to me indicated the only way to use the audio book portion of the TomTom was to purchase books thru audible.com, indicating no other book could be loaded thru the audio book portion. I could load it to the music portion as you indicated but it’s a bit of a hassele,

    Thanks anyway, perhaps one day they will do an enhancement that will allow us to load any books on that we want and not just those that we MUST purchase thru audible.com.

    Areala - June 5th, 2008
  66. I meant to say keeping track of where you left off was NOT exactly ideal

    Areala - June 5th, 2008
  67. went to best buy. TT930 vs TT one.
    two different mapping versions. From Nj to RI. 930 gave correct direction as did the 720. TT one gave what I have on my 920, thru albany to boston to RI. Nice ,HUH

    mike - June 7th, 2008
  68. just call T T great customer service. Not . she said she was sorry I feel that it is not my responsibility to correct TT mistakes in their programing. checked 4 different models TT one , 920, 720, & 930 720 & 930 gave correct directions, other 2 gave directions N. NJ to RI by way of Albany thru mass. to RI.
    go buy a T T

    mike - June 7th, 2008
  69. Deo, you can setup TTS on the 920 by this tutorial:
    Enable Text-to-Speech: TomTom or Garmin

    Tim - June 8th, 2008
  70. I had the Navigon 7100, actually twice, I returned the 1st one due to dead pixels on the screen, the second one I used for 2 weeks until the Tomtom 920 went on sale for the same price at costco. I realy liked the graphics of the Navigon and its reality view feature and the free lifetime traffic alerts. That really had me hooked on the unit but in reality that did not make up for what it lacked. TT920 has many many more features than the Navigon, but the most discouraging thing with the Navigon was its Points of interest. Even with its recent 5/14/2008 MAJOR software update ( 1st in 2 years from what I hear) , I found it very cumbersome to navaigate through the POI’s, the icons were tiny, not finger freindly, a stylus was best. What you might expect to find in POI’s were simply not there. If you happen to find what you were looking for after searching through it’s many categories, you’d better remember how you got there because if you tried to select it again in the recent destinations, the screen would come up, Not able to load destination or something to that effect and you would have to fgo find it again in what ever folder you found it in. Very frustrating. The blue tooth would not remember your phone well either, so you had to seek connection everytime. If you don’t want lots of features and don’t care about POI’s, its top notch, but I have to say, the 920T is most sophisticated with all of it’s features. Its like comparing an Infiniti with a Chrysler. The only thing about the 920 now is that I like the 930 for its Lane Assistance (reality view) feature. But other than that I am most satisfied with the Tomtom 920. And the online support is 1000 times better for current updates.

    Eric - June 11th, 2008
  71. I recently purchased a TomTom 920 from a well known warehouse via their online sales site. According to advertising, it is capable of adding photos, but when I attempt to do that while connected to the PC, that option is not available. Further, the unit came with a tape ove the SD card slot that said that “SD Card Not Required”. The TomTom website support keeps rejecting my questions, so I am trying here. Why am I not able to download photos? I am beginning to think all of my friends who advised me to buy a Garmin were right. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

    John - June 15th, 2008
  72. The sticker is correct that you don’t need an SD card to operate the device, everything is installed on the internal memory.

    When you go to add the photos and you say “that option is not available”, what are you referring to? Something in TomTom HOME, something on the device itself, etc? I’ve added photos to my 720/920/930 and they all work, so it should be just a matter of getting you the right steps for the method you are using.

    Tim - June 15th, 2008
  73. I am thinking of buying a TT 920T, and just finished reading all 270 comments on this site. Great information BTW. I thought I read that multiple stops could be programmed and the TT 920T would calculate the shortest route between these points. Is this correct, and if so, how is it accomplished?

    Steve Sanders - June 15th, 2008
  74. Steve – The 920T does have an Itinerary Planner that allows you to program in multiple stops. It will not automatically order them in the most efficient order though… they leave that up to you.

    Tim - June 15th, 2008
  75. Tim, thanks. I do understand that one does not NEED the SD card to operate the 920. However, I thought that one of the ways to view photos was by inserting an SD card. TomTom, by placing the tape over the slot, seems to be implying that it ought not to be used.

    When I say that the option to add photos is not available, Yes, I was referring to TomTom Home. With TomTom home, appearing on my laptop screen after clicking the appropriate icon, there is no option to download photos from the PC. As I understood it before purchasing the TomTom, there should be an option to download photos directly from a PC or to view them using an SD card.

    With the wording on the tape covering the SD card slot, I was not sure that I should remove it and insert a card. Also, as I understand it, I could create more room in memory by, for example, deleting languages that I will never use thus freeing up some room for photos on internal membory.
    Thanks for your help, I hope you can clear this up for me.

    John - June 15th, 2008
  76. From TomTom HOME, are you going to ‘Add Maps, Traffic, Voices, etc’ -> next -> next -> Photos?

