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TomTom GO 930


The TomTom 930 will soon make its way to stores in North America. With flagship new features of Active Lane Guidance, Static Intersection Images, and IQ Routes we were excited to put a few hundred miles of testing the TomTom 930 over the last few days. Will the 930 be finding its way into a […]

449 Responses

  1. Does anyone know if the IQRoute and lane guidance work with the Australian maps? When I look in the TomTom online map store, it says nothing about the IQroutes in the map info for the current Australian map (the USA, UK, Alps etc maps do).

    Scott - September 1st, 2008
  2. Scott, I know MapShare is available, but I don’t think IQ Routes and Lane Guidance are yet, though I could be wrong.

    Tim - September 1st, 2008
  3. how good is the european map guidance? what countries do they service ? do they cover all the minor roads like the C category roads in the UK?
    Is the Tom Tom superior to the Garmin line or is there not much difference. the fact that tomtom includes european maps is HUGE since we go to europe frequently. PLUS hertz now charges $15/day for their Neverlost ( which i could not live without but if tom tom is a s good as you all say then its byebye hertz and i will save $$ on renting a car next time)

    robert h heath - September 6th, 2008
  4. I recently used the traffic camera function in Europe – It was great – a few false calls but mostly very accurate.

    Gerard - September 8th, 2008
  5. Do note that with the release of V8.x maps for the x20’s this week, that the x30’s are less than relevant. If you can find a 720 or 920 instead, for a much lower price, you can update the maps for free under TomTom’s “Latest Map Guarantee” and then have every feature of the 730/930. I suspect that the x20’s are going to be harder to come by, so if you’ve been considering the x30’s, I would act soon. IMO, it’s unfortunate that TT in essence has now made my 930 simply an overpriced 920. I’ll be more cautious in the future buying the latest from TomTom.

    Gatorguy - September 9th, 2008
  6. I haven’t compared the features of the 920 vs 930, but aren’t some of the differences Active Lane Guidance, Static Intersection Images and IQ Routes?

    Are these features of the maps that would become available on the 920 if you upgraded the maps, or are these features of the firmware that is unique to the 930?

    Dan Broadhead - September 9th, 2008
  7. These are map features, not restricted to the 930 device. With the map update, ALL functions of the 930 are available to the 920. There are no hardware differences in the two models. Other than the maps, they are identical.

    Gatorguy - September 9th, 2008
  8. You also need the updated application version in addition to the new map. I don’t think I’ve heard from anyone who has confirmed this is working yet either– although I expect it should work.

    Tim - September 9th, 2008
  9. I just purchased a GO 930 about 4 weeks ago, due to extensive travel in the US and Canada for work (I live in Canada), and an upcoming vacation in Europe. There were no 920s available in my area, so I sucked it up and laid out the cash for the more expensive model. Here are my thoughts on this GPS — I hope they help someone:

    1. Having the W Europe maps was a real plus. I would still be lost somewhere in Italy without the GPS. I go to Europe every couple of years or so, therefore I found these maps useful, and worth the money. To get a similar GPS unit with all these maps from Garmin would have cost me twice what I paid for the TomTom. (Don’t get me wrong: Garmins have their good points, too.)
    2. A computer voice may work in NA, but was of little help in Italy — it kept pronouncing things with an American accent, incomprehensibly, and I eventually had to turn it off. When “Susan” told me to drive through “Baloney Central” I just about went off the road. 🙂
    3. The EPT (Enhanced Positioning Technology) was most useful. I drove through over 100 tunnels while traveling through the Apennine Mtns. Some were a few hundred metres long; some a few kilometres. More often than not, there is a sharp curve at the end of the tunnel, or an exit you have to take. Because the GPS showed me where I was even with no signal, I always knew what was ahead. My only suggestion here would be to turn off the automatic “night mode” if you’re going to be doing this type of driving: coming out of a tunnel into blazing sunlight, wearing sunglasses, with the screen almost dark is not helpful!
    4. The ALG (Active Lane Guidance) and Static Intersection Images were pretty much useless. It sounds as though there aren’t a lot of images for the US, but practically every exit in Italy had one, and they all looked alike onscreen. In my experience, they were never an accurate representation of the actual exit, and in a country like Italy, one exit turns very quickly into four or five exits. I turned off this option, and had no trouble thereafter.
    5. Problems: Very minor. I was led into dead-ends only twice. In both cases, I was on some pretty complex roads with S-bends and switch-backs (hairpins) following one after the other in rapid succession.
    6. I have yet to find a GPS unit which has an option for “shortest route without taking me through the middle of nowhere”. So, my suggestion is to ALWAYS preview your route. I took out little “detours” using the “avoid part of route” option to stay on roads that were a little bigger than some the GPS suggested. However, at one point I ended up on top of a mountain, trying to squeeze my Ford Fiesta through a town gate past a bus of grinning nuns. You don’t get such adventures without allowing for a few back roads!
    7. It would sometimes take a couple of minutes for the 930 to find a signal after being turned on, particularly if the previous route had not been cleared (my fault). Once “online”, however, its reaction time was very fast, and it would recalculate routes incredibly quickly when necessary.
    8. I was able to download positions of “safety cameras” for free through TomTom Home. Those are the little boxes — sometimes hidden — that photograph you if you are speeding or run a red light. Very helpful. I couldn’t figure out how to set an audible warning however. Perhaps a siren sound would be most appropriate.

    I certainly didn’t take advantage of all the 930s options while on vacation, but overall, I really like it. I am looking forward to using it in the US the next time I go down. The only really annoying bit was my traveling companions feeling they needed to repeat every GPS instruction to me just in case I didn’t hear it the first 3 times! Set a rule: no one parrots the GPS!!!

    Mark - September 9th, 2008
  10. Has the TomTom traffic server been down lately? How can I find out if it has?

    On July 28, I purchased a one-year subscription to TomTom Traffic. Until yesterday, it worked fairly well. Occasionally, the 930 had trouble contacting the traffic server until I cycled power. Also, it could never contact the server to update traffic while my Blackberry was busy on a voice call. But overall, it was a satisfactory service.

    Beginning yesterday, the 930 has been unable to receive traffic info at all. In its TomTom Services menu, the “My Services” entry for Traffic now says that I have zero days left on my subscription. Once today, I got it to report correctly that the subscription would not expire until July 2009. But a few seconds later, it failed to connect and said my subscription had expired.

    The TomTom web site has the correct expiration date.

    To me, the most likely explanation for the failure is that the TomTom Traffic Server or its data base is suffering a multi-day malfunction. Is there a better explanation? Could my 930 have a hardware problem?

