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TomTom ONE


Note that the TomTom ONE is no longer in production and no longer available in most stores. It has been replaced by the TomTom ONE 3rd Edition and the TomTom ONE XL. The ONE 3rd Edition doesn’t have Itinerary Planning, but is compatible with the traffic receiver. Otherwise it is similar. The ONE XL is […]

447 Responses

  1. Tim, per questions #289,90,91…..
    Just in case someone else comes up with this problem, I got hold of TT and you go to “change preferences” and clic “safety preferences”, then clic or remove the check marks. I somehow must have entered a check mark in the “warn if driving over 50 mph”. There are several other options also.
    Thanks, fred

    Fred - June 12th, 2008
  2. Okay, I love this site…thank you!
    I am confused and looking for a gps for my husband…please help me find significant differences between 1) TomTom 130 2) TomTom 130S 3) Garmin Nuvi 200 4) Navigon 2100 GPS
    These are in my price-range (low).
    Thank you!! Shannon

    Shannon - June 13th, 2008
  3. Shannon – the biggest differences are that the Nuvi 200 is the most basic, the TomTom 130 adds Canada maps, the TomTom 130s adds Text To Speech. The Navigon 2100 is often thought of as a ‘second tier’ GPS that if it performs a specific function you need can be a good buy, but otherwise isn’t considered ‘top tier’.

    Tim - June 13th, 2008
  4. Hi
    This is my first time buying GPS…I found a good deal on buy.com for TomTom One preloaded map of US/Canada on SD card. Once i click on buy icon, i found out that it is refurbish. Can you tell me if this will be still a good buy for $99.49 after rebate eventhough it is refurbish. Have anyone used before refurbishone?


    Vandana - June 23rd, 2008
  5. Vandana – See our article on Refurbished GPS Devices.

    Tim - June 23rd, 2008
  6. I would not buy the TomTom One 3rd edition. I purchased one in December and it always fails to provide the fastest route possible. On a recent trip to upstate NY from NJ it had me go from the NJ parkway to the Turnpike only to go back on the parkway again. Mapquest and AAA both had the same directions that were much eaier and cut off about 20 minutes of the trip. Customer service said to downaload a new map, which I did for $59.oo, and it still provided the same directions. Go with another product.

    Mike - June 24th, 2008
  7. Sometimes my TomTom doesn’t respond, tho it’s been plugged in all the time. Does it have a problem with heat?

    When I touch the screen, the ‘cursor’ shows I touched somewhere else and nothing happens. Kind of frustrating. Other than that, love this thing.


    Dave - June 29th, 2008
  8. Will Heat Damage my GPS?

    Have you turned it off, hit the reset switch on the bottom, and booted it back up again? I’d see if that helps.

    Tim - June 29th, 2008
  9. mountain bike mount for TomTom One 3rd Edition & Headphone capability?


    1/ does anyone know of anyone who makes a mountainbike mount for the 3rd edition. I ordered a mount but its a bit too small for the grooves in the back of the 3rd edition???

    2/ are there headphones available for the 3rd edition TT one? and is there a bluetooth transmitter one can plug into TT one?

    thanks in advance


    daniel - June 30th, 2008
  10. Daniel, FYI our ONE 3rd Edition page is over here.

    1) I’d check out this mount that might work for your bike.

    2) I don’t think the ONE 3rd Edition has a headphone jack. I’m not aware of any Bluetooth transmitter either.

    Tim - June 30th, 2008
  11. many thanks Tim

    1/ this would work, however its just a little too bulky for my mtb (i am currently carrying it in my rucksack with volume at HIGH – however, when it gets tapped a bit the touch sensitive screeen can reset – is there a way to HOLD/FREEZE the touch sensitive screen?)

    2/ this is a shame

    daniel - June 30th, 2008
  12. No, there isn’t a hold/freeze setting.

    Tim - June 30th, 2008
  13. is the product code the same as the serial number? My tomtom has been stolen and I want to give the serial number to the police in the unlikely event it is recovered. I no longer have the box but do have the product code.

    paul - July 14th, 2008
  14. No, the product code is not the same as the serial number. If you have used TomTom HOME there might be a way to retrieve your serial number from the software.

    Tim - July 14th, 2008
  15. I purchased a TOM TOM ONE Europe in France less than a year ago. I needed to buy maps of Eastern Europe and I had to add a 2 GB SD card to get all the maps there. I subsequently downloaded the US and Canada maps and now find that I have to delete POIs, Voices, Images etc. to fit in all the maps. I bought a 4 GB SD card and am now told that my device wont support it. THIS JUST SUCKS. I cant be expected to have multiple SD cards and store maps on different devices. But that is what the support people advise. Also, the maps are never the latest and I find a lot of discrepancies especially in Europe and also in IL where I live, and I am told that I have to buy new maps everytime I need an update. Surely, there should be some way to get the latest version at least upto 1 year from the date of purchase. Is this how all GPSs fleece us?

