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TomTom ONE 130, 130S, XL 330, 330S


Update: We have now posted our review of the TomTom ONE 130s.

TomTom EasyPort GPS MountTomTom has just released four new products in the lower end of their product range. Available almost immediately from now, the new models will feature a new slim design, a louder speaker, optional traffic connectivity, and many of the other features from the older ONE and ONE XL ranges. Perhaps of even bigger note to some people, the new ONE range features a redesigned mount that is designed to be easier to use and more secure. Called “EasyPort”, it allows you to remove the mount from the windshield, and fold it up into the back of the GPS so you can still slip the GPS and the mount into your pocket.

The TomTom EasyPort™ mount has a unique, flexible design, allowing the user to affix their TomTom device securely to the desired position on the windshield, using the mechanical locking system. Once at their destination, the user can then remove it quickly and easily, with one twist, when leaving their vehicle. The clever design allows the driver to fold away the mount neatly onto the TomTom device – and remove the entire unit, without having to worry about stowing the mount separately.

TomTom ONE 130In keeping up with current trends, these new models also bring text-to-speech further down the product line.

TomTom ONE 130: $199.95
TomTom ONE 130S: $249.95 (includes text-to-speech)

TomTom XL 330: $249.95
TomTom XL 330S: $299.95 (includes text-to-speech)

And a quick update with a few more tidbits… These models will not feature the new IQ Routes feature found on the new GO series devices. The ONE models will not have Itinerary Planning nor custom POI database items as was the case on the ONE 3rd Edition. The XL 330 and XL 330s will have Itinerary Planning and custom POI databases though.

TomTom EasyPort Mount

140 Responses

  1. I suspected they might be moving more towards the Garmin model of having a general model line, with several flavors, generally separated by only one or two features. In the long run, it does give buyers more flexibility in buying only the features they need.

    Gatorguy - April 29th, 2008
  2. Actually, they have said that these four devices will supersede the rest of the ONE and ONE XL models rather than being offered in addition to the rest of the ONE lineup.

    Tim - April 29th, 2008
  3. From their press release:

    The new TomTom ONE and TomTom XL supersede the current ONE 3RD EDITION and ONE XL ranges […]

    Tim - April 29th, 2008
  4. What does it mean to NOT have a custom POI database? This seems like such a basic feature that it seems like a major step backward to not have it.

    JeepLover - April 29th, 2008
  5. The ONE 3rd Edition doesn’t allow custom POI databases either (built on the device). It is a function very few people use, so I’m not totally surprised it was left out.

    Tim - April 30th, 2008
  6. Any idea when TomTom is going to get a manual out for these new models, also when a review will be forcoming.

    Neil - April 30th, 2008
  7. I imagine a manual will be out at or shortly after they start shipping. We will certainly have a review ASAP.

    Tim - April 30th, 2008
    • Current manual lacking in instruction for connecting to computer, procedures for installing home etc. All manuals currently only address DEVICE.
      I have had some problems in downloading the available disk.\

      Also, remind people that the dial right above the vacuum disk will increase vacuum when rotated.

      James LeVangie - November 9th, 2010
  8. Tim – Like JeepLover, I still don’t understand what it means that it doesn’t allow custom POI databases. Is that for things like downloading all the Starbucks in the area? Will I be able to add my own POIs on the unit (such as “Work,” “Family” etc) or would the XL 330 be required to make my own POI categories etc?

    Jesse - May 2nd, 2008
  9. So they won’t be selling these in states where it’s illegal to mount things on the windshield?

    IsLNdbOi04 - May 2nd, 2008
  10. @Jessee – Correct, you can’t add custom POI categories and manually add POIs to that category from the device. You can, however, still store “favorites” and setup a “home” location, etc.

    @IsLNdbOi04 – You can flip it over and use the adhesive disc, so it isn’t any different than the current shipping models that come with a windshield mount plus an adhesive disc.

    Tim - May 2nd, 2008
  11. One thing that I see as a potential disadvantage is the apparent inability to do a vent mount. I have a vent mount for my TomTom One from Mount Guys that is great but the mount they have for my Navigon is terrible because it can’t utilize the built-in mounting slot and has to have an exterior grip mount which I hate. I don’t see an easy way to connect a vent mount to these units.

    JeepLover - May 2nd, 2008
  12. JeepLover,
    I think the Mount Guys probably could come up with some kind of a slotted adapter to the existing TT1 vent mount, with a flat or contoured surface on one side that the suction cup can attach to, the way the gps is normally mounted on the windshield. This adapter is even simpler than the current TT1 adapter, since it doesn’t have to have slots exactly matching to the grooves on the old TT1s.

    leon2005 - May 2nd, 2008
  13. Just wanted to report TomTom one 130 S, last 2 days drove from Myrtle Beach SC to Portland, Maine and it worked flawlessly, spoken instructions were great. I bought in Myrtle Beach SC before they said it was relased from [snip, see comment policy].
    Just waiting for Tom Tom to produce a manual,so I can see what I am missing.