    Larry - September 10th, 2008
  11. Well, another TT930 feature that doesn’t work. The coastal counties are under mandatory evacuation orders right now so it’s a good idea to avoid the freeways, hence I selected avoid freeways. Makes sense doesn’t it, well the TT930 happily routes you on the freeways despite having selected avoid freeways… It’s not as if it isn’t possible to avoid the freeways because if you keep selecting avoid part of the route, you eventually wind up with a freeway free route after about five or six routes. Also the GPS signals have been surprisingly inaccurate, it’s usually pretty good at guessing which road you’re on but now it’s almost always putting you one or two roads over. I guess the military have the GPS mode set to encrypt which they do during maneuvers, maybe they consider mobilizing for evacuations as a maneuver but this is somewhat counter-productive to be screwing with civilian GPS during evacuations.

    John - September 11th, 2008
  12. That is why it is called “avoid” highways and not “exclude” highways. 🙂

    Tim - September 11th, 2008
  13. I was looking into this GPS. Does anybody have any input? Does anybody that ownes this now, previously owned a GArmin Nuvi? if so what would you say about the comparrison of the two?
    thanks so much. I am between this and a garmin nuvi 760

    Ash - September 17th, 2008
  14. In question 310, I asked about traffic server reliability. Some server problem that lasted about a week affected my account. Customer Support answered my questions within a few hours. When reliability was restored, they added some time to my subscription to compensate for the inconvenience.

    Larry - September 23rd, 2008
  15. I’m most interested in 4 things in choosing a GPS unit: ease of use, accuracy, reliability and the ability to enter multiple destinations at once. I’ve looked at Nuvi 760 and TomTom 930. Do you recommend one over the other?

    Louisa - September 30th, 2008
  16. Both would be great picks. The Nuvi can auto-sort the list of destinations for efficiency.

    Tim - October 1st, 2008
  17. Where can I find a list of cities where the traffic data is available for the traffic option? I don’t want to spend the extra money on the “T” model if traffic data is not in my area. Can you obtain an optional antenna for the 920 or 930 that can be mounted on the outside of the vehicle? I’m going to be installing some other antennas on my van soon and would run the GPS antenna cable at the same time.

    JMark - October 3rd, 2008
  18. You can find that info on our Traffic page.

    Tim - October 3rd, 2008
  19. Finally the tom tom home did a download for map shares for the 930. 9737 corrections in use

    hermes - October 11th, 2008
  20. Here are some more Voice Prompt tips for TomTom application software version 8.010 on the TomTom 930. (See http://www.gpsreview.net/tomtom-go-920t/ for Tim’s original tips.) If your experience differs, please comment.

    If you choose “Spoken Address (Dialog)” from the Quick Menu while the speaker is muted, you won’t hear voice prompts and the TomTom won’t listen for commands. It will listen for city names, street names, and the digits of house number (and while it is listening for the house number, you can say “Cross Street”). But it won’t listen or respond to you when you say the correct match number (1, 2, etc.), “Done”, or “Back”.

    Solution: Turn the speaker on.

    If you choose “Spoken Address (Dialog)” from the Navigate menu instead of the Quick Menu, the TomTom turns the speaker on automatically and everything works fine.

    When speaking a house number, don’t pause between digits. If the TomTom doesn’t get the number right, either use the touch screen to correct it or say “Back”, repeat the street name, and try again.

    Larry - October 11th, 2008
  21. These are clarifications to the Voice Prompt tips in post 321.

    According to the manual, the commands that the TomTom recognizes are Yes, No, Back, Done, OK, and Crossing.

    “Cross Street” seems to work as well as “Crossing” (perhaps because they sound similar).

    “Yes”, “Done” and “OK” are often interchangeable.

    When you are presented with numbered matches to your utterances, choice number 1 is highlighted. “Yes”, “Done” and “OK” are all synonymous with “one”.

    “Back” and “No” are not interchangeable. For example, if a house number is incorrect, say “No” to get an opportunity to correct it. If you say “Back”, you’ll return to the Street entry screen (despite what the manual says).

    The manual states in one place that “357” should be spoken as “three five seven”. In another place the manual recommends “three hundred and fifty seven”. Either one works.

    Larry - October 11th, 2008
  22. Re: TT930. I have heard the battery life is short. Any experience to share? Will be doing a lot of walking and can’t afford a 1000′ power cord.

    Dan - October 14th, 2008
  23. Dan – the battery life is rated at 5 hours. That is the “best case” or “up to 5 hrs” scenario based on a new device, reasonable backlight settings, not using the internal radios, etc.

    My “real world” experience typically gives me 3.5 – 4.0 hours of battery life.

    Tim - October 14th, 2008
  24. Does anybody know how to configure the gps to have the tapping sound? Right now, there is no sound when I tap on the screen.

    Alvin - October 17th, 2008
  25. Alvin, I haven’t heard of any hacks to add something like that.

    Tim - October 17th, 2008
  26. I mean if there is a option for this setting?

    Alvin - October 17th, 2008
  27. No, there is no option for that in the TomTom software.

    Tim - October 17th, 2008
  28. I am planning to buy a SD card for the gps. Does it support 16GB SDHC cards?

    Alvin - October 17th, 2008
  29. Some 16 GB SDHC cards have been found to work. But keep in mind that the TomTom device itself can only write to the first 4 GB of the card. It can read from the entire card though if you fill it with another card reader.

    Tim - October 17th, 2008
  30. Thanks for your answer Tim. Do you suggest me to buy a 4GB or 8GB SD card for the GPS since it can’t fully support the 16GB? How about MicroSD with adapter?

    Alvin - October 18th, 2008
  31. What are you trying to put on the SD card?

    Tim - October 18th, 2008
  32. Photoes and MP3 songs which I can play them through my car stereo.

    Alvin - October 18th, 2008
  33. If you need the extra space, I’d get the bigger card and load the music and photos from a card reader.

    Tim - October 18th, 2008
  34. This query regarding accessory:
    iPod Connect Cable & Audio Cable.
    1. Does TomTom GO730 North America model supports this accessory?
    or TomTom GO930 North America model supports?

    Rao Kunche - October 19th, 2008
  35. Yes, the iPod connect cable is compatible with the 730 and 930.

    Tim - October 19th, 2008
  36. For the SDHC cards, there are class 4 and class 6. Does the GPS support all the classes?

    Alvin - October 19th, 2008
  37. Hi,
    I bought my Go930 here in Australia and for some reason voice recognition is not working (the icon is gray). Is it because it is for Australian market, or am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks in advance for your help


    Vitaly - October 21st, 2008
  38. No, It’s not because you’re in Australia. I had the same problem here in Texas when I first got my TT930.

    If I remember correctly, I placed a support call and basically you had to select navigate to, then address, then street and address or by zipcode and then select on the upper right side of the screen, the pull down for State or country, you may have to select it again on the next page to pull up a menu of countries and states, select your country or state and then enter in an address to navigate to. Then for some strange reason, all those grayed out speech icons will come alive.