    Subash Sitaraman - July 14th, 2008
  16. Having never owned a GPS of any type, I hope this is a simple question. I am considering a TomTom One (3rd). I do as much hiking as I do driving and would like to see where I am when in the woods. (I do not need comprehensive off road maps.) Will the device locate me on a simple map or will I only get LAT/LONG coordinates?

    Thomas - July 21st, 2008
  17. It will draw you on a simple map.

    Tim - July 21st, 2008
  18. Is Tom tom 3rd edition a good choice for a realtor showing a string of properties? Say, 5 or 6 houses in succession.

    steve - July 21st, 2008
  19. The ONE 3rd Edition doesn’t offer Multi Destination Routing – Muliple Vias, so as long as you don’t mind navigating to them one at a time (rather than building one big route with all stops) it would work.

    Tim - July 21st, 2008
  20. I bought TomTom one 3rd edition about 6 mos ago and just found out this week that the map on my unit is at least seven (7) years behind. I called TomTom support and they said I’d have to pay for an updated map because it’s been more than 30 days since my purchase of the unit. I can’t see paying for an update that should’ve been updated seven (7) years ago. Comments, anyone?

    Thomas - July 24th, 2008
  21. Just because you can find a location that changed 7 years ago that isn’t reflected in the map doesn’t make the map “at least 7 years old”. That would imply that at the time time map was made that it was 100% correct with every change that happened up to that point. The map will never be that accurate.

    The world isn’t nearly as well mapped as many people think, and mapping takes a very, very long time. After a road is changed a mapping company will typically physically go to the location to map the area. This is after an amount of time where they find out about the change and schedule people to go verify those changes. Then those changes are entered into a database. Then the database changes are checked. Then three months later the map becomes available to other companies for purchase. Most companies that purchase maps may only get a release once per year instead of four. Then they need to take that data and compile in into their own proprietary format for their devices. Then they need to test the new map to make sure it is working properly. Then they need to distribute those maps to customers who install it on their devices. That process can take years to happen.

    So in short– you will find errors, and some people will find lots of errors. If you have a ONE 3rd Edition, you have one of the most recent maps available, built within the last 12 months or so, but you will still find errors.

    Tim - July 24th, 2008
  22. I just purchased a TOM TOM one 3rd edition. I have scoured the device but can’t find the SD slot. I don’t think it has one. I bought a TOM TOM specifically so I could get the maps of Europe. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem possible. What level of TOM TOM do I have to step up to get an external SD reader.



    jeff - July 24th, 2008
  23. Jeff, you could still use HOME to copy the USA & Canada maps to your computer, purchase and download the countries of Europe you need, then move the USA & Canada maps back.

    Otherwise you might want to jump up to something like the 720, or even the 920 which comes with North America and Europe maps out of the box.

    But you are correct, no SD slot on the ONE 3rd Edition.

    Tim - July 24th, 2008
  24. Does the TomTom One have the feature in which if you go to an area that is not on the map or not know, you can creat and name a position (i.e. “Work”) and add it to a library?

    Frank - July 27th, 2008
  25. Yes, Frank.

    Tim - July 27th, 2008
  26. I have my GPS location from TomTom, but I am in the woods so road maps are not useful. I took a picture and would like to tag it with my lat/long from my TomTom. How can I do that using, for example, the Windows picture viewer? I realize this is a little off topic, but I thought there might be someone here that would know.

    Tom Hanley - July 30th, 2008
  27. You can’t do it from Windows pic viewer, you need “geotagging” software.

    Tim - July 30th, 2008
  28. I have an interesting problem with a TomTom One, 2nd Edition (s/n begins with E22; maps are located on SD card).

    I downloaded a bunch of POI’s, and also did a minor system update on TT Home, even though it didn’t recognize this unit as the correct one. (I have another TT One, and a Go 720). I proceeded to do the downloads anyway.

    I don’t know it that is related to the problem, but when I enter Solomon, Md as a destination (or Dowell, Md), and then pick any POI or cross street from the drop-down list, it begins to calculate the route, then gives the error message “error during planning”.

    I can enter some other nearby cities (Annapolis for examply), and it calculated just fine. Any idea what’s going on with this unit?

    Will - August 7th, 2008
  29. Will, which application version and map version are you running?

    Tim - August 11th, 2008
  30. Tim, Thank you for your response. The unit now cannot even be turned on. When I do, it plays the drum, shows the TT screen, then prompts me to insert the card. When I do that, it looks like it might be reading the card, then turns off.

