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TomTom ONE CNET Review


CNET has reviewed the TomTom ONE (North American edition) and has given it a “Very good” rating of 7.7 out of ten. The ONE got points for the new design, easy to use interface, as well as accurate directions and price. They were not so warm to the lack of text-to-speech nor the POI database which they felt was a little outdated. (They cited a listing for an ice cream shop that had been out of business for a year.)

The One does navigation, and that’s it. It’s perfect for first-time buyers or drivers who just need a simple solution for getting from point A to point B.

CNET also took the ONE on a road test in San Francisco and were very happy with the results.

from a cold start, the unit’s SiRF StarIII receiver quickly locked onto a signal in about a minute. … The One accurately pinpointed our position as we drove around familiar neighborhoods. We also entered the address of a friend’s place in the Lower Haight district, and the One got us there with no problem. The voice prompts were loud and clear, and the unit also has a function where it will automatically increase the volume, the faster you go, based on the assumption there’s more road noise in the car–a nice touch.

They also mentioned the price might be a little high, but more often than not most retailers sell GPS receivers for much less than the MSRP price and with the holiday season shopping season just a few months away I would expect to find some great deals on this and other receivers in the future. Overall, it is a positive review for the TomTom ONE.

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