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TomTom Hints at New Products


TomTom recently released their Q4 results and has hinted at products we may see in the future from them.

In 2006 we plan to enlarge our target audience by increasing our distribution further, particularly in North America, and by addressing new customer segments with the convergence of navigation, tracking & tracing and messaging solutions for the commercial vehicle market. The recent acquisition of the road traffic technology company Applied Generics, will help us to take navigation to the next level as the technology has the potential to deliver much more accurate and higher quality traffic flow information than is currently available.

The part that interests me is they are hinting at getting into the commercial fleet tracking business. There are not many GPS companies who have overlap between fleet tracking/commercial markets and consumer GPS navigation products.

Most of the GPS Fleet tracking products just provide location data to a central dispatcher. This sounds like it could be a device that not only provides dispatchers with the location of their fleet but also provides the driver with GPS navigation and the ability to receive messages from dispatchers. Wouldn’t it be cool if you were a dispatcher at a utility company and you could just send a new destination to one of your drivers by pushing a button….. But hey, I’m just speculating for now.

We noted previously about TomTom purchasing Applied Generics and what that could lead to.

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  1. […] TomTom has announced a new service called TomTom WORK. TomTom WORK is the result of their acquisition of AG and provides fleet management and fleet tracking solution combined with GPS navigation. You may remember it was just a few days ago we predicted this type of service from TomTom. “By connecting owners of fleets of all sizes with their drivers, TomTom WORK will help save time and costs. Additionally it will bring clarity and transparency to businesses and their customers, as well as making the lives of vehicle drivers easier and safer.” – Harold Goddijn, chief executive officer of TomTom […]

    TomTom WORK GPS Review - June 14th, 2006

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