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TomTom ONE 3rd Edition


It can be hard to match the bang for your buck you get with the TomTom ONE 3rd Edition. Even on this entry level model you get TomTom’s MapShare feature– one of the biggest innovations in GPS technologies recently. Find an error on the map? Correct or report it though MapShare and download changes from other users. Thinking you might want to connect a live traffic reporting receiver someday? An optional accessory is available to add live traffic information.

The small size and small cost might make you think about carrying this GPS along while walking in a city– but be careful as the battery life isn’t quite as good as other models in this class and there is no “hold” switch to prevent accidental touch screen input, both features found on the similar Garmin Nuvi 200. Still, with MapShare, a ‘Help Me!’ menu, and maps of the USA & Canada, the ONE 3rd Edition is a great pick for a first auto GPS.

349 Responses

  1. Don – The favorites can only store destinations. From wherever you are you can create a route to that destination, but you cannot setup a route to a different location ahead of time.

    I do find the Advanced Planning function, and the XL would include that feature.

    Tim - January 29th, 2008
  2. Was wondering whereas the TomTom 3rd edition, have navcore 7 lite, do you think it is possibly to update that to the regular navcore 7 and get the itineraries at some later date or when updating to newer maps.

    Neil - February 15th, 2008
  3. There is a hack to get Itinerary Planning on the ONE third edition, but you drop other features (such as MapShare) in the process. I doubt TomTom will offer it in an official update.

    Tim - February 15th, 2008
  4. Thanks for your patience with my questions senor Tim. I went with the xl because of the itinerary option and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. With the different approach offered by the advanced planning it appears to me that the additional dollars for the xl over the 3rd are well worth it. Thanks again! Don Mans

    Don Mans - February 15th, 2008
  5. Glad to help, Don!

    Tim - February 22nd, 2008
  6. I just bought a ONE 3rd ed two days ago, and I love it. It is my first GPS unit. I bought it because I make frequent trips, and I am fed up with Mapquest’s ridiculously over-detailed instructions.

    Sitting in my living room yesterday, I had my ONE plan my route to Toronto, and I put in several favorites.

    The touch screen is easy to use, and the screen is an excellent size to read from the driver’s seat. I am sure that I will demand more features as I use it more, but I think that it is an excellent navigation device.

    Charles - March 3rd, 2008
  7. Tim great job!!! In reference to the One v3 you said “The favorites can only store destinations. From wherever you are you can create a route to that destination, but you cannot setup a route to a different location ahead of time.” So….my question… this means if I want to go from A to B to C to D I’ll have to start with A to B. Once at B ‘punch in’ B to C etc… Right??? Don’t know a thing about gps operations, but we camp quite a bit and one would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    Lisa - March 6th, 2008
  8. Lisa, correct. You can mark up to about 50 locations into your favorites at any time. Then from wherever you are you can access the list of favorites, select one of them, and have it create a route to that location. Then once you get there, you can ask it to take you to a different location in your favorites.

    Tim - March 6th, 2008
  9. Tim another ? MapShare on the ONE v3 will give you updated maps, now… does the Garmin street pilot 340 or the nuvi 200 offer updates??? we’re concerned about the low battery exp on the ONE v3

    Lisa - March 6th, 2008
  10. MapShare gives you map updates that other TomTom users have submitted. You should still purchase an official map update every year or so. Garmin doesn’t offer anything similar to MapShare yet. Most people keep the GPS plugged in while driving and therefore battery life isn’t an issue. If you will frequently use it out of the car then you will need to consider that.

    Tim - March 6th, 2008
  11. Picked a One-3rd edition [snip, see comment policy]. (I had returned a Becker Traffic Assist 7934 purchased for [snip] because of outdated maps and no available updates or policy).
    One thing seriously bothers me on this unit – the 1GB flash memory / no removable memory. With the US/Canada maps, well over 90% of the unit’s memory is taken out-of-the-box. So, it would seem to me that pretty soon with updated maps, there won’t be enough space in the unit to hold USA/Canada….

