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TomTom Go Available at Best Buy


TomTom has announced that the TomTom GO GPS navigation systems are available at Best Buy locations across the United States. The TomTom Go 300 and TomTom GO 700 GPS systems are expected to be first available.

“The market potential for personal navigation devices is tremendous; through this relationship, Best Buy will broaden TomTom’s reach and bring the TomTom GO line to drivers nationwide,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, President of TomTom USA.  “This only reinforces that consumers want personal navigation in their lives.” 

One Response

  1. TomTom support has got to be the most incompetent British company I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with.
    Purchased the TomTom One 3rd edition at Christmas with the explicit requirement of using it on our trip to Europe. Attempted multiple times to download the western European map. Informed their website was down and to try again in 4-months closer to our departure date.
    I mentioned my desire for immediate download was the limited time sale of January 31.
    No to worry you’re eligibility for the discounted price will be dutifully recorded in your incident report. Try again in 4-months.
    Never heard of that before! Here a customer wanting to give a company money but is prevented from doing so because their website is scheduled to be down for over a month.
    Well only in jolly old England I guess.

    You can imagine my surprise when I phoned same special service number only to be informed the sale is no longer in effect and there is not recorded of my promissory note. (Mike, supervisor)
    However there is record of my 4 failed attempts of downloading the map and 3 incident reports.
    To advertise a product and not make it available is considered fraudulent.
    If TomTom wasn’t willing to honour the sale price they should have made that clear on my first inquiry.
    So much for good will.

    schmiing - April 18th, 2008

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