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TomTom WORK GO 7000


There’s a new connected TomTom in town, the GO 7000. Don’t expect to see it on many store shelves however as this model is targeted to commercial fleets as part of the TomTom WORK program. Think of the GO 7000 as being a cousin to the TomTom 740 LIVE but with software tailored for commercial fleet operators.

TomTom WORK GO 7000So how does it all connect? There is a product called a LINK 300 which gets installed into each vehicle. This device provides the GPRS connection as well as the GPS antenna and Bluetooth antenna. The LINK provides the connection between the GO 7000 and the Webfleet software system. The complete package consisting of the Webfleet software, GO 7000, and LINK 300 is collectively referred to as TomTom Active.

All together, the package provides similar base functionality to the 740 LIVE. Real time traffic data, IQ Routes, current local fuel prices, and Google Local search. It expands on the 740’s functionality however by providing two way text messaging with a dispatch office as well as time and order management.

“In a dynamic service or delivery environment it is important for fleet managers and drivers to have as much real-time information at their disposal as possible,” said Michael Geffroy, vice president of sales at TomTom WORK. “TomTom WORK Active is a significant improvement to our award winning solution, which is recognized for its ease of use, broad application for all commercial fleets of any size and quick return on investment.”

The new TomTom Active solution will be available October 1st.

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