    Don’t ask why this works, the TT930 is full of illogical odds and ends indicative of poorly designed modular code. It’s most likely a product that has evolved over time.

    John - October 21st, 2008
  39. Hi,
    I have both of your review’s on the TomTom 720 & 930. I like the new features of the 930 but would like to know is there a Tomtom model that offers the 930 features without the maps pre-loaded of Europe?
    If you have the time could you also summarize the main feature differences between the 720 and 930?

    Thank you very much for your time,

    Tim - October 22nd, 2008
  40. Vitaly, I know when voice recognition was released in North America an Europe it was not available in Australia as the necessary speech files had not yet been built. I’m not certain if that has changed.

    Tim, there isn’t a device that is the same as the 930 without European maps. The 730 is close, but it doesn’t have the EPT feature nor the remote that comes with the 930.

    Tim - October 22nd, 2008
  41. I guess what I am trying to decide is:
    A – I DO NOT need the maps of Europe so is the 930’s other features worth the extra $$ over the 720?

    B – I am trying to figure out by your reviews what the feature differences are between the two?

    Thank you again

    Tim - October 22nd, 2008
  42. Tim – If you go back to the top of this review we outline the feature progression. The TomTom 720 review gives you an overview of functions in all of the GO models. The TomTom 920 review covers features added in that model, and the 930 review on this page covers the features added in this model.

    Tim - October 22nd, 2008
  43. Purchased a TT930 a week ago. Although I am in Minnesota, I set it to the euro maps and tried to brouse/route plan using postal codes. After inputing the first three characters of the postal code the unit would give me a list of postal codes, with the next list being street names. I was under the impression that in the UK I could navigate directly to a specific postal code… I reviewed the manual on-line but didn’t find any info on how to correctly navigate via postal codes… any ideas? Do I have to have my feet on the ground in the UK to navigate this way?

    Dan - October 22nd, 2008
  44. Haw good does the 930 cover Bulgaria? Is it as detailed as US for example? I live in US but i travel like twice a year to Bulgaria

    mike - October 29th, 2008
  45. No, it is not as good as the North America nor Western Europe coverage. It is described like this:

    Coverage of major roads to allow guided navigation from city to city and around the borders of neighbouring counties

    Tim - October 30th, 2008
  46. why is no one blogging here on the tom tom 940 ? im under the 30 days i have a 930 should I return and wait 4 the new one

    Hermes - November 2nd, 2008
  47. Hermes, TomTom has not made any announcements to bring to the 940 to North America.

    Tim - November 2nd, 2008
  48. Does anybody experience that the speaker of the TomTom go 930 breaks up? My ttgo930’s voice from the speaker is not clear when it speaks loud sometimes. It’s like an explodent. Is it the speaker’s problem?

    Alvin - November 3rd, 2008
  49. Above 80% mine doesn’t sound as good, but I can still understand what it is saying

    Tim - November 3rd, 2008
  50. I think the quality of the speaker is not so good. I compared it with Garmin’s GPS. Garmin’s speaker is louder and clearer on both music and instruction voices.

    Alvin - November 3rd, 2008
  51. Probably depends which Garmin you are comparing it too. The 700 series is pretty good. The 2×5 series is getting lots of complaints.

    Tim - November 3rd, 2008
  52. I have found that my TomTom does not recalculate a new ETA by comparing remaining distance with actual speed! Only past experience was with handheld units that did this task. Do any car gps units recalcuate the time enroute?

    Ed - November 9th, 2008
  53. Ed, I’m not sure what you are seeing but the TomTom does constantly update your ETA as you drive through the route.

    Tim - November 9th, 2008
  54. I have noticed a discrepancy between my speedometer and the TT930’s reporting of my speed of about 5%, i.e. TT=Car-5%. At first I assumed my speedo was off, but recent trips with rentals show similar results. Searching the web gives mixed results, i.e. speedo’s cannot be slow but may be fast, GPS’ do not take into account elevation (?) and “not real time”, etc. Which is going to be closer to a radar gun’s reading?

    Charles - November 10th, 2008
  55. The GPS will generally be more accurate, but there are times when it can be off as well.

    Tim - November 10th, 2008
  56. I think it’s important to note that the GPS receives position information. It infers speed and direction of travel from at least two such readings hence there is some inaccuracy with both speed and direction information particularly when the vehicle is traveling slowly. I find that my TT930 consistently estimates the speed on the high side. My guess is that they have a running average on the speed so that it’s based on several position readings to avoid sudden jumps but since a running average would be slow to respond, they bias it up with a fudge factor hence the speed tends to be on the high side.

    John - November 10th, 2008
  57. Still have a question regarding postal codes in the UK(see posting #344). It was my understanding that I could enter the complete postal code for my destination, however the unit only allows input of the first few characters before offering a dropdown option list (which doesn’t help if you don’t have the complete address with you. Any thoughts? Do I have to be on the ground in the UK to have that option?

    Dan - November 11th, 2008
  58. I’ve seen a few reports with users mentioning that their 930 would allow only the first three digits to be entered before popping up a list of available postcodes. Also have sen that it appears many are missing. One moderator noted that TT seems to be very behind on database currency on postcodes. In June (I think), TT did post an update for the zip file, tho it was for v7 maps. Not positive it woould help, but the link is here:

    gatorguy - November 11th, 2008
  59. Well, the new application update went onto my TT930 a couple of days ago and for the most part, it appears to be an improvement. It now allows you to specify a “never use HOV lanes” preference so the TT930 isn’t as likely to lead you around in circles anymore. The icons for POI’s are smaller with little triangles to make them more like cartoon dialog balloons, unfortunately the graphics inside the icon tile is even smaller and I find it takes more attention away from the road to sort out what they are. Even the large icons for the proximity alert are difficult to recognize because the graphics inside have been reduced disproportionately. Although the setting for prompt for toll road occurs during the navigate to and recalculate original route, it does not occur during the recalculation due to changing traffic conditions, it will observe the prior preference if it the original route had prompt you on the toll road preference during the navigate or recalculate, otherwise it just assumes that you wish to take the toll road.

    Unfortunately, the recalculate original no longer takes into consideration the current traffic conditions and requires you to either select minimize delays or await the periodic poll for a quicker route. This means that using recalculate won’t, depending on traffic conditions, necessarily get you a toll road prompt in order to compare a non-toll road route versus a toll road route which is why I have it set to prompt. That is to say that unless the recalculate original from your current location would normally traverse a toll road without considering current traffic, you will not be prompted for the toll road preference period, not even on the minimize delay or the traffic condition triggered minimize delay hence you will effectively not be able to plan a non-toll road route without going back through the menus to change toll road preference to always avoid toll roads.

