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TomTom More Closely Inegrates GPS with Cars


TomTom has reportedly reached an agreement with Johnson Controls which will allow them to add more features to their GPS devices. Johnson Controls makes/designs instrument panels and other modules for the interiors of cars. So what does this mean for TomTom?

Think about it like this. Your TomTom GPS device could be more tightly integrated with the rest of your car, and “know” things about the current state/status of your car. For example let’s say you are currently navigating on a route and you have 200 miles left in your trip. You car only has five gallons of gas left so the TomTom could alert you that you don’t have enough fuel for the current destination.

Recognizing that you are low on fuel, the TomTom could then offer to route you to the nearest gas station. This is similar to a feature that will be in the Garmin Zumo but hopefully TomTom will take this type of integration much further.

Update: The official release of this information has just come out which sheds a few more details about the integration. As an example, Johnson Controls has voice recognition technology which will allow you to use spoken directions to issue commands to your TomTom GPS. (Let’s hope that the TomTom’s spoken commands back to you don’t trigger false commands.)

Also discussed was a “Bluetooth Mobile Device Gateway” which will allow MP3 music and audio directions to be broadcast over the in car stereo. Hmmm…. That sounds an awful lot like TomTom Car Connect that we were just talking about…

5 Responses

  1. That is fantastic. Even though I live in Garmin territory, I like TomTom better. I recently went on a 1100 mile trip with a Garmin Nuvi and couldn’t wait to get home to my TomTom 910. Although, I will admit that I really liked the “trip snapshot” feature of the Nuvi that told me average speed and whatnot.

    So, in other words, Go TomTom!!

    Tim Hibbard - September 28th, 2006
  2. […] We are starting to get information about TomTom Car Connect, a new Bluetooth device from TomTom which is compatible with the TomTom GO 510 and 910. (This device could be the first device to come out of the recently announced partnership with Johnson Controls.) This new device will allow you to hardwire your TomTom to the existing audio system in your car. You can choose where you want music from your TomTom to be sent to as well as where you want spoken directions to be played through. […]

    TomTom Car Connect GPS Review - September 29th, 2006
  3. I have learned today that TomTom now have no plans to release the ‘Car Connect’ within the forseeable future. How annoying is that after waiting for more than a year and having wires trailing across the dashboard – which can be dangerous at times.

    Chris - August 23rd, 2007
  4. would a bluetooth car stereo be able to play music files from a tom tom go 910? If so it would be a substitute for car connect

    Steve Lynam - September 1st, 2007
  5. I don’t believe another Bluetooth device could read files from a TomTom.

    Tim - September 1st, 2007

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