    To further complicate the problem, when I use TT Home to connect, it tells me the unit is not activated, and to visit TT’s website to activate. I do, and it gives me an activation code (correctly says it’s been activated once already).

    When the TT screen prompts me for the activate code, I enter it, and get a message that the code is invalid. I tried the code both with spaces between groups, and without. TomTom No Go.

    Will - August 11th, 2008
  31. Sounds like you should contact TomTom support.

    Tim - August 11th, 2008
  32. Tim, I can now answer your questions. After many hours of trying various things, I managed to get the unit back to where I started, with the “ERROR DURING PLANNING” message popping up on some destinations.

    App 7.162 (8492/071121) OS:2327
    29MB Ram (free: 5.5 MB)
    GPS v1.21, Boot 5.0500
    Map: USA_and_Canada, v665.1293

    Will - August 13th, 2008
  33. Tim,

    I just purchased a second TomTom One 3rd Edition to go with (4N00.005) for my wife. I tried adding it to my TomTom account and it seems to only let me have one device per account. Would you know if this is the case or have I made a mistake?

    Domenic - August 14th, 2008
  34. That is the case– one device per account.

    Tim - August 14th, 2008
  35. I have had my TT ONE for a couple of years and in the past year encouraged two friends to purchase the TT ONE based on my experience with it. THE PROBLEM: I live in a western suburb of Chicago and frequently use the new Veteran’s Highway (Route 355). That highway is still not on the TomTom and it’s been open more than a year. I just checked updates and no luck. Any suggestions, or information.

    Maria - August 22nd, 2008
  36. When did you last purchase a map update? What map version number do you have? The 355 is in my TomTom devices.

    Tim - August 22nd, 2008
  37. Maria/Tim,
    The 355 is on the maps.. But what is not is the new extension south of Bolingbrook and 55 which has been completed recently. I puchased the map in July 2008 and it was not there when I went that side over the 4th of july weekend.

    Subash - August 22nd, 2008
  38. Thanks Tim and Subash
    Silly me! I thought it the 355 extension would come up at an automatic update without purchasing more maps. Now that I know it wasn’t even available with the July update, I am waiting a while more…really frustrating.

    Maria - August 22nd, 2008
  39. You need a serious update on these reviews. TomTom ONE? There are MANY versions; some have SD slots, some don’t. And don’t say this extra memory space isn’t needed because they have internal memory. TomTom ONE 3rd edition has no SD slot, neither does the 130. I’d like the option of an additional 2GB of memory. Also, over 300 posts and comments on the posts? Time to incorporate this stuff into the review?

    Tom - August 26th, 2008
  40. Tom, we have a description above talking about some of the differences. We also have a tool where you can compare the differences in the ONE series. This article is about a specific device… known simply as the “TomTom ONE”. It is distinctly different from the ONE LE, ONE 3rd Edition, etc, and we have separate articles for the various models as well as comparison charts showing the major differences.. all with similar numbers of comments as this one.

    It is unnecessary to go back and rewrite what people have written into the comments back into the review… The same information is on the same page. New software updates are offered by the GPS manufacturers very frequently, it would be unrealistic to update each and every review every time a new update came out.

    Tim - August 26th, 2008
  41. Can you tell me if it is possible to delete a name and address out of favorites?

    Kathleen - September 5th, 2008
  42. Menu -> Change Preferences -> Manage Favorites.

    Tim - September 6th, 2008
  43. What’s the difference among the TomTom ONE 130AF and all the others listed?

    Angela - September 13th, 2008
  44. I’ve never heard of a 130AF.

    Tim - September 13th, 2008
  45. I have the Tom Tom One 3rd edition….Can I use coordinates as a destination & if so, how. I can’t seem to find any info on this feature in all my reading…..TKS for any help anyone can give me….Ron

    Ron - September 22nd, 2008
  46. Menu -> Navigate to -> Latitude Longitude.

    Tim - September 23rd, 2008
  47. I had a Tomtom One XL for about 8 months, it went faulty and couldn’t be repaired so I received a new replacement. I was quite happy until I tried out maps of New Zealand purchase in February this year when I got “Problem with Map, You cannot use this map on this device: New Zealand” Do I have to purchase new maps or is there a fix? thanx

    Peter - September 27th, 2008
  48. Peter, I would contact TomTom support on something like that.

    Tim - September 27th, 2008
  49. OK, thanks for your help Tim.

    Peter - September 28th, 2008
  50. I think the mounting device on the TOMTOM ONE 130
    sucks. The GPS keeps falling off my window and then I mounted it on the dash, same thing. TOMTOM should dump the mounting device and come up with an alternative. Buy another brand is my advice!

    Jim Baburek - November 20th, 2008
  51. Jim, for the sake of not confusing the people here, the 130 uses an entirely different mounting system than the ONE 2nd Edition this page is about.