    There also seems to be a substantial hysteresis in that it takes a significant amount of delays due to changing traffic conditions before it considers a path other than your current routed path but this also means that the recalculate original will likely produce a completely different route as it would not retain the tendency to stay on the current route. Again this makes evaluating possible scenarios such as whether or not to take the toll road somewhat difficult without abandoning a tendency to stay close to the current route.

    Before the update, the instructions played over the FM transmitter when it’s set to use the FM transmitter but now after the update, the instructions can be put over the internal speakers, a bluetooth audio HiFi connection, or the external phone jack but not via the FM transmitter. Although I like having the instructions over something more reliable than the FM transmitter, i would like to have the option of having it over both the internal speakers and the FM transmitter simultaneously. It sounds better over the car stereo but it’s good to be able to hear it while you fumble with the controls to find another clear frequency to use when you get too close to a distant radio station.

    The minimize delays still only considers the current traffic conditions thereby not taking into account that it may take15 or 20 minutes to get to a particular segment of road and that it should really estimate what the traffic on that segment will be in 15 or 20 minutes rather than what the traffic on that segment is now. This should be easier that it sounds, now that the new maps have 7×24 IQ routes for all the subsidiary roads, it actually has the average speed profile for that distant segment for times other than the present and it’s a simple matrix to correlate a given segments future traffic conditions to current reported conditions on nearby monitored segments.

    The “Always avoid HOV” option alone makes the new software worthwhile but there are still a lot of little things that I don’t like about the interface.

    Prior to the update, the TT930 would not recognize my NX6000 Bluetooth handsfree as a bluetooth HiFi and I haven’t tried pairing them with the new software yet though I suspect the handsfree ear piece would be classified as an audio device whereas the TT930 would want to pair with an HiFi device hence I don’t think the twain shall meet.

    The TT930 still rebooted twice while enroute to work yesterday but didn’t reboot today on the commute in. It’s not enough to say that the new software is more stable but I’m hoping that it is.

    I’ve noticed that they’ve broken up the maps such that instead of all of North America, you can purchase various regions of North America. I wonder if I purchase the South Central US regional map, will it default to my older North America map when outside the regional map areas? I’d also like to know what changes were made to the maps before I purchase it. That is, it may worth purchasing the new map if the recently opened 24 lane freeway is on the new map (I’d like to see the Advanced Lane Guidance try and display 12 lanes).

    I’d also like to be able to view and perhaps adjust the IQ routes information on the maps. So far, the only way I can think of inferring what the IQ route information might be is to watch a demo of a route. Maybe there’s some kind of utility to do that from the PC? (anyone know of a map viewing/editing utility?).

    I would prefer if it would average in my actual travel times into the IQ route information so that my frequently traveled routes tend to reflect more recent travel times. It would be better to be able to continuously average in actual travel times from other drivers but just averaging my own in would be sufficient for between map updates. The algorithm could be real simple ie.: NEW-IQ-ESTIMATE = 0.9 * OLD-ID-ESTIMATE + 0.1 * MY-ACTUAL-TRAVELTIME. That way an erroneous travel time can’t bias it more than 10%. Another way would be to keep a record of your travel times so that outriggers greater than a standard deviation off the mean could be thrown out. It would also be good to somehow reset the statistics for a given road segment for when perhaps major construction has finished hence the old data is biased. For example, now that the 24 lane freeway is open, statistics from during the construction and from back when it was a 11 lane freeway are now meaningless.

    As to the zipcodes issue that other posters have mentioned, the menu is simply previously entered in values and you don’t have to stop at entering three numbers. As you enter the numbers, it filters the list of commonly entered values, just keep entering numbers if you don’t see your zipcode on the screen.

    Oh and my previous post about the speed being inferred, I meant to say that the TT930 speed measurements are consistently lower than actual speeds (not faster) which I like because I feel less guilty about speeding (I guess I was thinking of myself going faster). I know that my speedometer matches the results of radar guns because they have radar guns mounted on display signs every now and then, to tell you how fast you’re going. Hence it’s my opinion that unless you’ve changed your tire sizes, your speedometer will be more accurate for instantaneous speeds but the TT might be more accurate for longer time averaged speeds as it is just average speeds calculated from multiple position readings (note that the position readings themselves will have errors in them which we normally don’t see because the software snaps your position to a road).

    John - November 13th, 2008
  60. A couple observations. 1) TomTom still can’t find millions of addresses in the form of NNXNNN such as 77N125 Williams Street, Anytown, MyState

    2) TT is behind the curve on map subscriptions. When I bought my 920 the difference maker was the One Year Map Guarantee, which is very important in a GPS. If they offer that again this holiday season I could buy one; otherwise, no thanks.

    Billy Kidd - November 16th, 2008
  61. I was wondering if a review and/or comparison can be made with TomTom and the new Nagivon 8110 GPS.
    If you would, please provide your views on the Navigon 8110. Thank you.

    Vince Cimino - November 17th, 2008
  62. Can the static intersection images be turned off?

    Antonio - November 30th, 2008
  63. Antonio – Yes.

    Tim - November 30th, 2008
  64. Hello Tim, I’m new to Sat Nav. I need a unit that can be used world wide, mostly in a tourist situation. Looking at the 940 but wondering if the 720 would suffice?

    NickB - November 30th, 2008
  65. NickB – the 720 doesn’t come with multi-continent maps like the 900 series does, so it would likely cost more money to add the necessary maps to the 700 series than it would be to just purchase the 900 series that comes with additional maps.

    Tim - November 30th, 2008
  66. I kept my Tomtom 930 about a month and have now sold it on ebay. The unit cannot tell you which side of the road your destination is on (Tomtom support confirmed this). It also will not direct you to make a U-Turn even if it is legal (Again, tomtom support says this is because uturns are illegal in some areas, so they just avoid them entirely!). It also will not direct you to turn left across a divided road that has legal cross overs in it, at least not in Austin, TX. Instead, it will take you around the world such that you come at the destination from the other side of the road. This is really braindead and makes it almost useless for me here. Its got some great features but being able to do legal street maneuvers seems like basic features that need to be added.

    Phillip - December 2nd, 2008
  67. Phillip, while the TomTom does not verbally tell you which side of the road the destination is on, it will show you on the map when known. Also you can report mapping errors though the TomTom MapShare program, and download corrections from other users– something you can’t do with other devices. Most users prefer the GPS not to give them any u-turns. I’m not saying the 930 is perfect, but you will find mapping errors with every GPS.

    Tim - December 2nd, 2008
  68. Can’t find if this GPS has a feature like Garmin 750/760 where it saves in the memory the names of the cities visited (or pulled up). It is a very important feature for my wife regarless of the voice control.