    There was a map guarantee in the box, and TomTom has a newer map (just released end of Feb08) than the unit came with. How to get it – instructions are wrong. The literature in the box has a code and tells you to go to the website. The website says that’s no longer needed – you can use TomTom Home – click on File – if no update shows, no update is available. BUT, there is an update and it doesn’t show – that’s because it’s not on the FILE menu, it’s on the TOOLS menu!

    Minor peeve: If I could get my hands on the idiot who designed the packaging for this unit, I’d like to seal him in a similar package. He’d probably be injured trying to get out.

    The suction cup mount seems weak – the unit has dropped off the glass several times already. (The Becker had a much better mount.)

    Despite the shortcomings, I might keep this one – not sure yet…..

    Richard - March 7th, 2008
  12. I recently bought a TT-1 third and gave up a Magelan 3100. I like the Mage because of its ease of use, but the TT has much more to play with. I do agree with Richard in that the mount is weak though. I also wish the day and night was automatic like it was on my mage. I also cant get the map share to work. I hook up to the computer and I go to TT home but there is no way to do the mapshare, but if I disconnect the TT the mapshare apprears and I click on it. It tells me to connect my TT so I do and nothing ever happens. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how do I correct it?

    Chris - March 15th, 2008
  13. I bought a tomtom 3rd edition, and live in the U.S. I am taking a vacation to Italy. Will my Tomtom device work in Italy (with the map of course)? Meaning will I be able to plug in and use the device in Italy?

    marco - March 15th, 2008
  14. Chris – We might need more info, check out the forums where we can do more in-depth diagnostics/conversation.

    Marco – Yes.

    Tim - March 15th, 2008
  15. I’m trying to decide between a Garmin Nuvi 200 or the Tomtom One 3rd. I just need basic navigation, but I do a lot of river kayaking where put-in and take-out locations rarely have an address or cross street to navigate to. I would like to use google maps or GPS waypoints (provided in guidebooks) and use those to navigate with the GPS unit. Am I correct that the best way to do this would be creating custom POIs? If so, will the Garmin or Tomtom be similar in the ability to do that or is one better for this purpose? Thanks in advance!

    Ed - March 19th, 2008
  16. Ed, both would work for that purpose. Although one of the limitations of the ONE 3rd Edition is that custom POI categories cannot be created on the device itself. I don’t know why they did it that way.

    With that said… the same goes for all Garmin models, but there is a difference. The Garmin can hold about 500 locations in the “favorites” while the TomTom’s limit is 50. If you need less than 50 locations saved, the ONE 3rd Edition would be fine. Otherwise you might want to consider the Nuvi 200 or the TomTom ONE XL.

    Tim - March 19th, 2008
  17. Just bought one for my fiance as an anniversary gift! I am so excited to give it to him!!!! With his sense of direction, he needs it. Between my research and the advice of the salesman, it was definitely the best one in my price range – despite being cheaper than two others!

    Ashley - April 3rd, 2008
  18. This looks like the best place to get technical answers, so here is my challenge: I bought the One (3rd Ed) yesterday! I am looking for a way to add/edit POIs by coordinates. Can’t see that in the device. Did I miss? Can you do it from your computer? Thanks!

    Ron - April 10th, 2008
  19. Ron – I don’t have one with me at the time but I recall one of the differences with the ONE 3rd Edition (opposed to most of the other TomTom devices) is the inability to create custom POI databases from the device itself.

    Tim - April 10th, 2008
  20. Thanks for the quick answer. I believe I can add a POI by pointing on the map, but can’t find a way to add/edit its coordinates (also can’t create a new POI category). Can I do these from an attached computer? What software do I need to manage the One POI database?

    Ron - April 10th, 2008
  21. Ron – You can probably create a custom POI file if the coordinates are known and manually load it. The instructions are a little too involved here but you might find some help in the forums.

