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TomTom MAD Maps


TomTom has partnered with MAD Maps (Motor Adventure Destinations) to offer digital routes of their maps for TomTom Go and TomTom RIDER GPS navigation systems. MAD Maps produces scenic “back roads” maps with mileage markers, fuel stops, recommended road side eateries, lodging and other local attractions.

This is a fantastic partnership. All too often I select “Fastest Route” while navigating unfamiliar locations and miss visiting great local areas. Having maps like the MAD maps on my GPS systems will provide a new way to navigate through unfamiliar areas rather than the often boring “fastest route” option.

TomTom’s US President, Jocelyn Vigreux said, “The specialized route information provided by MAD Maps, Inc. brings an added benefit to our customers. At TomTom, easy and innovative navigation has always been our number one priority. We also strive to provide our customers with a variety of additional options to enhance their lifestyles and personal preferences. With digital MAD Maps our customers can simply click on the screen and find an entire scenic route planned for them, complete with motorcycle friendly services.”

One Response

  1. […] We’ve previously talked about the partnership between Mad Maps and TomTom. A team of women are riding their motorcycles across the country with a little help from their Mad Maps and TomTom RIDER GPS systems for their motorcycles. […]

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