    Mike - December 22nd, 2008
    • I see nothing in this report to make Garmin lose any sleep. Route timing and address accuracy are superb on Garmin units. Exit warnings are iffy on any GPS if you are entering the nightmare twists of St. Louis Mo. during rush hour. Here, I find that Garmin does a fine job of recalculating and going another way after I miss my exit.

      George - January 27th, 2009
  69. I purchased the TomTom 930 over the holidays and its a great unit. I’m impressed with how quickly it picks up the satilites after it has been powered up. I am having one problem with my mobile phone. My Blackberry 8830 World Edition phone seems to see the TomTom unit when I ask it to search for Bluetooth devices but when I try to connect the TomTom unit to the phone it seaches but cannot find the phone.

    Sam - December 29th, 2008
    • TomTom hasn’t listed the 8830 on their compatibility charts, so either they have not tested it or it is known to not work. However we also have a user submitted compatibility chart where two people have reported success with a 920 which is basically the same software as the 930.

      Tim - December 29th, 2008
  70. hi. im living in ireland and purchased a tomtom 930 yesterday. after driving around my neighborhood for 2 hours i have come to the conclusion that the mapping is crap. my 3 year old nuvi 660 is years ahead of the 930. too many missing streets or streets on the 930 that dont exist. driving through the country side the 930 showed me 1 mile of the map road all the time. garmin is much better for use in ireland. i think ill bring the 930 back to the shop.

    tom - December 30th, 2008
    • Which map version number are you running?

      Tim - December 30th, 2008
      • hi there tim

        i think the 930 is using map version 9 and the nuvi 660 is using city nav europe nt v9


        tom - December 30th, 2008
        • There isn’t a version “9” map for the TomTom. 🙂

          Tim - December 30th, 2008
          • ok so it must be ver 8. bought in 2005 or so.

            tom - December 30th, 2008
          • TomTom didn’t release version 8 until a couple of months ago. 🙂

            Tim - December 30th, 2008
          • that must be the version. when i went on line for updates tomtom said my version was 4 months old.
            its in the box for return to the shop tomorrow.
            the errors are too much in the mapping. im sure the mapping in your country is 100%


            tom - December 30th, 2008
          • There isn’t any country where the mapping is 100%. 🙂

            Tim - December 30th, 2008
          • thanks for the info tim. the errors are too much. i tried the 930 in my known area. it was way out . ill stick with garmin because of the navteq good mapping in ireland.
            hopefully ,soon , teleatlas will map ireland to the same level as navteq and then ill return to tomtom. i have a tomtom for use in north america.

            ps happy new year to all

            tom - December 30th, 2008
  71. I know that my early comments were fairly damning but they did address some of my concerns with the latest update and introduced new ones which I do believe are quite serious but overall, the TT930 HAD been useful.

    I say “HAD” because halfway during my Christmas trip as I had been proudly showing off the TT930 to my family, it suddenly just stopped picking up any GPS signal at all. Doesn’t matter where I am, how long I wait or how often I update the Quick GPS fix, it just sits there waiting for a “valid GPS signal”. It won’t even route without a signal so it’s basically just a really bad MP3 player now.

    John - January 4th, 2009
  72. Mine has an annoying problem with not recognizing the traffic hook-up and it always seems to be when I need it the most. I have to reset it and often I don’t have anything small enough to poke the reset button.

    Steve Bukosky - January 17th, 2009
    • I have found that if I don’t shut the unit down when I’m finished using it, the traffic feature works when I turn it on the next time and it doesn’t lock up as frequently.

      Steve Bukosky - March 5th, 2009
  73. I have found what I believe is a good deal on the 930. The ad says “new”. Is there a way to tell when I get it if it is indeed new or if it is refurbished. Also, does the 930 have the “30 day latest map” guarantee? I am going to Europe this summer so I want the latest maps available when I purchase the unit. Europe is the reason for the 930 and the “30 day latest map” guarantee is the reason for going “new”.
    Mike T

    Mike T - February 12th, 2009
  74. Well, my TT930 is going back for an RMA replacement for the second time in six months. About the only good thing is that with each replacement, there’s so much trouble reloading the subscriptions that I have already paid for that they reset the subscriptions, at this rate, I won’t have to renew a subscription till a year after the warranty runs out but of course i doubt it will be working for more than a few days after the warranty runs out.

    John - February 12th, 2009
  75. can you record mileage or feet when walking like a pedometer would do with the tomtom 930t.

    Rick - February 14th, 2009
    • Rick, no — there isn’t any tracklog recorder.

      Tim - February 17th, 2009
  76. how long does it take to fully charge the 930 on the USB port charger?

    Matt - February 28th, 2009
    • Generally with these types of batteries and the power going to USB ports you can plan on a full charge from USB taking about twice as long as the estimated full battery life.

      Tim - March 1st, 2009
  77. Hi, I have just upgraded from a Go700 to a Go 730 from ebay, Is there any way I can interegate the Tomtom to find out its actual age? It was sold as a New Unit and I just want to be sure that it is so. Was advertised as a 730T but when it arrived it was just the 730 so am now looking to buy the TMC/RDS Unit. Cheers Yan

    Yan - March 3rd, 2009
  78. Hi,I just purchased the tomtom go 930t and I have a few issues..
    1st:my 930 looses sound alot and I have 2 reset it or sometimes it comes back on its own
    2nd:the distance for the next turn is always off by a few feet or yards and that causes problems especially in big cities where there are alot of streets next to each other with no signs on them..and
    3rd:why doesn’t this unit has like a little meter,or something that beeps when u r at ur turn or street there is no sound so sometimes I pass the street because the yards or feet are way off,any suggestions

    Anthony - March 8th, 2009
    • 1) I’m not sure. 2) Being off by only a few feet or a few yards is exceptionally good for auto GPS devices. 3) Instead of beeping, it uses voice prompts. It will prompt you ahead of the turn, and then again just before the turn.

      Tim - March 9th, 2009
  79. Will the TT reorder POI’s into logic order (shortest route) once entered? The Nuvi 760 review rates this as one of its key features while nothing seems to be said about this for the TT
    David C

    David - March 11th, 2009
    • I think you mean the “fastest” not “shortest” route. 🙂 But regardless, no, the TomTom devices do not currently have route optimization.

      Tim - March 11th, 2009
  80. Hello Tim,thanks for the answers to my previous concerns,I have another question:With the 930 how do u play the music thats downloaded on the as card through the gps,everytime I go to jukebox on the device it only shows the 4 preloaded tracks on the unit not the card and I have a 4gig card with lots of music..thnx

    Anthony - March 12th, 2009
    • Did you load the music on the card through the TomTom HOME program?