    TomTom used to store the application and maps on SD card. When devices started shipping with an internal memory (like the 920) people thought the card was “missing”. So TomTom put the tape over the slot to reduce confusion about that issue so they wouldn’t think the card was missing.

    Tim - June 16th, 2008
  77. Thanks, Tim. If I understand you, then, I should be able to remove the tape over the SD card slot, insert an SD card and view photos. About not being able to download them from a PC though, would I be correct in assuming that the reason the option was not available (via TomTom home) when connected to the PC was because internal memory was full? If that is the case, one would think that one would receive a message to that effect rather than just not making the photo download option available. Thanks again for you help.

    John - June 16th, 2008
  78. Steve, some digital cameras might produce photos in too high of a resolution to be viewed from the TomTom. Also I think the photos might need to be in a particular folder on the drive which is why loading them through TomTom HOME is best.

    The option in TomTom HOME should always be visible, even when your TomTom isn’t connected. It is only after you click that button does it check if your device is connected. The internal memory will make no difference.

    Tim - June 16th, 2008
  79. I was planning on using this in Europe (Vienna, Krakow, Prague, and Budapest) for walking around, not driving. Will this work effectively? Are there any issues I should keep in mind? I am deciding between this and Garmin 670. WHich would be better for this specific purpose?

    richard - June 23rd, 2008
  80. Richard, I find that the flip-up antenna on the 670 gets in the way while walking around, but otherwise they would both work okay.

    Tim - June 23rd, 2008
  81. I have TT920T. Just wanted to know if there would be an s/w update that would help me to use the IQ Routes™ Technology on my TT920T.

    SKumar - June 27th, 2008
  82. You can read our speculation about TomTom IQ Routes for older devices.

    Tim - June 27th, 2008
  83. SKumar – An update… Check out this post for details…. There might in fact be a way.

    Tim - June 27th, 2008
  84. Get IQ Routes on TomTom 720 920

    Tim - June 27th, 2008
  85. Hi there,
    and greetings from Finland.

    I just bought the device from a Finnish webshop on clearance price for 359 € / $570. Prices in Europe are a bit higher than in US. Taxation is some different also market isn’t that hot.

    But this article made an impact and I feel my self some satisfied already. I’ll expect a lot for it.

    I’ve said to my colleagues and friends that one should think twice and choose a model that contain more than just regional maps like here in the Nordics the local maps of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark are contained. If You’re travelling abroad to Southern Europe for example. You don’t have to worry further when driving at the location.

    Nothing to add – thanks to all for Your comments.

    Tony Arnold
    Espoo (hometown of Nokia Inc.), Finland

    Tony Arnold Tuominen - July 3rd, 2008
  86. I intend to purchase the TomTom 920T next month from the USA, for use in the UK.. Please can you help & tell me if there might be any problems by doing this. Is there any difference between purchasing the US or the UK TomTom 920T or the downloadable GPS systems, and is the desk/docking station dual voltage 100-220 volt? What wave length does the TomTom cut into the FM Radio?
    Many thanks, Jeremy

    Jeremy - July 3rd, 2008
  87. The docking station is USB. One difference is that it only comes with voice recognition setup to work from the continent the device was purchased in. The traffic cable is also different in North America from Europe.

    Tim - July 3rd, 2008
  88. what is the difference between the 920t and 930

    paul - July 5th, 2008
  89. Paul, see our review of the TomTom GO 930 which focuses on the new features in the 930.

    Tim - July 6th, 2008
  90. Hi Tim: I have been sitting here reading all your expert advise…I have comments and one simple question…I am a mother of three children who travels for camps and dance concert frequently…I am not very tech saavy and do live in a suburb with plenty of highway traffic, with alternate routes…which GPS is good for a first time user that will probably not upgrade her purchase for years to come???

    Melissa - July 7th, 2008
  91. I just bought a TomTom GO 920 and had a question for you. I have been having trouble with the FM transmitter in my car. You can here the directions but there is so much static. I have tried every station that is empty and it still has static in every one. Have you had issues with the FM transmitter? Is it my car? (BMW 328-2007)
    Please help…i need some expert help.
    Love the device otherwise.

    JC - July 16th, 2008
  92. The success of the FM transmitter is largely dependent on a number of variables. The density of “open” frequencies in your area, the relative location of your car’s FM antenna to where your GPS is located, and the type of antenna your car uses.

    Unfortunately, there are few things you can do about the issue. The biggest thing you can do is to experiment with different frequencies, as you have done. Beyond that all you can really do is experiment with moving the GPS around in the vehicle to see if there are other places that still are visible to the driver but get better FM transmission.

    Tim - July 16th, 2008
  93. thank you Tim for your quick response.
    The funny thing is that I have a FM transmitter for my ipod that I have used in my car and it works perfectly fine. I was just wondering if I had a bad FM transmitter.

