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TomTom iPhone App 1.2 Update


TomTom has just announced they have submitted a new app, presumably version 1.2, to the App Store for approval. This will be a free update which includes a host of features users have been asking pleading for. Apple’s approval times can vary widely so it is difficult to say exactly when the app will be available for users to download. Here are some of the new features.

TomTom Advanced Lane GuidanceAdvanced Lane Guidance was one of the features I was looking forward to the most. This feature provides you with a view of how many lanes are on the current road and which lane (or lanes) you should be in to make the next maneuver. For example there might be four lanes on the road with three lanes going straight and two turing lanes. (One with the option for both straight and turns.) Active Lane Guidance clearly depicts the lanes, the options, and which one you want to be in.

Text To Speech is also added in this release and is probably the most requested feature from users. The previous application used voice prompts, however this version can speak the names of streets in those directions.

Other new features include the “Help Me” menu, sometimes also known as Where am I?. A free map update is also included. Version 8.40 of the TomTom map is likely to come out soon– however I don’t think the map will be version 8.40. For some reason the TomTom app came with an older map version, 8.30, instead of 8.35 which was current at the time. I’m assuming this will be map version 8.35, but we could be surprised and see 8.40. You will now also have iPod controls so that you can control your music without leaving the TomTom app.

TomTom has said that more free updates are coming soon.

“TomTom app for iPhone is a priority for us and we are committed to both its long term development and everyday improvements,” said Benoit Simeray, TomTom’s senior vice president, On-board Mobile. “Current and future customers of our application for the iPhone can count on more great updates from TomTom for free.”

This is good news as Navigon appeared to be further extending their lead in features. With this update other iPhone apps will still have a few feature advantages such as the TeleNav and Navigon apps which have live traffic– however TomTom is slowly closing the gap. What is nice to see is that the first two versions of the TomTom app have been very stable.

(You can read our review of the original TomTom iPhone app.)

One Response

  1. The new version of the TomTom iPhone app includes iPod Touch compatibility.

    Tim - November 18th, 2009

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