    Tim - April 10th, 2008
  22. Great site! Tim, have you done a review on the One 3rd edit. ? If so, where can I read it. I am currently stationed in Germany and plan to buy my first “Navi” for travel in Europe. Would you recommend the One 3rd edit. or are there advantages to the One xl, or other model for Germany. Thanks

    Michael - April 19th, 2008
  23. I haven’t done a review for the ONE 3rd Edition and won’t likely at this point. If the slightly larger size of the XL isn’t an issue, it is perhaps a better buy as it has a widescreen and offers multi-destination routing.

    Tim - April 19th, 2008
  24. I would like to download Mexico on to my Tomtom 3rd addition but I cannot find anywhere where maps for Mexico are even available. Will maps for Mexico be available sometime in the future to download on to my tomtom? Other than that I am very happy with it.

    Richard - April 21st, 2008
  25. I purchased a tt 3rd edition a couple of weeks ago but ended up returning it. The house numbers on the road i live on were reversed. I contacted tech support 5 times only to have them tell me to download an updated map, which i had already done, and that would correct the problem. It didn’t. The map on my tt showed me living 1.9 miles north of where i actually live. The house numbers decrease as you travel south and increase as you travel north, on the tt it was the opposite.Has anyone out there had this type of problem, if so how did you correct it? I really like the 3rd edition unit and would like to own one if only i could get this problem corrected.

    jean anderson - April 25th, 2008
  26. Jean, mapping errors happen quite frequently on GPS devices and often take a long time to correct. You can submit your revision to mapinsight.teleatlas.com. You can mark your home location on the map using the current GPS position rather than the physical address to bypass the issue.

    Tim - April 26th, 2008
  27. I’m going to Europe next week and will be using a car in various countries. I’m thinking of getting the TT one, 3rd and buying the european map. The TT web site suggests that some maps may be too big for some gps. How can I check this before buying the device. Are there other problems I should consider before attempting to buy the TTone 3rd and adding the european map?

    Roger Lamm - May 6th, 2008
  28. There wouldn’t be enough room on the ONE third edition for the USA/Canada maps plus another map set. You could backup the existing maps with TomTom HOME and then install the other maps.

    Tim - May 6th, 2008
  29. Hi Tim,
    I grew on GPS with the system in my 2002 Acura. I have recently moved to a city where the maps in my car’s NAV are very out of date and I’m told Acura has no plans of updating them anytime soon, so I’m about to buy a TomTom one 3rd Ed. I’m wondering if it is possible to load maps of European cities and use it when I go over there on vacation?

    Chris - May 6th, 2008
  30. Purchased TomTom ONE 3rd Edition April 2008
    Drove from Vancouver, Canada to Sea-Tac airport and flew to Orlando,FL.11 Day trip – covered 1,750 miles (not km.). Vacationed in Central Florida and the Panhandle. Used it day and night. Average satellite coverage = 5 to 7. Max. of 10 some days. Was ruthless using the device. Purposefully got lost or deliberately missed turnoffs to see how well the device would re-route itself. Worked like a charm. Did not let me down once- threw every address I could at it from Pensacola to Cape Canaveral. Had to Reset it only once. Never got bored driving – used points of interest to keep my attention. Had to change the Voice often, however, can only take so much of One Person talking for a duration of time. Would have liked to mix up the voices from Comedy to Drama. Used the TomTom exclusively to plan the entire drive. Before I left, recorded all the addresses I needed (i.e. restaurants, hotels, motels, attractions, shops, etc.). Used the Favorites file to store everything. also Home to keep track of my last current position when staying in one place. Had never used a GPS before. always used a drivers map. Now, I wouldn’t travel anywhere without one. Got so dependent on using it, I forgot to keep an extra map around as backup. I am a Believer Now ! Since returning from holidays – I can’t wait to hit the road again. Although, I think my wife is going to demand that I spend less time with the GPS unit and more time playing with her.

