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TomTom has announced a new service called TomTom WORK. TomTom WORK is the result of their acquisition of AG and provides fleet management and fleet tracking solution combined with GPS navigation. You may remember it was just a few days ago we predicted this type of service from TomTom.

“By connecting owners of fleets of all sizes with their drivers, TomTom WORK will help save time and costs. Additionally it will bring clarity and transparency to businesses and their customers, as well as making the lives of vehicle drivers easier and safer.” – Harold Goddijn, chief executive officer of TomTom

The new TomTom WORK system is made up of three parts. TomTom WEBFLEET is a web based application providing vehicle location, management, and reporting. Managers can view the location of their vehicles via the TomTom WEBFLEET application.

TomTom LINK is the device which takes the GPS location information from the GPS receiver and sends it over GPRS connection to the TomTom WEBFLEET center.

Finally, TomTom has released new GPS navigation systems, The TomTom GO 710 and the TomTom GO 510. Also as we predicted this system will allow users and fleet managers to communicate with other staff.

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