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TomTom Sends MapShare Corrections to Tele Atlas


TomTom today announced that they will be doing what a lot of customers assumed they had been doing since the introduction of MapShare— sending the corrections received back to Tele Atlas so they can be checked out and incorporated into the official map.

Until now, you could make changes through MapShare and they would be available on your own TomTom device. You could also elect to share those changes with other TomTom users who were running on the same map. The problem is that unless Tele Atlas happened to find the same map error at the same time, the error would come back again when the next map was released as they start with a “clean slate” so to speak with regards to user submitted corrections.

Now Tele Atlas will receive those reports, and TomTom owners will not have to double-submit the correction to both MapShare and MapInsight, the Tele Atlas tool for submitting map corrections directly to them.

So TomTom is turning over millions of correction suggestions to Tele Atlas, and Tele Atlas says the first changes as a result of MapShare will become available in Q4 of 2008. Therefore it will likely be around the January 2009 timeframe when that map becomes available for TomTom devices.

“As promised, the transfer of this feedback marks the first tangible deliverable following TomTom’s acquisition of Tele Atlas,” said Harold Goddijn, CEO of the new combined entity. “It will ensure that everybody can benefit from this community feedback, and the amount we have received is staggering. On average, by the end of 2008, if you drive anywhere for one hour with a Tele Atlas map enhanced by Map Share feedback, your route will be influenced by more than 20 corrections.”

The last figure is particularly staggering to me, and one of the reasons I’ve been a believer in the MapShare concept. (You can also read MapShare In Action).

13 Responses

  1. One thing that I notice with my TT-720 is that when I get off into unmaped areas there is simply the location pointer with no map overlay information. It would be nice to be able to use the unit while doing outdoor sports like hiking, camping and boating. In some cases this could be a real life saver, if not a major misery eliminator.
    I don’t see any reason why GPS usage with a system this capable shouldn’t be able to plot routes with reference to elevation to stay out of flooded areas as well.
    So these would be the two main features I would like to see added to the device if possible.

    Donald - December 30th, 2008
  2. In the state of Florida map there is a State Road 406 that runs between I-95 just above Titisville, FL and Sanford, FL. It does not seem to be on the map and you do not use it to program a Trip from Titusville to Sanford. I use this route. Can you update the map and use it to program trips.

    Harry - January 4th, 2009
    • I just looked at a map of that area and I see State Route 46 that goes between those towns, but not 406. Did you mean 46?

      Tim - January 4th, 2009
      • Yes, that road is 46 and not 406. I stand corrected. Thanks for catching my error.

        Harry - January 4th, 2009
    • I found that road on my TomTom. Which model and map version are you running?

      Tim - January 4th, 2009
      • I have just purchased a Model ONE. I planned a trip from Cocoa Beach to Grand Island. The trip plan took me up to Daytona Beach and back down to Sanford and did not go to Sanford using route 46. I did a download yesterday and did the plan again and the TOMTOM used route 46. I think I just needed a current down load. Thanks for your help…..HARRY.

        Harry - January 5th, 2009
  3. West Virginia, Doddridge Co. East out of West Union. Old Rt. 50 has a left turn. State sign (and locals) know it by Rock Run. The mapping shows it a Riggins Run. Riggins Run is miles away and not directly connected to Old Rt. 50.

    Recent auction traffic completely “lost”.

    Thank you.

    Lillian E. Carroll - January 26th, 2011
    • If you are trying to submit an actual change, we don’t have an affiliation with any of the mapping companies. See our article How to Correct a GPS Map Error FMI.

      Tim - February 7th, 2011
  4. My house is located at 131 Howland Ave. However, recently the house located at 111 Spring Valley Road is switched in the map with my address. Appreciate corrections as soon as possible. Thanks

    Saeed - July 3rd, 2011
  5. Sorry no providing details:

    My house located at 131 Howland Ave, Paramus, NJ 07652 has been switched with 117 Spring Valley Road, Paramus, NJ 07652. Would greatly appreciate the correction.

    Saeed - July 3rd, 2011
    • Saeed, we are not affiliated with any of the mapping companies. See our post: How to Correct a GPS Map Error for more information on where to submit those things.

      Tim - July 7th, 2011
  6. I’ve only had my Tom-Tom for a few weeks so I have been practicing putting in addresses where I travel in my own area. I have discovered a mistake in a road name. If I were’nt from here, I would never have found the correct road. The correct name for the road is BACK Beach Road, not BLACK Beach Road. Panama City Beach, Fl. is a tourist area and I think this needs to be corrected.

    Joyce Reese - September 23rd, 2011
  7. I posted my request on July 3rd. You can see the answer above. The funny thing is that tom-tom saying we are not affiliate with mapping company. So, tom Tom is selling defect product. Se Joyce Reese posting.

    Saeed - September 23rd, 2011

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