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TomTom Map Upgrades


Club TomTom has written about map upgrades. Accuracy of GPS maps is probably the most common type of question we are asked here at GPS Review, regardless of manufacturer or map provider.The post at Club TomTom mentions the most recent updates were released this past Fall and new maps for the TomTom Go and TomTom Navigator 5 will be available this summer.

They also mention you can signup for TomTom newsletters to receive notification when maps become available for your TomTom GPS.

url coordinates.

11 Responses

  1. Is there a fee for map upgrades from tomtom?

    Mo - November 23rd, 2007
    • I purchased a Tom Tom GPS a couple of years ago and would like to have it upload with the lasted information.
      How can I do this.
      I went on the Web Site and put the United Kindgom in instead of the United States.
      Can I update to the United States without a charge?

      Hazel Dietz - December 2nd, 2010
  2. At one point there was as a special promotion, however it expired about 9 months ago.

    Tim - November 23rd, 2007
  3. Needs to buy a Malaysia Map for my TomTom GPS.
    Any at the moment ?

    Chin Guan - June 9th, 2008
  4. I need to upgrade my LG LN 505 GPS with an new
    map for Europe.
    Where can I find this?
    Best regards JJ

    Johan - August 22nd, 2008
  5. I have a new TomTom One XL.S GPS for car.I need India(all India or north India)Map software for the same.Can some one help..? Thanks.

    Rajendra - October 15th, 2008
  6. TomTom doesn’t offer maps of India.

    Tim - October 15th, 2008
  7. Thanks Tim,
    So I made a mistake.Does any other International brand of GPS offer Maps of India?There are two organisations in India a)www.satguide.com b)Maps of India, but both sell their own Hardware with pre-loaded maps.I did get a mail from Maps of India assuring to get in touch with me as soon as they have a compatible software for TomTom.WHEN is not known.Any comments or Adv.Thanks

    Rajendra - October 16th, 2008
  8. Not that I know of.

    Tim - October 16th, 2008
  9. I have a tomtom XL and want install malaysian maps. The cost is E69 or about 400malaysian ringgit.
    Any info on the quality of the tomtom maps or should I go for a new something else?

    Vince - September 13th, 2011

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