    Neil - May 3rd, 2008
  14. Will the XL 330S mount attach to the windshield with a suction cup? I would like to use the unit in multiple cars. I also didn’t see anything on Tom Tom’s webpage that indicated that the XL 330S has Itinerary Planning. Is this a hidden feature? If neither of these is available, can you recommend any Garmin unit that has Itinerary Planning? I don’t mind using the Garmin bean bag as I have a Steetpilot III.

    Dave - May 4th, 2008
  15. Dave, yes, the XL 330s will attach to the windshield with a suction cup. TomTom reps have told me that the XL series will have Itinerary Planning.

    Tim - May 4th, 2008
  16. I just bought a TT 130 from the local [snip, see comment policy] because of an upcoming cost to coast move. Every functionality works reasonably well so far. The new mount is actually an advantage in my car (ford focus) since it can be tucked inside a small change pocket in the dash which makes the unit much more accessible compared to a windshield mount one. I have one HUGE gripe though. The speaker is simply pathetic. I can’t hear it over the relatively quite factory stereo (4/30 volume, 60 mph at highway). The nuvi 200 I looked at the store was much louder with better response speed to map redraws and more attractive looking , clear maps.

    Guclu - May 5th, 2008
  17. Guclu – Something is strange there. I have a TomTom 130 and a Garmin Nuvi 200 with me right now, with a microphone connected to each to measure the speaker volume. With both set at 100% volume, the TomTom 130 is 22% louder than the Nuvi 200. The map refresh rate is also clearly faster on the TomTom 130. The 130’s map refreshes about four to five times per second while the Nuvi 200 refreshes about twice per second. Something doesn’t sound right with the 130 you looked at.

    Tim - May 5th, 2008
    • Tim – Do you know if the TT 130 can be used for navigation on water? It ‘s much more affordable than the marine GPS’s I’ve been looking at.

      Sean - July 16th, 2009
  18. Tim, you were right. I went back to the retail store and compared the speaker volumes of the nuvi 200 and TT 130 again. The TT 130 they had on display was significantly lauder/better sounding then mine, which is weird because the one that they had on display yesterday (if it was a different unit) sounded just like mine (bad). We fiddled with both mine and the display unit and mine kept sounding bad and that one sounded just fine (even with full resets on both). Not to make the story any longer , I have a new TT 130 now and I think there might be a systemic defect with some units.

    Re: Map refresh rate; I was trying to refer to the refresh rate while browsing the map by dragging, which I still think that nuvi has an edge but TT 130 is in no way bad.

    Guclu - May 5th, 2008
  19. Right, the Nuvi is a bit faster at panning the map than the 130 series.

    Tim - May 5th, 2008
  20. We have now posted our review of the TomTom ONE 130s

    Tim - May 8th, 2008
  21. Any ideas why the 130 and 130s don’t show up on the tomtom U.S. website? It appears to be orderable in U.S. markets (comments above and at online retailers) but I’m a little confused why these guys aren’t even on the official website. But maybe I’m missing something.

    Dan - May 10th, 2008
  22. Dan, the 130 and 130S were on the TomTom site a couple of days ago. Interestingly, they were removed in the past couple of days. Not sure why as I downloaded the Manual for the 130S and that is still available. I read a couple of reviews that said they could barely hear the TomTom 130S even with radio off and windows up, but a couple other reviews claimed that the 130S was >20% louder than other GPS units. I wonder if there was a problem with the speakers and TomTom decided to pull them until fixed, but as you said they are still being sold out there. Curious. Don’t want to spread any false rumors so hope TomTom responds.

    BTW, a very nice review just came out here:


    Pete - May 11th, 2008
  23. I just bought a TT 130S, and the speaker quality is horrible. I simply cannot hear it at 50mph. I have been directly comparing with a ONE 3rd, and the volume is 50% lower. Based on your comments, I will try to change my unit.

    Ricard - May 12th, 2008
  24. Ricard,
    I think you have the same issue that I had. I tried 3 different units, two of them had bad speakers and the others reception died within a day. I’d check the replacement at the store just to make sure.


    Guclu - May 13th, 2008
  25. Interesting. Thanks for the tip, Guclu. Sounds like QC on this unit is a bit off. BTW, the 130 and 130S are back on the TomTom website.

    Pete - May 16th, 2008
  26. Any word on when the 330 version will be available? I need/want to be able to add custom POI categories as they provide a better solution for what I need than favorites would and the 130 (which I have yet to see anywhere in Canada never mind the 330 that I need/want).