      Tim - March 13th, 2009
      • no I didn’t I loaded it thru wndows media,didn’t know how to do it that way

        Anthony - March 13th, 2009
        • They need to be in a folder called ‘mp3’ at the root directory of the SD card, and the music files need to be in MP3 format.

          Tim - March 13th, 2009
  81. I recently read a review on Amazon that said FM transmitting for VOICE INSTRUCTIONS has been REMOVED in the UK. Is this true? How would you use the TomTom 930 without the voice instructions?

    Claire - March 15th, 2009
    • The TomTom has an internal speaker that plays the voice instructions. The majority of people don’t use the FM transmitter as it prevents you from listening to the radio and rarely works well as there are often not many unused stations.

      Tim - March 15th, 2009
  82. Hi Tim,

    I need a new remote for my 930. The TomTom site does not indicate model#’s. After some Google time it appears that the TomTom remote family is as follows:

    4D00.701 = 500/510/700/710/910
    9D00.015 = 500/510/700/710/910
    4M02.000 = BlueTooth 520/720/920/530/630/730/930

    Do you know if this is correct? Are there other valid models for the 930?

    Many thanks!

    Charles - March 29th, 2009
  83. I just bought a 930, and I enjoyed having it on a recent road trip from Oklahoma to Florida. One frustration I had was trying to cancel guidance if I chose a detour. So…


    The way mine is configured, it is not readily apparent.


    Dave - March 30th, 2009
  84. Hi Tim, I have 2 questions about the GO 930; first, I see that this unit does not have a compass? I presume that this means one that constantly tells you the direction you are heading and not something else? Next, I do aerial photography and many times I’m with clients discussing the photograpny, is there a way to lock in their address I’m at and convert it to Lat / Lon which is what I use for flight navigation?

    Thanks for a great review!


    Mr. Jan - April 21st, 2009
    • well it sorta has a compass. On the display preferences you can select for a compass icon which is a little arrow that’s supposed to point more or less towards north and there’s also a setting to display heading. If you press the lower right side of the screen and then press the middle of the right side of the screen, it’ll display satellite signal strengths, a skyview of the satellites and lattitude longitude readings.

      Note that it seems to calculate the headings based on recent movement i.e.: it uses at least two GPS data points to calculate the direction it is moving and uses that as the heading. If you’ve been standing still, the compass heading can easily be wrong and it’s difficult to get accurate headings when you’re a pedestrian.

      John - June 29th, 2009
  85. My Go 930 has stopped recognizing my computer and I can no longer even turn it on though the charging light comes on. Is there a way to fix this without resetting the 930? I really don’t want to lose my inputs. Thanks!

    Joel - May 29th, 2009
    • Joel, you can tap the reset button without losing any data.

      Tim - June 1st, 2009
  86. I own the TomTom 930T. After battling TomTom for the last few weeks, I have determined that this is the most expensive POS I have. 1- You cannot search for any address that contains a space or dash (the keyboard does not contain those keys). 90%+ of the addresses on the island of Oahu contain dashes. 2- Traffic feature is so undependable, that using it will granutee you will get stuck in traffic. The East bound lanes have been all but closed for the past 3 weeks on the H-1 Freeway here, but the 930 has continually showed no delays and chosen to route you right to it. 3- The cheap materials they use for the casing have already started coming apart after less than a months use. I will be seeeking a refund. TomTom is no doubt not ready to compete with the big boys.

    Michael - May 30th, 2009
  87. Is there a way to edit the list of recent destinations, to delete ones no longer needed, but keep those that are needed? It appears that the only option is to retain or delete the entire list. I realize that I can save a destination as a Favorite or POI, but I would like to reserve these designations for truely useful Favorites or POIs, rather than an occasional destination I may use a few times over a brief time period, and then never again (e.g. when in a different city).

    Howard - May 31st, 2009
    • Howard, no. You delete all or none. I use the Custom POI feature to store “permanent” favorites. This also has the advantage of being backed up and transfered to new maps should you upgrade. Then I use “favorites” to store locations I might use once or twice on a trip and soon delete.

      Tim - June 1st, 2009
      • Thanks, Tim. That’s a very helpful suggestion.

        Howard - June 2nd, 2009
  88. Purchased the GO930 2 months ago after returning from deployment and researching reviews on personal GPS units. This was supposed to be the BEST unit to get and had the latest features for vehicle use. It has since been more trouble then it is worth. Will not reset, will not recognize computer and will no longer turn on. All this after downloading the latest update several weeks ago. No luck with TomTom support and have finally given up with this unit. Anyone reading this post, it is highly recommended that you do NOT spend your money or waste your time with any TomTom product. I have already been researching a Garmin unit. Hopefully the vehicle units are as good as their handheld Rhino units which I have used in the past.

    Jim - June 8th, 2009
    • I’m on my third device (second RMA) with the TT930. If you keep at it with customer service you can get support but you must dedicate a lot of time out of your work day to do so. Make sure you keep a scanned image of your receipt on your computer to email them when they ask for proof of purchase and expect each firmware update to destabilize the product for several weeks. Also you need to get an additional 4GB sd card if you intend to have both North America and Europe maps loaded at the same time. Otherwise, for the few times when it does work, it’s nice to have.

      John - June 29th, 2009
  89. Hi Tim,recently I was in a city going through the poi’s and there was no listings for auto parts stores(ex. autozone,advance auto,pepboys..)there were only auto dealers and repair shops and none of the stores I needed didnt come up under them,is there any way to add or download a poi catagory that has then stores in it,I feel they are important poi’s when u are traveling from cict 2 city….Thanks

    Anthony - June 9th, 2009
    • I don’t know off hand, Anthony. But you can check in TomTom HOME as many people have added their own categories and lists.

      Tim - June 9th, 2009
  90. Hello Anthony

    I found autozone on my TT930 under the Shops POI. I guess they consider it a regular store rather than a separate category.

    John - June 9th, 2009
  91. I am travelling to Eastern europe this summer. I would like to know if I can use Tom Tom 930 while walking in streets of Budapest and Prague.

    Nilima - June 19th, 2009
  92. Hi Tim
    I was wonder is there a way to put my 930t on any kinda truck route so I can use it at work,if not what gps would u suggest for that cause the 930 won’t do me to much good if not.

    Thanks Anthony

    Anthony - June 26th, 2009
  93. I have a TomTom GO 930 which until recently worked flawlessly with my AT&T Motorola Razr2 V9. All of a sudden, the speaker on the 930 does not work when calling or receiving call via blutooth link. The speaker DOES work with all other applications AND other cellphones. When I get a call, I have to go to the mobile phone screen and transfer the audio to my cellphone. No settings were changed…it just stopped working. Any ideas?