    Tim - November 20th, 2008
  52. How can make TT1 speak out the streat name where I need to make a turn?
    It sucks without this function.

    Steve - November 21st, 2008
  53. Steve, the ONE 2nd Edition doesn’t offer that function.

    Tim - November 21st, 2008
  54. I am trying to update a TomTom one (old version) and the update note on the web site at TomTom home says it cannot be updated. Is this for real? How or can I ever get this done? or do I have to upgrade to a newer GPS?


    Jon - December 6th, 2008
  55. I have a TOM_TOM one I bouhgt 3 years ago/
    how do I get a updated map.W/O buying a new card.
    whenever a new road is built or changed it dosn’t show up on my device.

    ray - December 9th, 2008
  56. Ray, you don’t need to purchase a new card, but you would need to purchase a new map.

    Tim - December 9th, 2008
  57. I have had my Tomtom for only about a week,however,I’m 76 years old and it was real easy for me to figure out,very user friendly,love the unit and takes me where ever I want to go with no problems,plenty of Volume and the voices are real clear.

    Fred - December 9th, 2008

    Here’s why. If your TOMTOM is stolen, regardless of your use of a password, the device can be cracked and all of your travel and personal information is available to the criminals who stole it. This happened to us. Unfortunately in combination with the theft of a blackberry. With these two devices stolen, everyone in both devices is at risk over the holiday period. I asked if they could track, disable or do anything. No. My advice. Lock it down, if you have managed to find the instructions. Or choose a more secure and reliable solution.

    GSDurrant - December 16th, 2008
  59. ummm…. that would apply to virtually every GPS on the market.

    Tim - December 16th, 2008
  60. I have found a really good price on a TomTom ON 125, but a friend told me that this is because it is an older, out-of-production model. Is this so, and would the warranty still be good? Also, will it be as accurate as a newer one?

    Rick - December 17th, 2008
  61. Rick, the ONE 2nd Edition that this page is discussing is old and discontinued. However the TomTom ONE 125 you mention is one of the newest TomTom devices around.

    Tim - December 17th, 2008
  62. Hi, I have a friend who has just aquired a tom tom One, third edition, and wondering if anyone can tell me, may sound a silly questions, reasons might SEEM obvious, but its not that simple!! I want him at Christmas, without TELLING where I am, as part of a treasure hunt I am doing,( hosting) to use the TomTom to find a specific point, by giving him Ordnance survey grid referances. I am in the UK. Would this work to the degree, minute and second, as traditional mapping works, for longitudanal, and latitude moments? Hope someone at least knows where I am going with this? many thanks.

    ashley - December 18th, 2008
  63. We purchased 2 of the ONE 125’s and can’t get either of the Easyport mounts to stick to anything including the supplied adhesive discs. I understand the cleanliness requirements and the roto-lock mechanism – they just won’t pull suction and hold.

    eric - December 25th, 2008
  64. I am new to GPS and bought the Tomtom One 3 rd Edition based on a friend recommendation. I was amazed how easy it was to set up and use. What really impressed me was just a few hour after my purchase I relied on the One to get me to an address in an area of the city that I have never been before. In addition this address was on a private road with only three houses on it. The one took me right to the house.

    Glen - December 27th, 2008
  65. Going on 2 years owning the TT ONE. Wife bought thru one of the TV shopping shows, un-beknownst to me. Best investment. Used it while in Canada and B.C. Retired and went to work as a part time courier. I’m a good map reader, but this improves my search and routing during the course of the work day.I have become reasonalbly adept with “toggling” between the browse text/map and main screens to note right down to the yard where my next turn is or if I am in fact my my destination am not seeing the address{easily]. I have probably still have not realized the full potential of this unit yet. Any suggestion on a forum would be appreciated.
    Questions, what is the SD slot, on my ONE, for?Is the battery user replaceable and can a user access replacement without damage to the unit?
    Note: My TT ONE had black and white horizontal lines appear totally obliterating the screen and the unit would not do anything including NOT turn off. I guessed that it needed to “reset”(but there is no such buttonor switch) and I guessed as an alternative, if the battery was removed that might solve the problem, but I had no tool to access that back of the unit. The battery ran down, the screen went dark and on a lark, I plugged in the power supply and bingo back in business. That was two months ago and it is still running at 6 hour/day, with no recurrance of that event.
    A Happy TOM TOM ONE User

    RICHARD - January 2nd, 2009
    • The SD card slot on that device would primarily be used to add additional map coverage you didn’t already get. The battery cannot be replaced without voiding the warranty, however with the proper tools it could be done.