    Jesse - May 22nd, 2008
  27. 330 is expected to start shipping in the next couple of weeks.

    Tim - May 22nd, 2008
  28. Tim , you mentioned you downloaded a manual for the 130S from the U.S.site.PLEASE tell us the website address. I need to read how best to use my unit. The User Guide that came with it is way to basic.

    Sandy - May 28th, 2008
  29. manual.

    Tim - May 28th, 2008
  30. My wife just purchased the tt one 130s, we are used to using the Garmin 320c. We are not happy so far, why? I can not find how you type in a place you want to go, like in the Garmin it says “Spell Word”, we type in “Hilton” and it shows us all the Hilton’s in the area, closest first. This is the most used feature on our old Garmin, and we cannot find this feature on the Tom Tom? If it does not have this feature, which I cannot believe, then we will return it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

    Richard - August 2nd, 2008
  31. Richard: Menu -> Navigate to -> Point of Interest -> POI Near You -> Search -> “hilton”.

    Tim - August 2nd, 2008
  32. Thank You so much, my wife tried it and of course you were right! I think it should include “Spell Word” in the menu as I figured POI were for sight seeing. Not the end of the world, Thanks again.

    Richard - August 2nd, 2008
  33. We live in south metro Atlanta. We were taking a trip (about 75 miles) up to the outlet malls on the other side of the city. When I typed in the exact name of the outlets “North Georgia Premium Outlets” under the POI area, it said it couldn’t find anything. However, once we were about 6 miles away and I used the POI function to find something close, I typed in “outlet” and the exact place “North Georgia Premium Outlets” came up as a selection. Why, if the exact place for which I was looking is loaded in the POI somewhere, it didn’t find it when we started. I could understand if it was a chain and there wouldn’ve been 300+ entries over the 75 mile trip, that it would reduce it to the closest several, but that is the only place with that name (probably the only one in the country!)

    Keith - August 3rd, 2008
  34. I forgot to mention I have the TomTom 130S. Also, I had heard on multiple GPS review/blog sites that the RDS-TMC traffic receiver for TomTom hasn’t worked in Atlanta for about a year and that everyone who spent the $100+ to purchase it here (and several other cities) are pursuing whatever business and legal means they can to get their money refunded. Does anyone know if they got the traffic receiver working in Atlanta?

    Keith - August 3rd, 2008
  35. GPS devices just are not nearly powerful enough to search the entire country though every POI by name. When you do a POI search it asks you ‘near you’ or ‘in city’. If you selected ‘near you’ then it didn’t find it because that POI isn’t (relatively) near you. If you searched ‘in city’ you should have found it.

    Tim - August 3rd, 2008
  36. I bought an xl 330 the other day. works well and the slim mount suction cup for window is nice. It also has a bad that you stick (permanetly) to you dash that the suction cup and stick to. I do have a few complaints though.
    The power cable is a pain to put in, its made so you can’t accidently break it, great, bu tI have issues just getting it to sit right, to go along with that I bought the traffic reciever. The power plugs into the traffic reciever (which is required) easy enough, but then plugging the traffic reciever into the unit is sort of a pain. mostly because since you have to suction cup the traffic reviever to the window, their isn’t much slack to plug it into the xl 330.

    Also I would like to have a top level map view and have the map refresh. Currently if you in a top level map view, as your car drives off the screen thats it, the map never adjusts.

    Other than those minor things I love it and would suggest getting one, the S is a nice feature, but I didn’t have time to shop around and didn’t want to pay the extra $$$ for it, if you can shop around I found the two models with as little as $1 difference.

    The POI are good, but I wish I could edit the existing, I wanted to add a golf course, I don’t want to have the default and then golf course2 or something, just let me add mine to the list.

    Glenn - August 20th, 2008
  37. Menu -> Change Preferences -> Turn on 2D display. That will enable a “top level map” that will pan along with you.

    Tim - August 20th, 2008
  38. i just got the 330 xl and it worked until i tried to update it by connecting it to the computer. Now it won’t turn back on. it just shows a computer and a blinking x. I’m so frustrated. can anyone help me plz?

    Yasemin - August 27th, 2008
  39. oh by the way i’ve never owned a GPS before.

    Yasemin - August 27th, 2008
  40. Yasemin – Use TomTom HOME to remove, then reinstall the application. That will fix the blinking X. When you are done with the install, make sure you use the software disconnect on your computer before disconnecting the USB cable. That is the likely cause of the error you see.

    Tim - August 27th, 2008
  41. Only 1GB Memory! US&CAN map 900mb, TTS 50mb + etc… (without adding anything) only 10mb left. For another buck or two put 2GB Memory in there for pete’s sake!

