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TomTom Purchases Applied Generics


TomTom has purchased Applied Generics, a company that produces real time traffic information by reading cellphone signals. The benefits of using cellphone signals versus installing loads of traffic sensors makes gathering lots of traffic data, even from rural roads, much easier.

“TomTom is looking to expand what it does. This is very much about buying us for the technology and for the ongoing business – the staff here will be remaining with the company. With the additional resources of TomTom behind us, we can operate much better than as a small company on our own.” – Ian Atkinson, Applied Genetics

This appears to be a good move for TomTom who could now be able to provide real-time traffic information similar to their TomTom Plus Traffic service via their own data.

“We are very pleased that we have acquired Applied Generics. “The unique patented and proven technology which the company has developed will deliver high-quality real-time traffic information, not only for motorways but also for local roads. We are looking forward to working with mobile network operators across Europe and North America to deploy the technology.” – TomTom chief executive Harold Goddijn

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