      Tim - January 2nd, 2009
  66. I bought my husband the TomTom One 125 for Christmas and I don’t find any card slot anywhere on it. I am having a hard time figuring out it works too….but I am hoping he will enjoy this

    Sandy - January 4th, 2009
    • The 125 does not have a card slot. :)

      Tim - January 4th, 2009
  67. Auto-Zoom kills usability.

    I bought a Tom Tom 3rd edition, great unit. Fast, precise tracking, mostly no mistakes. Very convinient to use, lots of settings, you can set what information you want to see on the screen, speed limits, time, etc.
    Unfortunately auto zoom makes device practically unusable. You cannot see anything except your nose. You want to take a look at the big map? Great, press zoom out 6 times, now take a look back where you driving…. look again to TomTom screen, ha-ha too late auto-zoom already returned to .6 miles map.
    If you can live with autozoom, you will like it, but I cannot. Unit returned to store, good luck to your business TomTom.

    yaric - January 21st, 2009
  68. ive just purchase the tom tom one assist for uk and ireland. i cant get tom tom home on it , i think its because i have windows vista , in my device manager it comes up tom tom v8 , and when i plug it into the laptop it say removable data device locked, can anybody help me ?? huge thanks

    debbie - January 28th, 2009
  69. Mine performed well for about 3 years then failed. All reset attempts recommended by Tom Tom failed. Tom Tom makes a very nice and inexpensive unit but there is no factory support for repairs once out of warranty. A call to Customer Service at 866-486-6866 on 1/28/09 confirms this. Like most electronics today, they are a throw away device.

    Al - January 30th, 2009
    • The trouble with most of these devices is that by the time they are out of warranty you can purchase a new device for less than the cost of repair. For example manufacturers that do offer out of warranty repairs typically charge $100 – $150 just to evaluate the device, yet you can purchase a TomTom ONE 125 for under $100 in some places.

      Tim - January 30th, 2009
  70. Tim is right but not sure for how long. I was in Best Buy yesterday to ask the Geek Squad and they offer no repair service either. The GPS section did have Tom Tom 125’s at $99.95 but they were a Holiday special and he did not think they were going to restock. They had two left. You can buy a 2 year warranty for $14.95. If they did not have replacement 125 they would simply credit you $99.95 toward a new unit.

    Al - January 30th, 2009
  71. K, I see that the tomtom one works in us n Canada, and I know Hawaii is part of us, but a lot of these do not work here. Will this one work in Hawaii with out my having to upload more maps?

    Brandy - February 1st, 2009
    • Yes, the ONE 2nd Edition discussed on this page includes Hawaii.

      Tim - February 1st, 2009
  72. Yesterday, my Tom Tom failed me. I had it plugged in and the lights were on but it will not come on. It will do nothing. This happened about a month ago and all of a sudden it started working. Now, it will do nothing. When plugged in to the lighter the lights are on put will not turn on. Help! can this be fixed or am I doomed?

    Barbara - February 9th, 2009
    • Have you tried the reset switch?

      Tim - February 9th, 2009
  73. Tim, I have had my Tom Tom One 3rd editon for 2 years and the battery is no longer any good. It won’t stay up only for a day when it’s turned off. I took it apart to find out what battery is in it, but I can’t seem to find one, even on the internet! Any help in finding a new battery would sure help… Also, can the battery be over charged when left plugged in?? Thanks

    Joe - February 16th, 2009
  74. Hi

    I have bought a tomtom one version 2. I am trying to charge is using a USB cable connected to my PC. When connecting the device to the pc, the green light on top goes on but nothing appears on the screen. Is this because there is no battery power? Or do I have to wait a few hours before the screen will switch on?


    Sybrand - February 17th, 2009
    • If the green light is on, the device is charging. Nothing will appear on the screen if the device is not turned on.

      Tim - February 17th, 2009
  75. The power button must be held down until the unit powers up. Don’t just press the button. If that does not do it perform a reset by pressing the reset on the bottom. (Toothpick). Make sure the SD card is in and locked. The unit will power up even if the battery is dead and it is either on the auto power cord or your PC.

    Al - February 17th, 2009
  76. I have bought my TOMTOM ONE 2 years ago at RADIO SHACK and I had TWICE problems with the battery and power supply. The device just shows suddenly a blinking battery sign on the screen (as it would be disconnected from the power supply), though it is connected all the time and the power supply shows a green light.

    I’ve sent the first time my device to the warranty repair center CYBER TEST and got it back “repaired”, but 1 year later I got the same problem again. The second time they “repaired” it again, but sent it to the wrong address …. thus my GPS device got lost. Now I’m still waiting for a replacement. I’m now in my 3rd month WITHOUT GPS. It’s completely not acceptable this situation. Both Radio Shack and Cyber Test say there’s no fault on their side. A typical responsibility ball exchanging game.

    CYBER TEST has a very bad service !!!

    I wouldn’t buy from Radion Sheck again.