    Vin - August 28th, 2008
  42. I took out a few of the extra POI databases I didn’t need, and have about 45 MB of free space on my 130s.

    Tim - August 28th, 2008
  43. I just purchased the TomTom XL330 and I was told it has text to speech. I have tried it out and it doesn’t say the names of the streets. Does this model have text to speech????

    Liliana - August 29th, 2008
  44. The TomTom XL 330 does not have text to speech. The TomTom XL 330s does. If you have the 330s you can see our tutorial on how to Enable Text-to-Speech.

    Tim - August 29th, 2008
    • Is there a way of downloading text-to-speech for the XL330? I too was under the impression that is had this capability, but now that I know it doesn’t, it would be great if that function could be added.

      Shane - July 7th, 2009
      • Shane: no, the XL330 cannot use TTS.

        Tim - July 8th, 2009
  45. why does my tom want to take me i a different direction?? i know the way but it doesnt. tnx

    ellis - September 6th, 2008
  46. I just got my first GPS, the XL 330S. The roads are very accurate, but some of the POI’s are anywhere from 300 to 800 yards off. It’s not a big deal now, as I’m putting in places I already know the location of, but if I was traveling and looking for a POI, it would be be very frustrating if the place I’m looking for is block away from where the GPS says it is. Is this normal for GPS units? Do I have to purchase a Map update for a unit I just bought or would that even help.

    Russell - September 9th, 2008
  47. That is pretty normal, a map update wouldn’t likely help much.

    Tim - September 9th, 2008
  48. Are there any other brands out there that are more accurate or are the TomTom maps about the same as the others? Thanks.

    Russell - September 9th, 2008
  49. You will find people who prefer one or the other– but overall they will contain similar amounts of errors.

    Tim - September 9th, 2008
  50. would 130S or 330S be still usable in Australia if bought from the US?

    Nguyen - September 19th, 2008
  51. Yes, although you would need to purchase an Australia map.

    Tim - September 19th, 2008
    • I am interested in using it in Australia too, but if the 330S has only got 1G of mem., would there still be room for the Aussie map that requires 93MB ?


      Norman - July 15th, 2009
  52. I am looking at the Go 720 and the XL 330s, which would you recommend for traveling. I cannot use hands free on 720 as I have Verizon and rarely go through heavy traffic areas to need those extras. But would like ease of use and points of interest as we are retired. Any help choosing by comparison appreciated as I cannot find them by googling as comparables.

    Geri - October 5th, 2008
  53. The 720 has a faster processor, more POIs, and the ability to record your own voices. It is also compatible with (but does not come with) the new TomTom IQ Routes feature.

    Tim - October 5th, 2008
    • Similarly, I’m comparing the XL 340S to the GO 720. The 340s says that it has the IQ routes. My phone isn’t on TTs Bluetooth compatable list, so that probably won’t work. The ipod features on the 720 look handy, but it sounds like the 720 has mixed reviews after the firmware update. My research indicates that the 720 is about $50 more expensive. Worth the cost?

      Jen - June 8th, 2009
      • I’d go with the XL 340s over the 720.

        Tim - June 8th, 2009
        • Thanks so much! Very helpful! Great site!

          Jen - June 8th, 2009
  54. What are the differences between the TomTom 130-S and 330 xl – s? I want to get my husband a GPS for Christmas. We are not technologically savvy.

    Cathy - December 6th, 2008
  55. I just read Cathy’s question. I too would like to know the major differnce between the tomtom 130s and the 330 xls. (Besides the price) Is there that much difference for the price? Anyone let me know soon. Thanks!

    Kristin - December 8th, 2008
  56. Cathy and Kristin, the XL 330s has Itinerary Planning and a Widescreen.

    Tim - December 8th, 2008
  57. Ahhhh! Maybe someone can help me out here…I have a TomTom ONE 130, and 7 out of 10 it will NOT find a desired POI. At first I thought that the business was unlisted or something of that sort, but it won’t even find simple listings like “Stop&Shop” (I mean comon’ its Stop&Shop!) Also, the last time I had a hotel reservation, the TomTom didn’t find that either; It was a well known and reputable hotel. Note: I have updated the maps and software mutliple times. Any suggestions??? I am about to return this thing…

    lauri - December 9th, 2008
  58. Lauri, unlike the road database, GPS devices don’t contain every known POI. Most GPS devices contain only about 5-20% of all known POIs. So if you are finding 30%, you are doing quite good. 🙂

    You can add more for specific types of locations (free) through the TomTom HOME application.

    Tim - December 9th, 2008

    wendy - December 17th, 2008
  60. the 125 does have voice prompts, it does not have text to speech.

