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TomTom XL 330s


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186 Responses

  1. I have two TT XL 330s units. If I purchase one new map of US & Canada, will I be able to upload it to both units?

    Mike - January 3rd, 2009
    • No, when they get installed they are locked to the device’s serial number.

      Tim - January 4th, 2009
  2. I purchased a XL330S and used it on a trip. It worked great. After I updated it through TT Home however it displayed “no maps found”. This seems to be a common problem but I have not seen a fix for it. I tried to update a couple of times but it says I need to 15mb more space. Any ideas?

    David - January 5th, 2009
    • Did you install any extras? Any unused custom POI categories? Does HOME report the map was installed?

      Tim - January 5th, 2009
    • Call Tomtom at 1-866-486-6866.
      If unit is within 2 yr warrantee yet ask that they reformat your Gps and re-download. Should get 8.083 version.

      Takes a while to get through and ask them to walk you through set up. Don’t let them tell you to hang up and wait for completion of download as you may finish with the need to add or delete something and you will have to call again.
      Keep them on phone through to completion. You are going to have to re-program all info when working
      You may be on phone for at least 2 hours but worth it. Also back it up on your computer when done and working to your satisfaction. Good luck.


      Cliff - August 8th, 2010


    CHARLENE - January 5th, 2009
    • Yes, you can install the TomTom HOME program as often as you would like. You can download it from tomtom.com/home

      Tim - January 5th, 2009



        CHARLENE - January 5th, 2009
  4. I’m looking to purchase either TT XL330s or NAVIGON 21OOmax. The thing that concerns me is the volumn. I own a NAVIGON 5100 and I find that the volumn on that unit is very low. I always have to turn down the radio!
    Any conparisons on the two?

    Al - January 7th, 2009
    • The XL’s speaker is extremely loud. (Provided you don’t get one with a defective speaker.)

      Tim - January 8th, 2009
  5. I purchased the XL330-S, first time GPS owner. I had a two day trip planned with multiple stops. The itinerary option worked great for this trip as many stops weren’t on any major highway. An added bonus, the GPS was a true life saver in the fog as it showed upcoming intersections and curves in the road that I couldn’t see until I was right on top of it. Previous postings mention low volume, slow start up, etc. I haven’t experienced any of these problems. I tested how quick the map would re-calculate by going a different way. The alternate map appeared in less than 10 seconds. No complaints there. My only “issue”, the mount worked great the first time I used it. When I moved it to our other vehicle, I couldn’t get it to stick. I have heard the dashboard bean bags work really well but they aren’t for all models. There are also several kinds to choose from. Can you recommend one that will work for the XL 330S?

    Nancy - January 8th, 2009
    • Of course the bean bag mounts still rely on the suction cup to connect your GPS mount to the bean bag mount. But I’ve had good results with the Arkon bean bag mounts.

      Tim - January 9th, 2009
  6. I just purchased the TomTom XL 330-S and I am quite disappointed. The “Operate my XL” feture does not work and now after trying to download the latest map–I got a message telling me there is not enough space. So, I went to the “remove items” and was going to remove the Canadian maps but it will not show “items on device.” The item in the center says it’s loading, but I’ve been waiting one hour and nothing is happening. The little wheel in the bottom corner is still spinning, but nothing is coming up. Help me please because my frustration level has reached its peak. Thank you

    Lynn - January 17th, 2009
    • I’d call TomTom support as they can ensure you get what you need, including getting you a special version of the map if necessary.

      Tim - January 18th, 2009
    • I updated our new 330s and the download was so slow I thought a few times that it had gotten hung up but no, just very slow. maybe an hour before it was all said and done.

      David - May 19th, 2009
      • When you go on line to download up-dates, periodically minimize (-) to dropscreen to bottom for a few seconds.
        Download will be faster because it is not using run time for a full screen, You’ll be suprise how much master your download take. Just click minimize for a few seconds maybe to times and walla, your done.