    Seeh - June 29th, 2009
    • My TT930 did that as well right after the last application update. After a few weeks, and many resets, the handsfree mysteriously started working again. This isn’t the first time the handsfree stopped working for a few weeks after a firmware upgrade and each firmware update introduces some very annoying “features”. This time, the middle button on the remote now toggles between 2D and 3D view instead of pausing and unpausing the Jukebox. Given the tendency for the TT930 to somehow forget to unpause the music after some spoken instructions, it was convenient to be able to conveniently hit pause and unpause to try and free the jukebox from it’s locked state but now it’s just a useless toggle between views which really doesn’t make sense since people’s preferences would be to one or the other not to toggling between the two. The TT930’s weirdness is one reason that I did not bother subscribing to their map update program. I figure that by the time my map is a year or two old, I should be able to find something else that actually works.

      John - June 29th, 2009
  94. I purchased the dash mount for my 930 and every so often, no matter how hard I stick the suction cup onto the plastic dash mounting surface, it falls off 5 minutes later. Has anyone else had this problem or am I doing something wrong?

    Claire - July 10th, 2009
  95. i have recently just upgraded from my tomtom go 700. I bought that as a replacement for my go 300 because of the use my bluetooth phone through the device whilst driving function. To be honest , I thought my tomtom go 700 was the best thing since sliced bread. As i am an emergency call out plumber ( and extremely busy ) I really did not want to have to keep stopping to take phone calls from the companies I was contracting from.( Especially as I generally would be on route from one emergency to another ). Therefore stop driving to take calls was a difficult thing for me to do.
    I have quite happily used my go 700 for the past few years until some thieving git broke into my vehicle recently and robbed my much loved , old faithful go 700.
    My Tom Tom Go700 earned me so much money from the day I bought it as I no longer had to use my many maps and A-Z’s for london and the home counties , which saved me so much time and yes, even money ( on petrol ) driving from job to job. I have had many days in which i would have to get anywhere between 15 – 20 addresses and sometimes more ( no lie’s ).
    I am a seriously fast thinking person ,especially at my profession. And time is money. No longer do I have much need for books although i do still carry them with me.
    I have had instances with my tom tom where as it might take me to a road which has become a dead end by means of an emergency barrier, or even on one occasion , I almost drove through a cycle route which had bollards about 3 feet wide. My van would never fit through. lol 🙂 Shame though as I might have just kept going through otherwise. Six months previous to that it was just like any 2 way crossroad with traffic lights. Lucky enough the lights had been red when I arrived at the crossroad . I still had not noticed that the opposite side of the road had had the left hand lane closed to become a cycle route and the rest of the road was now a one-way road, simply because I was basically just allowing my tomtom to direct me….simple as that!
    The problem is in London and I suppose many of the big cities in the world, new changes are made on a daily basis to many roads and in many different ways.
    I am a huge fan of TOMTOM GPS …. for all of its faults ( in which I dont find bad , all things considered ). For many professionals I am sure they would never go back to a map or an A-Z to find their way around the ever changing roads of our many cities, IF they were to give a sat nav of any kind a GOOD TRY.
    I used to hate finding myself sitting in busy high streets unable to move, studying my maps frantically trying to get a way out of the non moving rush hour traffic of the main routes from A to B. Afraid to turn into side roads incase I found myself in a dead end or worse perhaps.
    Then, I started using the FIND ALTERNATIVE and AVOID CERTAIN ROADS options which completely BLEW MY MIND> I found myself moving in a constant flow with little or no stopping ,apart from the likes of T junctions or junctions of some sort. I was now driving comfortably through local roads and estates of different areas which I would previously have never used had I not had my TOM TOM.
    By using my TOMTOM in this manner I have now become so confident and familiar with many many areas all over London and now I generally can simply just enter the postcode and street number and just drive and drive without having to stop to keep checking maps. I am also happy to be now confidently generally able to make use of the cut throughs that I have learned over the time without even having to use my tomtom. On occasion I do find that there is a major tail of traffic going the direction i would have intended to be heading. I can now take an alternative route as I know so many ways through the areas knowing that my tomtom will just keep redirecting me no matter which road I take. I might add an extra couple or even an extra few miles to my journey depending on the route, BUT , the fact that I can keep moving keeps me happier than sitting in a line of traffic for perhaps 15 minutes or much more sometimes . It means that it could make the difference to getting from one emergency to another. wether it be to do with water, sewerage or even GAS. The speed that I can get from one job to another makes all the difference to the customers too. It might mean the difference of water pulling ceilings down, sewerage causing severe health hazards or even perhaps GAS which could cause severe risk of explosion and hazards to the life of people or property.
    My customers have always been happy with my services and the TOMTOM GO 700 has made a huge difference to my earning potential.
    Now that my TOMTOM GO 700 has been stolen I have been forced into a situation whereas I have had to decide upon buying a new sat nav.
    I have decided to go along with the devil I know rather than the devil I dont. ( SO TO SPEAK ). As the TOMTOM GO 700 has been one of the highest regarded tools that I carried, ( and recommended to many other plumbers I know ) I have decided to look into upgrading from the GO 700 as it was a few years since I first bought mine. Eventually I decided , and I am now the proud owner of the TOMTOM GO 930T. I like its nice slim design. it means that I can now carry in my pocket and will never feel the need to leave in my vehicle.
    There are many features on this that perhaps I might not ever use, but then perhaps I might. But the fact that it has the potential of offering me the pleasure of the many features I have become accustomed to and many many more too. I will be interested to see if the new IQ ROUTE technologies will make much difference to my daily working life, furthermore, I will be even more interested in finding out wether the traffic reports will make any difference although I am dubious about paying for this as I dont think I would benefit much from it. BUT, I do like the idea that at least I have got this available to me if i decide to have it on subscription,, ( I do think it should be made free ) especially as the GO 930T has cost me quite a lot of money to buy.
    The 4gig hdd has loads of great stuff on it , and the expansion slot SD card as an extra is great so now I can have the option of all my great favorite music stored on one little SD card and do not need to carry my many cd’s anymore…. the only problem with that is the FM transmitter is quite troublesome to me…. I get a lot of interference when trying to play my music through the FM transmitter over my stereo speakers ….. does anybody know how best to rectify this issue……
    ALSO…… when I had my GO 700, I bought The speed cameras as an extra, and I also bought the different celebrities voices to go on my TOMTOM GO 700. Does anybody know if I can safely use these files to put on my GO 930 or do I need to buy again ,If I want them…..
    any advice on these issues would be much appreciated


    Nev - July 10th, 2009
  96. Claire,

    If the disk is on a curved area of the dashboard, it may not be flat enough for the cup to stick.