    Tim - December 17th, 2008
  61. Does the 330s POI list restaurants by category?

    Blain - December 20th, 2008
  62. Blain, no.

    Tim - December 21st, 2008
  63. I just got the XL330*S for Christmas, I am having problems with accuracy. I’ll be in one town and the unit will say I am in another town, the correct street and location but the wrong town all together. Is this common (I live in the center of my own home town and it says I’m in a town 10 miles away), do I need to spend the $50.00 for the maps at tomtom/home? Also finding POI’s to be .25 miles from correct. kinda frustrated here, any help would be kool.

    Stu - December 28th, 2008
    • We would need to know the nearest intersection and town where you were, and what town the GPS said you were in to research the issue. As to POIs, it is not uncommon for them to be that far away. That will happen with any GPS.

      Tim - December 28th, 2008
      • Stu – the TomTom Latest Map Guarantee is free for 30 days to update your TomTom to the latest map. Yes, town names can be a little confusing, but the general rule of thumb is that if you use the “largest” town in your area, it will have all the addresses for the surrounding ones (or at least from what I’ve seen).

        Michael - December 30th, 2008
  64. I have recently purchased an XL330 while I was in the states and am wondering if I can update the maps for Australia where I live???

    Shane - December 28th, 2008
    • Yes, you can. You should be able to use this link:

      There will not be enough room in the internal memory for both maps, so you will have to backup the existing maps if you want to use them again. You can do that with the TomTom HOME program. (And it is even easier to purchase the maps from within that application.)

      Tim - December 28th, 2008
    • Hi Tim

      Thanks for your advise!!

      I have another, when trying work out what model I have so I can download the australia maps I found that the Tomtom does not have the model on it anywhere and I threw the box away when I was in the states. Is there a way of finding out the model??


      Shane - January 3rd, 2009
      • Shane, I think I just answered your same question in the forums.

        Tim - January 3rd, 2009
  65. I’ve been a lucky girl this holiday, receiving my fair share of GPS units. I hadn’t even thought of getting one so I am not hip to the research.

    In one hand, someone gave me the tomtom XL 330. My other hand is holding a gift of the Garmin 250.

    The internet first told me Garmin is by far the best, especially in the US with more solid maps. Deeper in, I’m finding it’s more basic than the tomtom330.

    Any thoughts, you guys? I can’t keep two. I’m not even sure I can return either since they are both unwrapped.

    Sydney - December 29th, 2008
    • I would not say that Garmin is by far the best, nor would I say they have more solid maps. Of the two devices you have, the XL 330s does offer more features such as a widescreen, multi destination routing, and the ability to connect a traffic receiver, none of which are offered on the 250. The advantage of the 250 would just be simplicity.

      Tim - December 29th, 2008
  66. Bought a Tom Tom XL330. Got to say, the suction cup installation/release has me baffled. I haven’t yet installed the “sticky” disc that the unit attaches to, but I rotated the disc attached to the suction cup (has the padlock open and close symbols) and nothing happens even though I’m pulling on the rubbery pad/disc that’s on the quick mount to see if it or something will disconnect/let loose when I have the padlock symbol in the open position. I feel like a monkey trying to get at a banana behind a piece of glass.

    Gus Richter - January 15th, 2009
    • You don’t need to use the sticky disk if you don’t want to– you can just attach the mount directly to the windshield. The open/close rotation (barely) adjusts the “curve” of the suction cup to get it to stick a bit more.

      Tim - January 15th, 2009
  67. Just bought a 130. Is there a way to do a straight line route? (point A to B as the crow flies) I thought the walking route was what I wanted but it just tells you to walk via the same streets as the driving directions. Not what I was looking for…


    Brian - January 19th, 2009
    • The pedestrian mode is similar, but a bit different than the road mode. Pedestrian mode will do things like allow you to make a right “turn” where there might be a turn restriction, go backwards on one way streets, and avoid major highways. But no, there is not an “offroad” mode that will route in a straight line.

      Tim - January 19th, 2009
  68. Is there a Tomtom model that has an off road mode? I am looking for the more inexpensive if there is more than one.


    Brian - January 19th, 2009
    • No, they are street navigators only.

      Tim - January 19th, 2009
  69. I have had a Tom Tom One 130 for 2 months and had no complaints with the device itself. However, last night the Tom Tom was sitting on the desk when I heard a popping noise and looked and underneath the screen had cracked without anything even touching it. Tom Tom has refused to honor the warranty even though they could not tell me why it was void. Buy at your own risk. If nothing breaks, it is great, but not worth the risk for me. I will never buy one again.

    Nathan - January 23rd, 2009
  70. I am looking at the TomTom XL 330S. Does it have a SD slot?

