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TomTom IQ Routes


Inside TomTom HOME there is a little preference that says “Enable collection of anonymouse usage statistics”. This is part of the key behind TomTom IQ Routes which provide more accurate estimations of the time it takes to travel road segments, and thus better route calculations. How are the two related?

TomTom IQ RoutesWhenever you calculate a route on your TomTom, and then drive that route, the device compares the time it estimated the drive would take you with the actual time the drive took. The data is saved, and then with your permission transfered to TomTom via HOME. TomTom collects that data from you and thousands of other users and builds up a profile of each road segment, for each hour of the day.

Perviously, they might only know the speed limit of the road segment being traveled and the device would create an estimated drive time based on that speed limit. Now the device can take a look at the time of day, day of week, and the time it actually took other drivers to pass that road segment. This data is then used to calculate the most efficient route based on the time of day, day of week, and the road network.

There is a road nearby where I live that highlights this example well. Over a two mile stretch I often drive the speed limit is 30 mph. However there are numerous crosswalks, traffic lights, a fire station, a school, and numerous people trying to cross traffic holding up lanes behind them. There is no way most vehicles will average 30 mph on that stretch of road. By driving the road with an active route and a TomTom, my speeds will be anonymously sent to TomTom. This data will then be collected with other drivers’ speeds and used to calculate more accurate time estimates in the future.

2 Responses

  1. Get IQ Routes on TomTom 720 920

    Tim - June 27th, 2008
  2. I didn’t fully understand or appreciate IQ Routes until my family visited Six Flags America this weekend. When planning my itinerary of the trip the night before leaving, IQ Routes estimated the 31 mile trip to take approximately 51 minutes. I looked at the route summary to get an idea of the route we would travel, and promptly it. We left about 12:30pm the following day. After traveling 20 minutes toward our destination, I noticed the route we were traveling was different from the route summarized the night before. I thought I might have mistakenly selected the wrong destination somehow, so I quickly accessed TomTom’s route summary again and confirmed that we were indeed headed toward Six Flags as planned. On the way home, though, instead of routing us BACK the way we came (the interstate), we were routed through the local business district and picked up the interstate the last 20 minutes or so of our journey. Thinking back on the last time we visited Six Flags, THIS was the route we traveled by getting directions via GOOGLE. It’s definitely a shorter route, but I vaguely remember the stop and go traffic we previously encountered while driving through that heavily congested area. What’s notable is, THIS was the route IQ Routes planned the previous night, but it’s quite obvious NOW that travel time through a business district is a lot different at night than it would be mid-day. Fortunately, we were able to avoid that congestion through the technical efficiency of IQ Routes.

    Rip - August 9th, 2009

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