    Leonard Michaelis - February 23rd, 2009
  77. I could not get a signal. I drove 300 miles and it kelp on saying: WAITING FOR A VALID GPS SIGNAL. i WAS 300 MILES AWAY AND IT SHOWED MY HOME STREET ON IT AND WOULD NOT CHANGE. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET IT BACK……………..

    joseph rhodes - March 22nd, 2009
  78. I HAVE A TOMTOM1..Got it only a month and a half ago.. I could not get a signal. I drove 300 miles and it kelp on saying: WAITING FOR A VALID GPS SIGNAL. i WAS 300 MILES AWAY AND IT SHOWED MY HOME STREET ON IT AND WOULD NOT CHANGE. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET IT BACK……………..

    joseph rhodes - March 22nd, 2009
    • Stop moving. The GPS will take longer to get a signal (if it gets one at all) if it is moving before getting a signal. See our Acquiring Satellites article for more information and tips to get it back.

      Tim - March 22nd, 2009
  79. I have programed my Tom Tom One To a destination of about 160 miles from my starting point. I wanted to watch a demo of the directions, but when I click “Demo” I will beable to follow the directions turn for turn about 100 miles and then the screen reverts back to my home destination. Would this mean that I do not have enuf free space in my Tom Tom, or could it be that the demo will not play the total destination?
    Thank you

    fred - March 25th, 2009
    • That is the way it was designed to operate. The “demo” was more of an in-store thing where it would loop over and over rather than being used to preview a trip. To preview a trip you can use the Route Overview screen as well as the turn by turn text directions and pull up the individual intersection images.

      Tim - March 25th, 2009
  80. Tim, sounds good I will try that. Thanks for the sudden service

    fred - March 25th, 2009
  81. This machine has one really lousy feature that cannot be turned off — “AUTOZOOM” I have gotten so frustrated with autozoom I have given up on the machine. I rarely use it anymore and if I had known about BUG before I bought the unit, I never would have purchased it.

    I have never been directionally challenged, so gps is only there to give me a heads up view of my trip and a few stats.

    If I can get enough money for it, I will be dumping it.

    Nathan - March 26th, 2009
  82. Is my TomTom One capable of using the real time feature that tells you when there is an accident or read closure ahead so that you can avoid them? If so, where could I order the accessories?


    Mike - April 22nd, 2009
    • Mike, If you happen to have a compatible Bluetooth phone with a compatible data plan, you can get traffic info on the ONE 2nd Edition this page is about. If not– no, you cannot, and there are no accessories to make it compatible.

      Tim - April 22nd, 2009
      • Thanks Tim!

        mike - May 1st, 2009
  83. Tom Tom One worked great for about 15 months then started acting weird. Reset button and holding on button until the cows came home helped for a while but the unit finally died at around 20 months. Great user interface and very user friendly machine built to the cheapest possible physical standards. Will buy a different unit next time.

    Kenneth - May 4th, 2009
  84. I bought a tomtom 1 3rd edition 6 months ago, and really love it,I drive a big truck and am tring to find someplace that i can upgrade it for commerical use,such as low bridges

    Doug - May 15th, 2009
  85. It seems when I’m lost and am trying to find something, I can never find it on the Tom Tom.
    I always get no POI found.
    Today I was looking for a funeral home. I knew the name and the town. It was called, Rendina Funeral Home. located in Gary Indiana. I did not know the address. It has been there for 30 + years.
    I did a Navigate to>POI>Indiana>Gary>Find>Rendina+ No POI found.
    I was 3 miles away, so I tried POI near me. Same infor entered= No POI found.
    I tried entering funeral home no POI found
    Funeral = No poi found.
    I finally pulled out my cell with internet and googled the address and then entered it and entered it manually into tom tom and found it.
    What am I doing wrong? I know this is one case and possibly the POI was not in the software. But this was an old place that’s never changed it’s name.
    To be fair, tom tom has recognized places before. A lot were where I more or less knew where I was going. It just seems when I’m clueless, it lets me down.
    There’s been times I’ve entered a store, but did not really know how to classify it. Is it shopping, business, company etc.
    I was in Portage Indiana and knew a place was by Lowe’s Home Improvement. I typed in Lowes, and of course, No POI found. My old GPS was not as difficult to search. I could just hit Find and start typing and with each letter, it would show results and narrow down the search.
    I did not have to enter a catagory either. It would just be a broad search. Car dealers, Schools, Parks, etc.
    Any tips would be appreciated….
    I’ve had it 1 1/2 years and it’s always been a pain. I really want to love this thing…….
    Oh yeah, When I try to search and I don’t know the exact city I get NO poi found too.
    Once I find the city it is in,sometimes it magically knows where it is.
    I would like to say this only happens on occasion, but it happens a lot. Some of these POI’s are popular places.

