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TomTom Navigator 5


c|net has posted a review of TomTom Navigator 5. The Navigator 5 is a Bluetooth GPS system designed to work in conjunction with Pocket PC or Palm based PDAs. They liked the high resolution maps and that it would also plan routes for cyclists and walkers. They didn’t like the limited compatibility with smartphones, lack of an AC adapter, and they had some issues with the Bluetooth connection.

Like any good GPS, Navigator can route you to an address, a point of interest from–according to TomTom–a database of millions, a zip code, a recent destination, or any designated Favorite. You can chart a route home with just two taps of the stylus and receive alerts (using any number of sound effects, including a bugle and a cow) when in close proximity to a selected POI.

We have two small complaints. First, you can’t reprogram any of your Pocket PC’s buttons to access commonly used features, which is surprising given the level of control you have over just about everything else (Navigator offers six screens of preferences). Second, you have to switch to Browse mode–a process that requires three screen taps–in order to view the details for any road, Favorite, POI, or other map element or just to scroll around the map.

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