    Mike - May 7th, 2008
  31. Is it at all possible to hard-wire this or any GPS into the fuse box to power it?

    Mark - May 13th, 2008
  32. It is possible, yes. search our forums for the word “hardwire” and you should find some help.

    Tim - May 13th, 2008
  33. Tim, I am new to the GPS scene. I’m getting my boyfriend a GPS for his subaru. He’s an athlete and travels a lot for races. The price difference between the tomtom one 3rd edition and the tomtom one XL is about $100. If I don’t care for the bigger screen (I kinda find a bigger screen mounted on the windhshield dangerous to tell you the truth) do you think the XL is still worth the money? What does “multiple destination routing” do for you?

    Hanh - May 15th, 2008
  34. You can read our article about multi destination routing as well as our article about when widescreen displays help.

    Tim - May 16th, 2008
  35. Hi Tim. I just picked up a TT 3rd ed., and I want to swap the SD card with a 2GB card I already have. Is that possible, and if so how?? Thank you!!

    Russ - May 19th, 2008
  36. Russ, there is no SD card/slot in the ONE 3rd Edition.

    Tim - May 20th, 2008
  37. !@#$. Thanks Tim. Do you see the 1GB limitation as a problem for a average user? And I know that you can’t really push one device over the another, but if you had to make a choice between the TT 3rd ed and the Garmin Nuvi 200, which would you take? And, uh, maybe why?? 😉

    Russ - May 21st, 2008
  38. No, I don’t see it as a limitation for the average user. Especially since the ONE doesn’t have a photo viewer, MP3 player, etc.

    That is a tough call between the Nuvi 200 and the ONE 3rd Edition. The primary differences are map coverage (TomTom gets Alaska, Canada), battery life (Nuvi lasts more than twice as long) and the TomTom can be connected to an optional traffic receiver if you decide to do that in the future.

    Tim - May 21st, 2008
  39. We have a TT 3rd ed. Was wonderering if it can be used as a hand held unit(if so how) for Geocaching or do we need to get a small hiking unit?

    Lisa - May 22nd, 2008
  40. It is technically possible to use it for geocaching (Add Favorite, Coordinate, then browse map and follow your position relative to the cache) but you would be much, much better off getting a small handheld.

    Tim - May 22nd, 2008
  41. can the tomtom one 3rd editon be set up for a commercial vehicle because are roads that a truck like that can not go into.

    Eli - May 22nd, 2008
  42. Eli – No. There are a couple of GPS devices out there that offer that feature, but feedback I’ve received says the data is too weak to rely on.

    Tim - May 23rd, 2008
  43. I have a Tom-tom One 3rd addition NAV unit. What types of mapping software are available for travel in Europe? How do I know if the map is accurate enough to locate a particular city e.g. Accettura, Italy? Some other GPS’s allow you to interact with the map display to see how precise the map is. Can some one help?

    Dennis - May 23rd, 2008
  44. Dennis, you can go to the following link to check map availability. Once you select a map you can view the text detailed description of the map which will tell you the coverage details. For example if it is says “99% coverage” it will be of similar accuracy and detail to the USA map.

    Tim - May 23rd, 2008
  45. Tim, What a great site!. I have just bought a TT One 3rd ed in Australia, planning to use this in Europe later in the year. The tech stuff says 512Mb internal memory on the device,and the Western Europe maps are 861Mb. How does that work? Can the 3rd Ed run that map? All my other questions have been answered by your very clear responses.

    Noel - May 23rd, 2008
  46. Hi Noel – I’m not sure where you are looking at the 512 MB spec. The ONe 3rd Edition comes with about 1 GB of internal memory. There isn’t much free space in there, but you can add the Europe maps. What you would need to do is make a backup of the maps your device comes with, delete them from the device, and then install the Europe maps onto the device. You can do that through the (included) TomTom HOME application. Then when you return you could backup the European maps, and reinstall the original maps.

