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TomTom Travel Time Information


TomTom has reached a partnership with Vodafone to produce a new kind of traffic information service, TomTom Travel Time Information. Here is how the system works. At any time Vodafone knows the approximate location of all phones connected to their network. By knowing the location at any given time you can also determine speed. Vodafone therefore can provide TomTom with anonymous data about the location an speed of phones connected to their network. See where they are going with this?

Thrrough this new technology, instead of having cameras setup at a few select locations or road magnets to provide traffic information the data comes from the millions of people traveling with their mobile phones.

In this manner the data becomes very accurate not just for trouble spots, but also for locations where traffic isn’t normally a problem. This method also works well since traditional traffic reporting technology is only deployed on major highways, this allows traffic information to be determined even on smaller streets.

The service will be rolled out next year in the Netherlands and initially only to TomTom subscribers. The Travel Time Information will be distributed over Vodafone’s GPRS network. And if you don’t currently live in the Netherlands, the service is expected to expand throughout Europe and into the USA through other mobile phone carriers.

“This is an important development for our customers and an important step towards the truly connected car. It marks a significant breakthrough in mobility management and route guidance. We are convinced that we will improve the daily travel experience of our users. By working with Vodafone to bring the granularity of information from their mobile network to solve everyday navigation needs we will redefine traffic mobility in the Netherlands. This is an industry first and we’re pleased to work with the best in class, innovative mobile network operator in the Netherlands,” Harold Goddijn, TomTom’s chief executive officer comments. “We are looking forward to signing further deals with leading operators across Europe and the U.S.”

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