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TomTom Navigator 5 Update 5.20


TomTom has released an update to the TomTom Navigator 5 software for Palm and PocketPC handhelds. In addition to “improved functionality for your device” TomTom Navigator 5 is now compatible with Microsoft MOBILE 5 devices. You can download the updates from the TomTom website. Both Windows and Mac installers are available for download.

I’ve also recently finished a 2,650km drive (yup, THAT long) with TomTom Navigator 5 and I will soon have an extensive review of the software.

5 Responses

  1. I live in Hawaii and bought the Navigator 5 software in December 2005 for my HP4700 PDA with wireless GPS transmitter. The product works well except for the Hawaii maps are over 7 years old. I checked with Tele Atlas who provide the maps to TomTom and they checked the streets I were missing and found the GPS data on their current maps. They told me that TomTom has not updated the Hawaii maps and probably got them from another company before Tele Atlas took over and hooked up with TomTom. I emailed and called TomTom over 7 times and got no real support except to report all the streets that are missing. There are over 1000++ streets that are missing and subdivisions that are 7 years old. All I wanted was FREE updates only on the Hawaii maps because I bought this to use as a real estate tool. If maps at Tele Atlas are current, why doesn’t TomTom check to see if they Hawaii maps provided to new buyer are outdated instead of having the client report the 1000’s of streets that are missing and wasting their time? TomTom should just get off their butts and call Tele Atlas and compare date and if the maps are old, write and apology letter to Hawaii buyers and offer free updates to keep their customers. It’s so easy, but they don’t want to admit it since they have not even checked yet and send in data as customers complain. LAZY POOR SERVICE!!! It has no value to me since the maps are so outdated. I would rate TOMTOM as the WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT IN THE WORLD. They only beat around the bush when they answer your question without solving them or satisfying the client. Their emails are not returnable and you have no way of replying back to an answer that is wrong. IF YOU LIVE IN HAWAII DON’T BUY THIS CRAP. YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH IT. Maybe it will work great in other states but check to see if the maps are up to date on other chat forums before you buy. Don’t reply on TomTom’s website support page. One of the questions on their support page is: Question: Has map coverage improved with TomTom Navigator 5? Answer: The maps we use for TomTom Navigator 5 are the most up-to-date maps and provided by Tele Atlas, a worldwide leading provider of map databases. HAWAII MAPS are over 5-7 years old with no updates. Also once you activate the product you can’t sell it to anyone because it is registered to you. I feel I lost out on $200 with and outdated product. Does anyone have info on what other GPS maps are current for Hawaii with voice navigation? I want to load them in my HP 4700 PDA with wireless GPS receiver.

    DM - January 26th, 2006
  2. So does this mean I can use this software & bluetooth GPS on a Cingular 8125? It runs windows mobile 5.0. Please let me know, I will be purchasing it or the Treo 650 tomorrow based off this info… Thanks


    Dan - June 20th, 2006
  3. Dan – I’ve heard from people who use this product with their 8125 and they say it works great, although it is not listed as a tested/supported device. The Treo 650 is listed as a compatible device.

    GPS Review - June 21st, 2006
  4. I got the TomTom 5 software for my HP ipaq rx 3715 and i paired it with a Holux Slim bluetooth gps receiver. It works like a charm. HOWEVER, to my surprise, the whole neighbourhood, Alberston’s included, I live in didn’t even appear on the map. its weird, when I turn on the navi in front of my house all I see on my screen is nothing, basically, no roads, no POI-s nothing!

    I plan on updating the maps, just don’t know how yet!, any thoughts?

    Ryan - February 15th, 2007
  5. Why can i not update my tomtom ease

    Kishor - July 29th, 2011

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