    Update: I now see that the spec for the Aussi version does show 512 MB…. In that case you might want to consider just purchasing maps for individual countries that you need rather than all of Western Europe. If even the countries you need are too large then you might want to consider a different device with more memory.

    Tim - May 23rd, 2008
  47. Hi Tim – I will be traveling to Hawaii soon and will be using the TTOne 3rd Ed. I wanted to add some addresses to favorites before I go, but the addresses have dashes in them (ex. 48-1234 Alii Drive). I can’t figure out how to add the dashes. Is there a way to add the dashes on the addresses?

    Marvin - June 23rd, 2008
  48. Marvin, you have a couple of options, none of them fantastic. Fortunately those addresses are rare overall, but that doesn’t help you when you need to go to one. You can follow some additional conversation about the issue in this thread:

    Dashes in street address

    Here are your options.

    1) Try to enter just the first part of the address, before the dash. In some areas, this works perfectly. In some areas, it doesn’t work.

    2) Try to enter all of the numbers without the dash. Again, in some areas it will work perfectly, in other areas it doesn’t work.

    3) Try searching the address in Google Maps, click on the ‘Send’ button near the top, select the GPS tab, select TomTom, and send it to your device through TomTom HOME.

    4) If you can find a nearby intersection, you can route to the intersection instead of the exact address number.

    But you should also file your question/concern with TomTom. They’ve known about the issue for quite a few months and haven’t released a solution yet– the more people that make them aware of the issue, the more likely they are to fix it.

    Tim - June 23rd, 2008
  49. I just got the TT3rd edition. Will accidently plugging my motorola cell phone charger ruin it? Just incase the kids borrow it… BTW it works fantastic!

    gonzalo curiel - June 23rd, 2008
  50. gonzalo – I’d avoid doing that, but if the volts and amps are similar it might be okay… but I’d still avoid it.

    Tim - June 24th, 2008
  51. Thanks Tim. Using Google Maps worked like a charm. The problem now is entering addresses on the fly while in Hawaii. Is the dash problem specific to TT One 3rd Edition or all TT? Do you know if Garmin’s have the same issue with dashes in address?

    Marvin - June 24th, 2008
  52. All TomTom devices have that issue. The Garmin devices handle it better– although not perfect.

    Tim - June 24th, 2008
  53. We do loads of camping and got a TT1v3 to help us out; but we’re having a problem. We cannot travel via roads that don’t allow campers (we tow a pop-up). The Merritt Pkwy. in CT or Hutchinson River Pkwy. in NY are just a 2 so far that we’ve had problems with. Luckily we’re familiar with the area and were able to just ‘ditch’ Tom and bypass on our own. We tried to go in and ‘avoid part of route’ but this is a hastle as it always wants to get us back on these roads no matter how many times we try to avoid it. Any ideas???

    Lisa - June 25th, 2008
  54. I don’t know of any GPS devices that have a function to avoid “no camper” routes.

    Tim - June 25th, 2008
  55. Hi Tim. As you suggested I sent an e-mail to TomTom in regards to “dash” problem with address. Here is excerpt from their response.

    “We do understand that it is frustrating when an issue like this occurs. At present the TomToms are not able to accept the hyphenated addresses. This is something that our developers are working hard to correct. We do not have a schedule for the release of a fix for this. When it is released it will be through an update accessible in TomTom Home. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.”

    Marvin - June 25th, 2008
  56. Thanks for being another voice to bug them about it.

    Tim - June 25th, 2008
  57. Hi Tim. Love this site. I just bought a TomTom One 3rd ed. I put the “map correction” button on my screen, but now I can’t seem to remove it. Any idea how to do this?

    Nelson - June 29th, 2008
  58. Menu -> Map Corrections -> Correction Preferences -> Done -> Done -> ‘Hide Report Button’ -> Done.

    Tim - June 29th, 2008
  59. That was too easy. Thanks for the quick response.