    JC - July 16th, 2008
  94. If your iPod and the GPS are in the same location, and using the same frequency (but not at the same time of course) then I’m not certain what the issue would be.

    Tim - July 16th, 2008
  95. I am a portable Navi newbie (I have an OEM GPS installed in my car) and have been reading with interest this thread. However, nowhere do I find a performance comparison between the 920 and say, a 770 with respect to speed of verbal route guidance. I have tested some Garmins while renting cars and I my experience with them is that they are consistently slow to tell me which way to go resulting in missed turns. Is there a metric for this somewhere? My OEM device works very well with respect to this functionality. Are the TomToms faster than the Garmins? A funny aside: while traveling in Florida with a French colleague, we used a Garmin set to French and when we passed roads such as “Walt Disney Dr”, the french system interpreted the road to be “Walt Disney Docteur”!

    Stuart - July 19th, 2008
  96. I did buy the 920, but have not done a ‘hot’ hook-up to my computer yet. I read on a different thread about initially logging in and claiming to have a 930, and then getting a free software upgrade. Has this been firmly established as a viable working improvement?

    richard - July 19th, 2008
  97. Stuart – I’m not certain if there are any fundamental differences or hardware changes between the Garmin rental units and the traditional Garmin units but I haven’t had an issue with slow turn instructions on the various Garmin devices. My only complaint as it pertains to that issue is that at highway speeds it sometimes doesn’t announce an exit until 1/2 – 3/4 of a mile before the exit, however other than that I haven’t experienced the issue and I haven’t missed any turns as a result.

    Tim - July 19th, 2008
  98. I bought the 920 a month ago and have tested it out in North America and Europe. Below is some personal observations:
    1. Having both map, NA and Europe maps was a bonus.
    2. The bluetooth worked with the phone perfectly, then it started miss behaving. It would dial or answer a call but nobody could near me. I have not looked into the cause.
    3. Driving within cities the route choices were acceptable. In some cases it suggested routes I had not thought of and were better than my own.
    4. I would suggest using it on routes you know to get to used to how it works, before using it on unknown routes.
    5. In North America it got a GPS signal in less than a minute in most cases. In Europe it would take minutes to get a GPS signal! Even in huge open areas, it would take minutes.
    6. Some cases it would seem to get lost and send me in the opposite direction I wanted to go. I have not had a chance to follow up on this. In Barcelona (city centre) it was useless. I put it away. In other European cities, it had a tendency to get me close, but not to right to my location. By close I mean with in 100m.
    7. Battery life is bad. I tried to use it for walking around. Fully charged and as many battery saving options used as I could think of, it lasted less than 4 hours.
    8. Speaker volume is not loud, but enough to over come radio road noise with the window down.
    9. FM transmitter works, but the sound level is low, which means I had to turn the radio volume up very high. Watch out when going back to normal use.
    10. Points of Interest (POI) I had trouble using. The search is what I ended up using the most. Some which were missing really surprised me. i.e It has train stations, airports, ferry terminals; but no bus terminals!
    11. This is a major issue for me and has me wondering if I should send it back. It uses postal address for finding addresses. This caused me problems in my own city. What this means if you have an address without the exact postal city, you can’t find it in the 920. This means you have to know all the regional names for any city you want to find a route too. Google does a much better job. I don’t have to have the city to find the location I am looking for in google in most cases. I put in the street and it gives me a list of cities to choose from. Numerous times, I had to guess at the city or pull out a paper map and look it up first.
    12. The use of the SD card can only be used for maps. This was a disappointment, because I wanted to put music on the SD card.
    13. The very first day I had it was a very bright sunny day and I could not see the screen. Strangely. It has not happened again.

    Map corrections I have not figured out, but is a very nice feature. I need to allow left turns on a highway which it thinks is not possible and not allow left turns on a street which it thinks is possible

    Over all it works well (other than the postal address for cities issue).

    p sky - July 20th, 2008
  99. Hi p sky,
    I just got a 920, and one of the first things I did was put MP3s on my SD card to play. At first, I just dragged songs over to the SD card, and it didn’t work. Then I tried the included software (TomTom Home) to put the songs on, and it worked fine. I think the trick is that they must be in a folder named “mp3″, otherwise it won’t find them.
    I agree about the battery life. I’m thinking of picking up one of those universal USB power packs (Kensington, DigiPower, APC, etc.) I’m hoping that will let me carry this thing around when I’m out photographing stuff in the woods. You can download a lot of POI packs for free, maybe one’s out there with the bus terminals you need? Or maybe someone else in the TomTom share community can help put them together.

    Russ - July 27th, 2008
  100. I’ve just purchased a 920t from someone who had actually deleted the Europe maps to get more room on the internal memory (not the smartest thing, I admit). Would I be able to re-upload the Europe maps from the web without cost, since I have the model which supposedly includes them?

    Jennifer - August 8th, 2008

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