    Bob - February 13th, 2009
    • No, they have moved everything to the internal memory on the XL 330s.

      Tim - February 13th, 2009
  71. Looking at the TomTom 130 (not the 130S) vs Mio Moov 200c
    Your opinion please.
    I live in Canada, I will travel sometimes to the US.
    I want fairly current maps, I would like to know how much it costs to get updated maps if necessary.
    It is my understanding that neither of these units are approriate for Geocaching, but i would like to know if there is any other inexpensive road GPS, that could also be used for some very entry level Geocaching with my kids.
    Thanks, Brad

    Brad - March 25th, 2009
  72. P.S. to above
    After I posted the post, I looked into the Garmin Nuvi 750 & 760 ($300) the 760 is exactly twice the price of the TomTom 130, 760 has text to speech WITH street names, and a built in receiver for tmc traffic receiver. Do you know how useful that really is in Canada? Is the infastructure there to send the current traffic congestion updates? Are they talking traffic jams that happen & clear up in a period of an hour or so?, or are we talking road construction that has been noted for a day/week etc. Is the 750 or 760 any better for the entry level Geocaching, or am I still better to buy the less expensive TomTom or Mio Moov 200C ($130-$150) & buck up for a Garmin 60CX ($370)
    Oh yes, I am a newbie if you hadn’t figued that out already 🙂
    Thanks again, Brad

    Brad - March 26th, 2009
  73. I am shopping for a Mother’s Day gift and had originally been researching only Garmins after many friends suggested Garmins were more user-friendly. However, my mom told me she thinks she wants a TomTom (after reading that their map updates are less expensive that Garmins?) so I’m back to square one. Please help! She wants a 4.3 wide screen and text-to-speech. She will only be driving in the U.S. (mostly OK/TX) so I’m guessing the SD slot won’t be a necessity. She really needs something that is simple to operate-that’s why I was most attracted to the buzz around the Garmins. If possible, I’m looking for a price range near $160 and refurbished ones will work.

    Keri - May 5th, 2009
    • Hi Keri, The TomTom devices might not be quite as easy to use as a Garmin– but they are still pretty easy to use. We have a page with a chart about GPS Map Update Costs you can check out. While about $50 more than you want to spend, the TomTom XL 340S is a fantastic device. The TomTom XL 330s is at your price range, but I’d go for the newer model if you can swing it.

      Tim - May 5th, 2009
      • Thanks for the speedy reply! If I understand correctly, the XLs updated to the XL330s which is now updated to the XL340s? I can’t even find any of these listed on the TomTom web site. The Garmin site allowed me to choose the features I want and narrowed down the options. Is there a comparable Garmin to the two TT’s you listed above?
        As far as the updates, I can see my mom using her GPS for years to come.

        Keri - May 5th, 2009
  74. I just bought the TomTom 130. For the life of me I can not get it to stick to the windshield…or anything for that matter. I tried the disc or the windshield. I feel like a child. Any ideas what I can do? The suction doesn’t seem to want to stick to anything!

    mel - June 3rd, 2009
  75. Salesperson at store told me tom tom has daily free map updates, FREE so no need to pay for annual map updates. Tht was one reason why he recommended tom tom 330S over Garmin 255w…That does not seem to be indicated in the comments above re: updates. Did I misunderstand salesperson??

    Jill Brown - June 7th, 2009
    • Jill, the salesperson was incorrect. While you can get daily map updates from TomTom, those updates are limited to changes suggested by other TomTom users for the particular map version you are using. Official (and much more complete) map updates from their mapping company are charged for just like Garmin. You don’t need to purchase map updates from either company, but they both charge for official map updates.

      Tim - June 8th, 2009
  76. I have the TomTom XL330S. Is it possible (I don’t care if the company approves of the procedure; I’m asking if it’s possible.) to replace the 1GB card with a 2GB card?

    George - June 27th, 2009
    • George, yes it is possible, and you can even do it with the TomTom HOME software

      Tim - June 28th, 2009
      • I’m confused on that part. What do you have to do with the software? Are you just speaking of backing up the contents or ?

        George - June 28th, 2009
        • You would copy whatever it is you want to run from the existing card to your computer, then from your computer to the new card.

          Tim - June 29th, 2009
  77. I have the TomTom 130 and after downloading tom tom home on my computer, i connected the tomtom and it searched and installed what ever updates it needed. once complete i disconnected it from my computer and it did a soft reset just as it is designed to do however now all i am getting is a BIG RED flashing X on my screen along with a background image of a tomtom device connected to a cable. I assumed this was a bad thing so i did a soft reset as instruced on TomTom.Com and i got the same result. HAVE I JUST KILLED MY TOMTOM?????