    Nelson - June 29th, 2008
  60. I bought a TomTom One 3rd edition last fall. Worst pice of junk I’ve bought in years. I bought it because I do service work. This piece of garbage misses more then it hits. I have much better luck with MSN local search. That hasn’t missed yet. The TomTom One 3rd edition in my opinion is a total waste on money. You can buy very nice paperweights much cheaper.

    Brian Furman - July 1st, 2008
  61. My One 3rd Ed. only lasted 3 weeks. Worked great out of the box. I used it 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week. I updated the maps weekly. The third week after updating, it would not turn off. The TomTom screen stayed on. Support had me replace the app and format the unit. Now I have a white screen with a blue bar at the bottom. After 4+ hours, still working with tech support. The support hours are the same as mine so they email instructions and I try them each night after work. Now I’m back to squinting at map books.

    Craig - July 9th, 2008
  62. Craig, although a slightly different problem I’d try the troubleshooting steps at tomtom.com/1898

    Tim - July 10th, 2008
  63. Thanks Tim,
    I was sent to another page that had the same instructions from TomTom support. I also did the next step ,copying the files to a back-up folder then removing all files, formatting the One and clearing the flash drive. This resulted in a blank (white) screen with a blue band at the bottom, after reinstalling everything. I called support again today and they still think they can walk me through a fix. I am going to call them on Sat. AM.
    I’ll see what happens then.

    Craig - July 10th, 2008
  64. My husband recently has become interested in buying a TomTom for business purposes. He is a realtor and frequently needs to take people to multiple showings in unfamiliar neighborhoods. He would like to get a GPS that can give him directions to multiple stops. We are also interested in one that has voice command-we don’t want to have to read the map while we are driving. Which model would you recommend?

    Chelsie - July 11th, 2008
  65. I’d step up to either the XL series, 330 series, or the GO series from TomTom. Those models allow you to build a single route with multiple stops in them. So I’d look at one of these models from TomTom.

    Tim - July 11th, 2008
  66. My father-in-law just corrected me. He told me earlier that it was the 3rd Ed. It is really the One XL.

    Larry - July 27th, 2008
  67. Update on TomTom One 3rd. I talked to support for 1 1/2 hours on Sat. And after going through every page they have, I was given an RMA authorization. I FedEx’ed the unit in and a week later recieved a replacement. I did the usual new update and so far it is working fine. Hopefully it’ll last more than 3 weeks. I’m only going to update it monthly as recommended.

    Craig - July 27th, 2008
  68. My apologies if you have answered this already. I realize there is no itinerary planning on the 3rd edition. My concern is how easy is it to deviate from your route? For example, if you want to find a specific place to eat or a certain retailer along your route…is it easy to route to that POI and then quickly get back to your original route? Thanks.

    mark - August 11th, 2008
  69. Mark, yes, that is quite easy. You can tap menu, navigate via, POI and add the poi as an intermediate waypoint. Or you can just create a new route to the POI and later find the original destination in the ‘Recently Found’ section. Very easy.

    Tim - August 11th, 2008
  70. Hi Tim,

    I am thinking about purchasing a map update for my ONE 2nd edition. I am wondering if there is a significant level of accuracy between the USA & Canada, USA and regional maps. I have the USA & Canada map that came with the unit and thought about just updating to that one. However, I really don’t travel beyond my region and thought maybe the USA or regional maps might have more detail then the USA & Canada one.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks… :~)

    Jeff - August 11th, 2008
  71. There is absolutely no difference in detail level.

    Tim - August 11th, 2008
  72. So, they just add to each map and charge more money for the additional geographical coverage?

    Jeff - August 11th, 2008
  73. Correct. The maps have the same detail level, but the less coverage area you purchase, the higher the “price per mile”.

