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While we’ve written a bunch about the TomTom RIDER in the past we didn’t have one specific post dedicated to it, so here it is. The RIDER is TomTom’s GPS device aimed at motorcycles and scooters. It features a touch screen display designed to be used with gloves on. Turn by turn directions are provided on the 3.5 inch display in either 3D or 3D map modes. The RIDER is built around a rugged shell which is water resistant in case the weather goes South on your ride.

Bluetooth functionality is provided which services hands free calling, data connections to TomTom PLUS services, as well as routing the verbal driving directions to an included Bluetooth headset for your helmet. There is also an anti-glre screen on the TomTom RIDER suited to outdoor conditions.

If you want to use your RIDER in your car, you can do that too with an optional car mount. This TomTom will automatically recognize if it is being used in car mode or motorcycle mode and adjust accordingly.

One unique piece of trivia about the TomTom RIDER is that it uses NAVTEQ maps, unlike most other TomTom devices which use Tele Atlas maps. Map coverage includes the USA and Canada. Via the TomTom PLUS service you can even download free scenic routes to your RIDER.

13 Responses

  1. Great post about the RIDER’s capabilities– sounds like its functionality and features are suited to a life on the highway!

    Christine - September 7th, 2006
  2. I have a Rider (18 months) and it functions quite well. However, I was promised when I bought it the car adapter kit would be available in 2 weeks. After several emails, mpre promises and direct conversation with their service personnel, the kit remalns “out of stock.” I expect they have no intention of supplying the kit.

    The problem is, on long trips, the internal battery will run out and there is no way to recharge it until getting to a 110 volt outlet.

    Maurice Carter - September 10th, 2007
  3. I heard about this MapShare for the TomTom devices. Can you provide me/us the Website link to it? Thanks, much appreciated!!

    Leroy - January 25th, 2008
  4. This is a follow-up to my September 2007 post about the auto adapter unit and its lack of availablilty. I have recently located just received an adapter (original TomTom equipment from Circuit City.

    Maurice Carter - January 30th, 2008
  5. HELP – does the Tomtom rider allow you to upload map routes from something like Microsoft Streets and Trips into the GPS unit? I have found it is difficult to to route plan directly on the unit or through the computer whee it shows a picture of the unit. Many of my friends do the Streets and Trips and load to their GPS (non TomTom units). Anyone know anything about this or where I can get a conversion program to allow this action?

    Jimmy - May 13th, 2008
  6. Thanks much Tim. I will play with the programs tomorrow and see what I can work out. As long as my buddies don’t give me routes in Streets & Trips format it will apparently work, if I cn figure it out. I’ll drop a note to let you know but may also have questions too. Would you know of any program that would convert Streets&Trips to use in TomTom? Will let you know – thanks,

    Jimmy - May 13th, 2008
  7. Jimmy – The answer I provided in the first link in comment #7 contains the answer. 🙂

    Tim - May 14th, 2008
  8. Tim – Got the interface to work between S&T to TomTom. On some of the larger routes I get an error but have at least begun to make some progress, finally. I’ll keep working on it. Thanks for your assistance and guidance.

    Jimmy - May 15th, 2008
  9. I’m looking at TomTom (and Garmin) units for my bike.
    I have several friends using a “standard” units not made specifically for bikes, waterproofing with a zip-lock bag with great success over a period of several years. Does anyone else use this method?
    Can the TomTom be obtained with the Scala Rider Q2 headset, or does it come with the older (original model) Scala Rider?

    Richard - January 3rd, 2010
  10. Opps! I forgot to ask…what is the difference in NAVTEQ maps and Tele Atlas maps? I am totally unfamiliar with these units and have LOTS of questions.

    Richard - January 3rd, 2010

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