    Christian - July 8th, 2009
    • No, you haven’t killed your TomTom… just the application on the device. The HOME software isn’t very good at telling you when it is safe to disconnect your device. It often tells you it is safe to disconnect a few seconds before it really is safe– resulting in a corrupt application. You should be able to use the HOME program to delete the application currently on the device (that is corrupt) and then reinstall the application.

      Tim - July 8th, 2009
      • well, i looked atthe home program and i see the word “application” when i click on “what your tomtom has on it”…should i delete that? the home program does not actually tell me what file is corrupt so im thinking just delete the word “application” and go from there. Who knows i may have to buy a new car just to get a working GPS system. LoL


        Christian - July 8th, 2009
        • Correct, just delete the whole application, then reinstall. (Then wait a bit longer before disconnecting the device after HOME suggests it is okay.)

          Tim - July 9th, 2009
          • Thank you. Everything is working as described. The tomtom asked if it wanted to connect to the computer and i said yes and TTHome is checking for any other updates. everything should work out ok. If not i will be in touch. thanks again

            Christian - July 9th, 2009
  78. how accurate is the speed displayed on the TT XL330s? i just got a ticket for going 83 when tom tom said i was going 77/78.

    scott - July 11th, 2009
    • Typically the speed display is fairly accurate, but it will be slower than your speedometer to adjust for changes in speed. I’ve done the math and the GPS in one two second period could be off by up to 45mph from actual and still be within the GPS accuracy spec. Not likely, but possible.

      Tim - July 11th, 2009
  79. I have the TomTom XL330S. Is it possible to replace the 1GB card with a 2GB card?
    The Tom Tom don’t have an SD slot, so do i have to open the tom Tom, and if i have to will there be an slot in there were i can remove the 1gb card and simply replace it with an 2gb card?

    Is there an step by step institution on how to upgrade my Tom Tom?

    Roger - July 21st, 2009
    • If your GPS doesn’t have an SD slot, then there is no SD card to be replaced. The internal memory is soldered in.

      Tim - July 21st, 2009
  80. I tried using a Garmin 255w in map view mode – no matter what I did ( or what Garmin suggested), it would not name many roads in my area. They were shown on the map, but not named – these were major state roads. Wouldn’t even name road I was “T”ing into. Once turning onto the road it showed the name of the road. Returned that unit and am now looking at a tt xl 340s. Does this unit have a map view mode, and will it work better than the Garmin.

    Doug Saabye - July 23rd, 2009
  81. I want to buy a XL330 TomTom GPS. What is the difference between a text to speech and a not? Being my first GPS I’m not familiar with this. Please help me. Thank you.

    Marcel Béluse - September 10th, 2009
    • Marcel, see our article on Text To Speech which describes the difference.

      Tim - September 17th, 2009
  82. Thank you very much for your info. I have another question. I was told to download the Home program to obtain the updates. Is there a step by step instruction sheet that I can go to? If not, is it very important to download this program. I do not have High speed internet. Thank you in advance for your help.York

    Marcel Béluse - September 17th, 2009
  83. I wrote to you on Sept. 17th regarding the download of the Home program. I did not yet get an answer on this but I tried to do it anyway and it did not work. I tried on 2 different sites and nothing heppened. Could you please help me?

    Marcel Béluse - September 24th, 2009
    • Listed below is a link to the tom tom website where you will find the Download link for the HOME program. This program Downloads to your computer and allows you to get operating system updates for your device as well as new maps and other support realted features. Depending on your Comuters operating system will determine your choice of either WIndows, or MAC.

      Here is the link: http://bit.ly/tFYph

      If this does not help you in your search, please contact TOMTOM directly.

      Christian Logay - September 24th, 2009
      • Thank you so much. You have solved my problem. Keep up the good work, it’s appreciated.

        Marcel Béluse - September 24th, 2009
  84. Just bought this to replace a stolen tomtom One new edition (3rd edition) and very dissapointed to find tomtom no longer provide itineray planning nor custom POI database items in this replacement model. Two features I used ofen. Typical.

    Paul - September 29th, 2009
    • Sorry to hear about your loss. There is an Upside however. The wonderful thing about most electronics retailers is that they have a policy that says if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, bring it back and they will exchange it for something that is satisfactory. Im sure with a recipt of your last purchase and a small financial investment you can upgrade to a more “option-packed” TomTom. One that Utilizes the Itinerary planning options and the POI databases you require. Let me know how it turns out.

      Christian Logay - September 29th, 2009
      • Actually, contrary to the above report, it turns out this new ONE CLASSIC I’ve bought, does in fact have a POI database and an A to B advance planner so I’m atually quite satisfied. So many models and variations. Thanks for your comment though.