    If the disk or suction cup is old, the set may need replacing. My first unit lasted only a year. During the final month of its life, it separated increasingly frequently, eventually more than once per day, before refusing to stick at all.

    If the disk is far from level, the weight of the TomTom could be pulling on the cup, exacerbating any problems such as age or a curved or dirty surface.

    My replacement unit has lasted a year without problems. If it gives out, I might try an aftermarket unit next, like the $22 model at http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001VI0R2Q/timflight-20 . It looks more robust.


    Larry - July 23rd, 2009
  97. I recieved a tomtom 930 for christmas of 08 after 3 or 4 mos
    it restarts after i shut it off. any suggestions on what
    recourse i have at this point.

    Drakie - October 15th, 2009
    • Drakie, your TomTom 930 should still be under warranty, give them a call. Be prepared to spend the entire working day with them with your TomTom, your computer and a decent internet connection. They’ll probably step you through resetting the device, reloading the application and reloading the maps. Take a backup first as your favourites will be wiped as well any of the POI’s you’ve created. If you have a backup, they can step you through recovering them from the backups. If last comes to last, you will have to send the unit back to TomTom and they will send out a refurbished unit in exchange. Remember to remove any SD cards you mave or the plastic SD card blank. The refurbished unit will simply have a sticker over the SD slot. I’ve had to send my TomTom in twice during the warranty period. If I was to make the purchase again, I would not have bought new but rather either purchased a Garmin 765WT or a refurbished 930T. When it works, the TomTom is indispensable but features break with each and every application and map update. Currently the live traffic subscription isn’t working at all and TomTom simply says they are working on it. They’ve extended my subscription another year but that doesn’t help much if it isn’t working. The TomTom home app now says that the live traffic subscription doesn’t work with the TomTom 930 so apparently their interim solution is to stop offering an advertised feature. I’m surprised they don’t get sued.

      John - October 16th, 2009
      • The traffic stopped working with the last map update, the one just before the current one. It says that the subscription has expired even when it hasn’t. They’ve extended my existing subscription by a year while they work on the problem and have stopped offering live traffic to the 930 till they figure out what’s wrong. They’ve told me to just keep downloading updates till it works again. It seems that if I unload the map, and reload it, the traffic feature will work for about five minutes. It takes an awful long time to unload and load the map.

        Everytime a map or application update happens, something gets broken. TomTom really needs to work on their regression testing.

        John - October 26th, 2009
  98. On the tomtom website, it states this about the 930 “earphones connector available via an optional SD card.”

    Slightly confusing. So does this model have earphone connectors or not?

    If so, when youre listening to mp3’s with the earphones, what happens with the navigation instructions? are they audible through the earphones?

    Mike - October 26th, 2009
    • There is an earphone connector, a proprietary antenna connector which doubles as an iPod docking cable connector, a mini-usb connector and an SD card slot.

      I have an 8GB SD card in my SD slot, the mini-usb plugged into the cigarette lighter socket for power, a iPod connector cable in the proprietary connector and one of those tape cartridge adapters in the earphone jack so I can play the mp3’s over my car speakers.

      You can choose whether to put the instructions out over the speaker, the earphone jack, bluetooth, or via the FM transmitter. Likewise with the music. I have my music going to the earphone jack so that it plays over the car speakers and the instructions on the internal speaker. For some reason, the instructions started sounding funny over the car speakers which wasn’t the case when I used the FM transmitter to get the music onto the car speakers but I got tired of changing frequencies depending on where I was so I switched to the cassette adapter.

      John - October 26th, 2009
  99. Hi, have TT930 just over a year old, s/w versions listed below. Generally love it, but frustrated with two increasing tendencies of late:
    1. TT gets disoriented — loses precise location & heading. Leads to frequent map re-orientations (compass) even while driving straight and corresponding route re-calculations (est 4/min). Fixed (temporarily) by doing a power-off/-on.
    2. TT cannot always connect to Blackberry via BT. Sometimes it does; sometimes not. If not, then doing hard reset (via paper clip) will resolve situation — until next time.

    Curious if others have seen these and any suggestions as to cause or solution…

    Many thanks…

    TT 930 running v8.351 // TT HOME v2.7.2.1825 // Phone app v15

    Charles - October 27th, 2009
    • I usually find my TT930 to be pretty good at getting it’s location and orientation right although there have been days when it’s off by a street or two. Whenever this happens, I’ll check the news the next day and find that there was a major military operation during that time so it may just be the military encrypting the GPS and introducing errors into the civilian use of GPS.

      As to orientation, you have to remember that the TT doesn’t actually know which direction your car is pointing, it doesn’t even know where it’s positioned within the car. It infers the direction you are traveling in from the most recent two locations. This means that at slow speeds, it can be wrong and sometimes quite dramatically whenever one of those military offsets comes in but the orientation improves as you drive faster. If you are having a lot of strange behaviours, don’t hesitate to call TomTom’s customer support. Unfortunately, the phone lines are only open during the day and they will walk you through some diagnostic steps so expect to spend the entire work day on the problem with your computer, an internet connection and your TomTom handy. I’ve had to send my TT930 in twice, each time they’ve replaced it with a refurbished unit. The thought did occur to me that I should’ve just bought a refurbished unit to begin with as it appears that you’ll wind up with a refurbished unit anyways.

      Initially I was teethering the TomTom with a Nokia 6820b which worked most of the time. Then I had to replace my phone and tried a Samsung Impression, that would only teether for a few minutes after pairing so you had to delete the pairing and repair every time you wanted to use the data connection. I returned the Samsung and exchanged it for a Sony Ericsson W518A and that teethers the TomTom flawlessly, it also teethers my Mac flawlessly. It took a while to get the settings right as the CID string I used for the Nokia didn’t work with the Sony but the phone information status screen gives you a hint as to which CID string to use. Naturally, AT&T won’t help you with the settings unless you pay them extra for teethering so hit the Internet for the settings.

      John - October 27th, 2009
      • Military operations are extremely unlikely to impact the GPS signal. Don’t forget that civilian pilots often rely on GPS for navigation to runways in poor weather, so the integrity of the system is critical. I subscribe to notices of intentional GPS jamming exercises and they are exceptionally rare. Likewise I also get reports of known degradation of the signal. One such notice came in last week and talked of an issue in the Pacific Ocean that lasted only a second or two.

        There are lots of things that can impact the GPS signal such as a bad bounce from a building (multipath errors), athermic windshield designs, other obstructions, etc. But an error from the system itself or intentional jamming is exceptionally rare.

        Charles, what you describe sounds more like a bug or signal loss due to the environment. I see it happen from time to time with most GPS devices. If you haven’t downloaded any QuickFix updates recently that can sometimes help with that issue as well.

        Tim - October 27th, 2009

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