    Tim - August 11th, 2008
  74. I’m a first time gps user and like so I’m trying to decide which is the right one for me. I live in Puerto Rico but often visit the states. There’s so many brands and types out there. What would be a good one to start considering where I live. I’ll appreciate your help. Thanks Tim.

    Ed - August 13th, 2008
  75. Ed, After a horrible experience with a Tom-Tom, I would have to say “anything but a Tom-Tom”. It was impossible to input an address to which we wnted to go on the Tom-Tom, but both Garmin and Magellan units understood it with zero effort.

    The map updates are complete on Garmin an Magellan, and the interface is much more user friendly.

    I own 4 different GPS, and have used just about every kind. By FAR the most difficult to use that I have ever encountered is the Tom-Tom.

    Larry - August 13th, 2008
  76. Ed, the ONE 3rd Edition would be a good pick. Unfortunately, having never been to Puerto Rico I can’t speak to the map quality of each map vendor down there. Map quality varies quite a bit from region to region. Everyone has their own personal tastes and which device makes the most sense to them, but the ONE 3rd Edition is one of the most popular devices.

    Tim - August 13th, 2008
  77. Hi. Yesterday I bought the TomTom One Australia as I wanted a cheap unit to have in my car and I thought I could take it with me on holiday to New Zealand in 3 days from now. So I went to the map store and selected what I believe to be my version (new 30 series) and purchased the NZ map. Went to download it through Home and it says that ‘this item cannot be installed on your device’. I have contacted support via email as their is no local support number but I’m concerned that it will be some time before they get back to me. Any one have any experience with this? Did I pick the wrong version of my device? Any help would be awesome.

    Brendon - August 19th, 2008
  78. Brendon, was that exactly what the error message said? It is typically a little more specific than that. My best guess is that there isn’t enough room for both maps, and you might need to make a backup of the Australia map, remove it from the device, and then install the NZ map.

    Tim - August 19th, 2008
  79. I think the only thing to add to the message is that it says it can’t be installed. Tomtom home says the map is 26 meg and that I have about 760meg out of 900 free, so space wouldn’t be an issue.

    Brendon - August 19th, 2008
  80. I have tt1 3rd. Its 8 months old the battery doesn, hold a charge more than 3 days when unit is off. Is there better replacement battery.

    TOM - August 21st, 2008
  81. Tom, I don’t think I’ve heard from anyone who has replaced the battery in that model.

    Tim - August 25th, 2008
  82. I have a tomtom one 2nd edition. Wouldn’t turn on. Had battery replacement. What is the proper battery for this GPS? I think the wrong one was installed.

    Douglas F Risberg - September 8th, 2008
  83. This is a great site and helpful. BUT, after reading about GPS’s for 3 days and retaining almost nothing I’m right back where I started.
    All the things that go wrong and one you buy it and return it you’ll pay a restock fee. BUT I’m buying a 3 edition in spite of anything negative.
    One question..maybe 2. Do I have to update every month for new maps> or just any update?
    If I update a map please just tell me the best..USA or Regional…
    maybe 3rd Question. I used a TT one when in North Carolina visiting my kids and it was fine I got a kick out of it and use a British voice But it lead me to a closed road. I had to end the trip and then start again clicking on my fav>home.
    That was scary when you’re in a new state.
    Will the 3rd edition be better at that type of road blocks?

    cj - September 15th, 2008
  84. I read that map updates are free on some sites other say a fee…which is it?
    I started to purchase the 3rd Edition and read they are very slow…is that true?
    OOoooo I’m so confused.

    cj - September 15th, 2008
  85. You can update the maps as frequently or infrequently as you wish. The “USA” and “regional” maps carry the same detail level, so the question is only one of cost and coverage. You can make some map corrections and share those with other users (free) but the official map updates cost money.

    Tim - September 15th, 2008
  86. I cannot decide between this unit and a unit with itinerary planning. I travel in areas I don’t know very well for work, sometimes stopping in 6-7 locations. I may revisit some of these locations, while others, I may never revisit.
    Can I just input these stops as waypoints/save to favorites? How much less convenient would that be compared to itinerary planning?