    Vince - May 16th, 2009
    • Vince, the POIs are not like the maps– they don’t try to fit 100% of all known POIs on the GPS. The ONE model you have probably only includes about 5-10% of all known POIs.

      Tim - May 18th, 2009
  86. Can I add additional points of interest? My unit? Mine has the slot for the card, but does not use the card.
    I heard of people using SD cards and transferring over the info to the card and making more room applications.

    Vince - May 18th, 2009
    • Vince, yes, you can add additional POIs through the TomTom HOME application.

      Tim - May 26th, 2009
      • Is there an easier way to add them? There are like 500 poi’s and every time you add one, it exits you to the main menu. you then have to find the page you left off at and then restart. Also, there are a lot of repetitive one’s there, as well as a lot I would never use. Why didn’t they allow you to check the ones you want and then update all at once?

        Vince - June 2nd, 2009
        • Well, the idea is that you add additional POIs for the categories you would use, rather than just using them all. For example there are POIs there for Arby’s locations and Subaru dealerships. If you don’t like Arby’s and don’t drive a Subaru, those particular POIs probably are not useful to you so you wouldn’t add them. But if there are multiple categories you want, there isn’t a way I know of to check multiples and add them all at once.

          Tim - June 3rd, 2009
  87. I have a one xl..i would like to point out a few items, that had i known before buying, would have affected my purchase..i hate the main screen and its movements..you cant expand it and see way ahead as you drive..it expands but then returns to a distance predetermined for you..you come up on a road before you know it, unless you go to browse map and see ahead there..yes i know if you have a route in it will tell u turn is coming up, but i dont always have a route in..about the route..worse part of this gps..you have to preplan route in its entirety while your stopped and before you leave or go the route they choose for you..u have some options, but going through or around cities arent your choice..even worse, you cant plan your route the nitght before..there is no way to save a route..you shut down you lose it!! i have a garmin map 76 that is 8 years old that has this technology..hardly anyone solely wants to travel the shortest or fastest way..there is just very little flexibity..of course this is just my opinions..i travel often and geocache..i own five different gps’s..this one has so many fine traits and i cant believe they didnt include such readily available technology for this type of item…has its strong points but i personally wouldnt purchase it again..i guess i feel cheated..you read about the item and they have two pages of how routing works and even route planning software, they never say once(that i found)that routes or tracks cant be saved..jmo if routhing is a primary concern for you, look somewhere else..if not, this is a fantastic and well priced item.

    larry - May 21st, 2009
  88. I will NEVER buy a TOMTOM product. My street in California is 10 Years old and TOMTOM has still not updated their maps, although all others like GARMIN, MAGELLAN, AND NAVIGON show my street. And that’s not the only streets missing after several new map releases by TOMTOM. Stick with USA PND companies and don’t bother with foreign TOMTOM and their lousy maps and petty company policies that I have discovered about them.

    JOHN - June 2nd, 2009
    • John, which map version did you check on? Actually, Garmin is based in the Cayman Islands, Magellan is owned by a Taiwan company and Navigon is a German company.

      Tim - June 2nd, 2009
    • Actually Garmin is a US company with world headquarters in Kansas.

      Magellan is a private company started and based out of Santa Clara, CA along with Trimble Navigation. Both make advanced GPS equipment for the US military.

      Navigon has always been a German company. As a side note, Navigon is pulling out of the US. They announced it about a month ago but nobody seems to be reporting it.

      TomTom was started in Australia and now is owned by a European conglomerate.

      JOHN - June 2nd, 2009
      • John, that simply isn’t correct. Take a look at Garmin’s most recent press release or their annual report. From their press release within the past two weeks:

        Garmin Ltd. is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, and its principal subsidiaries are located in the United States, Taiwan and the United Kingdom

        Magellan’s offices are in California, but the company is owned my MiTAC Digital Corp out of Taiwan.

        We’ve had extensive discussions here about Navigon pulling out of the North America market. Every GPS related site I know talked about it.

        TomTom isn’t owned by any “conglomerate”. They were founded in 1991 in Amsterdam according to their website and own themselves.

        Tim - June 2nd, 2009
  89. I can’t find a business that has been opened for a year. It’s in a new mall and TomTom does not have the address yet. Who and when does it get updated.

    cj - June 5th, 2009
    • CJ – one year is (unfortunately) very recent in terms of mapping. But the bigger issue is that unlike the road database, GPS companies don’t try to fit every known POI in their devices. In fact, the TomTom ONE model only includes about 10% or so of all of the known POIs in the map coverage area. So 90% of businesses won’t be included.

      TomTom does provide map updates every quarter for purchase, so you could purchase an update and see if the business gets added, but the chances are not extremely high.

