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TomTom GO Update 6.02


Just a quick note that if you own either a TomTom GO 510 or a TomTom GO 910, TomTom has released May Update 2006. Included in the update is a GPS firmware update for unspecified issues and a time clock software fix.

This update is for users who have either version 6.000 or version 6.010 of the GO software and will upgrade your application to version 6.020. To check your version number click on the satellite icon near the lower right of the main navigation screen. You will see the version number near the lower right above the ‘Done’ button.

This update is only for the GO 510 and GO 910! Don’t try to update other GO devices with this update!

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One Response

  1. Great news for those with the new TT’s already releasing updates for these devices – way to be on it!

    Sig - May 19th, 2006

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