    Steve - September 17th, 2008
  87. You can certainly just put them into favorites and route to them one at a time. The advantage of an Itinerary is that you can see the total trip time and distance for planning purposes.

    Tim - September 17th, 2008
  88. How do I delete addresses and some of my favorites.?
    I did buy a TT3rd edition and it DOES have a pre planned trip. I think all the people that talk so negative about TomTom are Garmin executives. :)

    cj - September 18th, 2008
  89. The ONE 3rd Edition does have a function to plan a route in advance to a single location, what is called ‘offset routing’. It does not have the ability to plan a route to multiple destinations ahead of time, called Itinerary Planning or multi destination routing.

    Tim - September 18th, 2008
  90. Hi Tim,

    Thought everything was fine but I took tt 3rd edition for a ride and it tells me to turn 1/2 mile or more down the road. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t give my speed so it can calculate how fast I’m coming on a turn.
    Is there something to turn on my actual speed of my car?

    cj - September 18th, 2008
  91. If your GPS has a signal, it knows your speed even though it doesn’t display it. It will warn you 1/2 mile or so before a turn so that it doesn’t surprise you.

    Tim - September 18th, 2008
  92. As an owner of a Magellan handheld, a Garmin Nuvi, and a “hockey puck” GPS — and a user of multitudes of GPS devices; my only comment is that you really should look at the ease of use of all other GPS and compare that to the convoluted “can do nothing without a manual” horrific user interface of the TomTom.

    Without reservation, the WORST excuse for a GPS on planet Earth !

    Larry - September 18th, 2008
  93. thank you.
    I do remember using my son’s and I saw the speed.
    Mine stays at zero. Oh well I’ll have to get used to it.
    I want to get used to it for I’m going out of state.
    good site you have.

    cj - September 19th, 2008
  94. CJ, there is an option in one of the TT 3rd Edition’s menus to enable speed indication on the display. Look for it.

    Also suggest you try reading the manual or using the help. Some of your other questions are basic… like deleting Favorites or routing around road blocks.

    Rob, Sacramento, CA - September 19th, 2008
  95. Larry, I have no doubt you dislike the TomTom, but everyone will have a different experience. Recently the TomTom ONE was the best selling GPS in North America, so I (personally) wouldn’t call it the worst GPS on the planet. I find it quite intuitive and it has many features not found on similarly priced GPS devices.

    Tim - September 22nd, 2008
  96. I can’t find my question I asked a couple of days ago…
    so I’ll ask again.
    TomTom 3rd Editon won’t get me home…it always takes me out of the way. Even when I’m almost home near my street it wants to re-route me.

    cj - November 2nd, 2008
  97. I can’t find my question I asked a couple of days ago…
    so I’ll ask again.
    TomTom 3rd Editon won’t get me home…it always takes me out of the way. Even when I’m almost home near my street it wants to re-route me.
    Also do I always have to leave it connected to the computer. If I don’t use it for a week it dies down and will only go on when I connect to the computer..even for a minute.

    cj - November 2nd, 2008
  98. I have been trying to decide on a manufacture and model by buy my wife, and the more research I do the more confused I get so, if you were going to buy a new gps, what you buy?

    Kevin - November 10th, 2008
  99. CJ-
    My Go510 has done this for years. It is not the device, it is the map. For whatever reason, it thinks that you cannot turn right at my home exit off of the interstate. Since it believes this, it actually calculates out a different route home than any sane human would use. My guess is the map thinks you can’t turn onto a street that leads you home, even though you know that you can.

    Hope this helps.

    Timmy - November 15th, 2008
  100. Hi Tim, I’m looking for a portable gps for riding my dirt bike off road. I live at Lake Tahoe and it’s easy to get lost in the woods while riding trails. Can you help? Thanks for your time.

    Jeff - November 22nd, 2008

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