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TomTom Map Update Service


Previously not available in North America, The TomTom Map Update service now appears to be making its way to this side of the pond. The service is a subscription service that, as the image below shows, will allow you to update your maps for as little as $11.95$9.85 each quarter depending on the map type for your device. Four times per year gets you maps each quarter for $39.40… a great deal.

TomTom Map Update ServiceThere is one caveat, and that is that you need to start the subscription service with a current map. For example on the first device I checked the map was three quarters old. To update to the latest map I was offered a price of $35.85, and from there I could subscribe to the map updates for $11.95 per quarter. Specifically, it was worded like this:

You currently have a map of North_America_2GB which is 3 quarters old. The sooner you get on board, the fewer releases you will miss. We can help you to upgrade to the latest map for only USD 39.85 and then ensure that you have every new map for the next 12 months.

The TomTom Map Update Service ™ is a smart new way to have the most accurate and reliable map, always. It gives you every single release of your map over a fixed period, for the equivalent of just USD 11.95 per quarter. That’s four new maps in a year!

This means the total cost for 12 months is USD 47.80. Buy the Map Update Service now or click ‘Back’ to go to the full list of maps.

Keep in mind your prices might be a little different based on how recent your map is… The price could be less or ore. TomTom has not confirmed this is now available, however many users have reported seeing the update. If anyone has successfully subscribed and updated, let us know below.

Update: A TomTom PR rep has confirmed to me that the North American Map Update Service is available starting today.

16 Responses

  1. Price is MUCH better than Garmin rip-off map update and map update program.

    Guillaume - March 12th, 2009
    • The cost effectiveness will depend on how long you plan on keeping the device, and how long map updates will be available for the device. Generally if you are going to keep the device longer than 2 years, the Garmin map update pricing becomes slightly more favorable.

      Tim - March 13th, 2009
  2. About time!! Saves me from buying a Navigon out of frustration. Now if they would also include the traffic subscription. One question, is the subscription specific to one device or could it be transferred to a new device?

    John - March 12th, 2009
    • I read that it is specific to an account and a device simultaneously.

      Jay - March 13th, 2009
  3. Signed up! Downloading the newest map now, this is a great deal!

    Jay - March 13th, 2009
  4. The TomTom web site actually shows the price as low as $9.95 per quarter or $39.80 per year.

    David - March 13th, 2009
    • Correct, the exact pricing will depend on the map you have installed. For devices that support it, the maps that include TomTom IQ Routes data are typically a bit more expensive.

      Tim - March 13th, 2009
  5. Re TomTom map updates, You are quoting $9.95 per quarter and $39.80 per year, is this US funds, my update shows EUR 39.80

    Is the 39.80 US Can or EUR?

    Neil - March 15th, 2009
    • USA Dollars.

      Tim - March 15th, 2009
  6. I just bought a new 720 from internet tomtom will not update maps because i do not have a reciept. What can I do? thanks, jim

    Jim - April 30th, 2009
    • Ask the store you purchased it from for a copy of the receipt?

      Tim - April 30th, 2009
      • I bought it on the internet, private, he said he got it at work for best sales and he has no receipt.

        jim - April 30th, 2009
        • TomTom’s latest map guarantee only applies to devices you purchase new first-hand.

          Tim - April 30th, 2009
  7. Hi, a couple of questions:
    1) Does the subscription also apply to european maps?
    2) Is an ebay purchase (albeit new) elibible for the subscription?
    thanks 🙂

    gill - July 17th, 2009
  8. I ordered the year update service for $39.80 but did not get my map update. I tried to do the update on Mother’s Day 2011. I left the computer for a few minutes and upon return got a notice that the update had aborted due to a server problem. I tried to do it again but it failed. The service had already taken my credit card info. Due to the house guests for Mother’s Day I waited until the next day and tried several times to make it work and finally gave up and telephoned Tom Tom to complain. My receipt showed a charge for over $71.00 and the rep on the phone advised I had ordered a lifetime update service which I did not! She also told me the order was non-refundable.She also confirmed that indeed the server had been down that day. Since then I have gotten several notes advising what to do to download. And, today, May 14, 2011, I got a note again stating the charge of $71.00 plus with a note saying PROBLEM SOLVED when I still do not have the maps. I am ready to dump the Tom Tom and go to another service.

    Laura - May 15th, 2011
    • Laura,

      Terrible costumer service. Garmin has a better reputation on that. But, like I said, the price of their map update is terrible (40$ for the tom tom single update is beyond what I consider a reasonable price, hey, it’s almost half the price of the full data for less than 5% data difference).

      No wonder peoples drop dedicated GPS and go smartphones…

      Guillaume - May 15th, 2011

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