      Tim - June 5th, 2009
  90. Thanks Tim,

    After searching I found the malls name, an address near the location, and a address the business obviously uses for mail…plus their actually GPS satelitte co-ordinates (that’s what did it) and I now can get to …the wine party. ;0

    cj - June 5th, 2009
  91. My husband bought me a Tom Tom for my birthday, it work great when it works. Sometimes when I turn it on the screen wont fill up the whole thing. It goes into the right and down from the top about an inch. Have other people had this problem? what will fix it?

    Caity - June 17th, 2009
    • Caity, I haven’t heard of that before– sounds like you might need to talk to TomTom support.

      Tim - June 18th, 2009
  92. Greetings one and all. My daughter gave a TomTom One to me for fathers day and I’m attempting to figure out what version it is. I’ve read the responses that say the serial number is the key but my S/N doesn’t fit into what I’ve found so far. My S/N PB4358F0xxxx

    I’m also seeking assistance in figuring out how to change my position marker from an arrow to a car.

    I want to be able to save the current location (not home location) without entering an address. Is that possible with a TomTom One? My lady friend’s Garmin has a feature that allows you to save the current location and name it.

    Any help appreciated.

    Jerry D. - July 19th, 2009
  93. My Tomtom One dead.

    I bought TTO (2nd Edition)in Sept 2007. One day (in May 2009) I put it in trunk for 24 hr (65F outside, but the trunk may be up to 80 to 90F). When I wanted to use it, I cannot turn it on. After press reset button, it came to alive, but often showed freezing screen or suddenly death. Or cannot turn it on untill a couple of hours later.

    Last week, I made it alive finally and start to use it. But during driving, it suddently refuse to give me direction. I was so mad that I threw it really hard to a big rock.

    Other experience about this TTO
    1)all the favorite addresses I saved lost one day. Don’t know the reason.
    2)No text to speech function for the street, often time I am not sure I need to make a turn at this steet or next
    3)not sure where I am if I lost in a strange city

    next GPS? definitely not TTO

    Steve - July 20th, 2009
  94. Wish I would have found this site before I bought a TomTom. About 50% of the addresses I try to find, the TomTom does not have. Took 30 minutes to find the satellite on a trip on I-20.
    Worst of all, I got an email from TomTom yesterday about their big map sale. The website kept moving me to the United Kingdom, I’m in Mississippi! Finally got on today and still could not get past the shopping cart. Called customer service, was informed the sale never worked and so it was cancelled. Is this company just a rip-off?

    Tony - July 23rd, 2009
  95. Hi my Tom Tom is great but after sometime the voice is to soft to hear… how do I make it loud again.. also is there a battery I have to change or is it charging when it is plugged into my car? Thank you..shirley

    shirley moser - August 22nd, 2009
  96. My Tom Tom Home started to download a update and it didn’t download right and it won’t take it. It says something is wrong with it and I can’t get rid of it to download it again. How do I get rid of the old down load that is not right so I can do it again?? Thanks

    Joe - August 23rd, 2009
  97. Got Tomtom One LE(2nd edition) for gift in January 2009. Bought and downloaded map service without any problem until this past weekend. After getting new maps and turning off and on, screen color has faded and resolution is grainy. Called Tech support. They admitted that they had server problems. Had me delete and reload applications…no luck. Bumped me up to next level, had me download cache cleaner(?)…no luck. Sorry, screen is broken, something is wrong with it. It can’t possibly be the downloads that caused it, they said. Since it was gift, no receipt and therefore no fixing and no replacement since they cannot prove when I received it, even though I registered it immediately after I received it. They can sell me another one, and waive the no receipt rule to give me a customer loyalty small discount. Anyone else have these issues or had the same problem with their screen.

    Ira - September 1st, 2009
    • I haven’t heard of others with that screen issue that I recall.

      Tim - November 25th, 2009
  98. I have a 125 for about a year.save home location at my home but it will not return me to this location during several trips i find it will stop short of location by 4 to 5 blocks or go by the location at least one mile always past the location then right works well otherwise but final destination not at all is there something i can do to fix this thank you for any possible help

    l e wetch - November 27th, 2009
  99. The South Florida map is horrible. It routes you through gated communities, etc

    Paul - December 9th, 2009
    • Paul, which map version are you running?

      Tim - December 9th, 2009
  100. My TT 930 works like a charm. My laptop, which had Vista crashed and needed a new harddrive, so I opted for an OS update to Windows 7 Ulitmate. Now I cannot connect to TT home via the USB cord in any of the ports. Is TT home NOT compatable with 7, or do I have a bad base unit all of a sudden (since it worked fine prior ro all this)????

    Mike - December 20th, 2009
    • I am having the same problem. Did you find an answer?

      Chelsea - January 21st, 2010

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