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TomTom ONE Video Introduction


TomTom has released a video highlighting some of the features of the new TomTom ONE. The video is more of an advertisement of the features than a demonstration, however it does provide a good feature overview as well as highlighting the small size of the device. Perhaps slightly on purpose, the video does tend to remind me of iPod videos… upbeat music over animated backgrounds. Can’t wait to get my hands one ONE. Here is the video (WMV format, about 11.6 MB).

2 Responses

  1. Can you give me information on troubleshooting. I have a tomtom one N14644 and it worked fine for about a month, was Christmas present. Then it lost the signal and hasn’t been able to locate the signal since mid January. Can you give me website or service center, customer service # or anything that I may get some help with this.

    Marilyn - April 6th, 2009
    • TomTom’s support number is 866-486-6866. Or see our tips for Acquiring Satellites.

      Tim - April 10th, 2009

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