        Paul - October 4th, 2009
  85. Just got the Tom Tom XL340S. After much research was told it was easy and accurate. Now I see on different sites that the Tom Tom maps are not the most accurate – they say Garmin is better. Is that true?

    Also, asked the gps to go home, and it said I reached my destination before I actually reached it. Does this happen often?

    Also, tried a simple route I knew, and it did not take me the easiest way. I have it programmed to find the fastest route…is shortest route better?

    In general having buyers remorse – is Garmin more acurate? Garmin did not have the features the Tom Tom has for the price, but if it does not get me where I need to go accurately it is useless.



    Nikki - November 2nd, 2009
    • Map quality varies by region, and even neighborhood to neighborhood. If one device doesn’t have your street mapped well it might do a better job at mapping a different street. Due to address interpolation (see that link for more info) a particular address might be within 50 feet of where it should be– or sometimes it could be a thousand feet from where it should be.

      As far as route quality, assuming you are using a recent map and don’t have any crazy avoidances set it is hard to beat the IQ Routes (see link) that TomTom offers on that model. It is using the actual measured drive times from other drivers on the same road. So even when it doesn’t pick the route you might like best, it shouldn’t be too far off. Many people find that when they start timing routes that the GPS was correct all along.

      The “easiest” way, the “shortest” way and the “fastest” way will produce very different routes. Generally the “fastest” is what most people want. But check your routing types and avoidances you might have set.

      Tim - November 2nd, 2009
  86. My Xl 330S is one hour off on the time setting since the time change on Oct 31. How can I get it to the accurate time? Thank you

    Glenn Thompson - November 28th, 2009
    • Glenn, see tomtom.com/9541

      Tim - November 28th, 2009
  87. Is there a particlarl comment # I should look at? There is 123 of them !!!! Thank you.

    Glenn - November 28th, 2009
    • Glenn, #86 has the link.

      Tim - November 28th, 2009
  88. Thank you. The assistance was exactly right and solved the problem.

    Glenn Thompson - November 28th, 2009
  89. I just purchased a tom tom XL330s and am very new to a gps. 2 weeks ago we went to 2 differnt locations and it worked great, but on the return trip home i pressed the home icon on the first trip and i really dont know where it was taking me (i was familiar with the area) but it wasnt the direct route. Now on the second trip that i was not familiar with we got home or to a place we knew but it took us about 30+ miles out of our way. Is there a dummy book that can tell me how to backtrack home without bread crumbs?

    bob - December 9th, 2009
    • Difficult to diagnose without knowing the starting address, destination address, your route settings, and the map version.

      Tim - December 9th, 2009
      • very true, after looking at it my home address is not correct(blame that on my son fooling around) how can i reset it to change it? also i went to the tomtom site and they have no listing for a XL330S but have one for a XL330, will the downloads and instructions be the same?
        sorry for being a pain!

        bob - December 9th, 2009
        • Yes, the XL330 instructions will be the same. You should be able to change it by going to Menu -> Change preferences -> Change Home location

          Tim - December 9th, 2009
  90. I think I am going to like my Tom Tom 130. I like the size and the 3D. I have one problem. I can not use it because it was accidently setup in a language other than English. The instruction book does not tell me how to rectify this. I really want to get to using my GPS as soon as possible. Can anyone help me?

    phillyjoyce - February 20th, 2010
  91. hi tim, i have tomtom xl330 and i just update the map and everything else. now it said problem with map USA_and_CANADA and it won’t load it at all. please help me out tim

    mony - February 21st, 2010
  92. Just purchased a XL330S tomtom and when I was putting in my home address I noticted after I input the information I saw that the address was incorrect. I have been trying to correct it but have failed. Pretty new to doing things on my own. Help

    Connie - April 18th, 2010
  93. I just bought the Tomtom 330S and am having map issues. Their tech team doesn’t seem to know what to do. It does not get me door to door, but only to the “street” Example. I live 3.5 miles off a major highway. When turning onto my road Tomtom tells me I have reached my destination yet I still have 3.5 miles to go. Tomtom support has ripped the map out, the application out, and it still is not working. could it be something in the settings? I am so lost!

    Pam - April 20th, 2010
    • It is probably just a map error where the street numbers are not properly positioned.

      Tim - April 20th, 2010
  94. What is the difference between 130 and 130S?

    Jeff Fuchs - May 30th, 2010
    • Jeff, the 130s includes Text To Speech while the 130 just has voice prompts.

      Tim - May 31st, 2010
  95. Have a TomTom130 S GPS Unit and since I did a system restore back to factory settings on my desktop, I am able to download TomTom but when I click on it to install, nothing happens. (have Windows XP). Can anyone help please?

    Me - March 27th, 2011

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