        Cliff - August 8th, 2010
  7. I am about to buy my first gps and cannot decide between the Garmin 255w or the tom tom 330xls can anybody help? Thanks.

    bill callaghan - January 20th, 2009
  8. Hi.
    I live in Hong Kong and recently bought an all-in-one car unit that included a GPS function. There is a company here called MapKing, that supplies English maps of Hong Kong, but when I contacted them they said they don’t do them for my unit. (It’s running Windows CE 5.0)
    I have been looking at the Tomtom sir\te and see that I can get a HK map for the XL series of units, so I have afe questions.

    1. Can I get the tomtom softwear sererately and would it play on my Unit.

    2. If that’s not possible, I would be more than willing to buy an XL series Unit online and have it shiped out.

    Can anyone help me here.
    Kind Regards

    Tim - January 22nd, 2009
  9. I got the XL 330 S last week. It works well enough except for the fact that you can’t update the map(US-Canada)without deleting POI’s, voices, etc.
    I read where someone here has been able to get customer support to give them a U.S. only map, so I gave it a try. After one rep. and one supervisor and 30 min. of wasted time I gave up. Supervisor George insisted the device worked as it was supposed to and the only solution offered was to fork over 80 bucks for a U.S. only map.
    I don’t see that happening, so I will be returning the unit. I can’t see buying a new unit that’s pretty much unable to be customized or upgraded or even retain the installed features once the map is initially updated.

    John - January 22nd, 2009
  10. I just bought a Tomtom 330s and am still exploring the features, but have used it on a few short trips with good results. I have two questions regarding POIs. First-how do you delete a POI that is no longer there? I downloaded the map update but a restaurant is shown that has been out of business for over a year. I was also scanning the “shop POI” and they don’t list either wal-mart or wegmans(large western NY grocery) that are less than 10 mi. from my home. Both stores are over 4 yrs old and are the major shopping stores of the area. It’s a little disconcerting that such large and much used shopping/grocery locations aren’t listed. Is there a way upload the stores on an updated POI site? I wouldn’t mind manually including these(if it’s possible) but I’ll be going on a cross country road trip soon and wanted to use my GPS to find places on the road when I don’t know the area.

    Thanks for your help.

    Ariel - January 26th, 2009
    • Keep in mind that unlike the road database, only about 5-20% of all known POIs are typically included on a GPS. You can add more, and report closed locations through the TomTom MapShare system on your device.

      Tim - January 26th, 2009
  11. Ok, Maybe I have missed something but I have a XL330S and I am happy with it. Yeah I’ve had to delete stuff to update but that’s really no biggie with me. I have ver. and the Operate my XL does not work. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    William - February 2nd, 2009
  12. I just bought a 330xl and I am having problems with putting in addresses. I work off a tollway and when I try and put in the directions it give me a message that the house numbers are not available and asks for a cross street. How do I get this thing to go directly to the address I am looking for.

    Julius - February 25th, 2009
    • There are some streets in the database that it doesn’t have numbering for, so the nearest cross street is required. If you don’t have the latest map update, a newer map might have them.

      Tim - February 25th, 2009
  13. I was just curious about my message number 111. It seems that it has been ignored for some time now. Is it possible that this question is a no comment question? I mean it is a decent question and should get some kind of a reply. A decent straight answer would be nice.

    William - February 25th, 2009
    • William, we are just individuals helping other individuals. There are tends of thousands of questions on this site, and unfortunately not all get answered by other people. Often it is just a matter of nobody reading the question that knows the answer. If your expectation is a guaranteed reply then you should contact TomTom Support. We’re just users helping other users here.

      Tim - February 25th, 2009
  14. After agonizing over what GPS to buy, asking Tim a quesiton or two, I finally purchased the XL330S – even after all the negatives I see here. I was able to update the database with no problems, did not have to delete anything. Everything works, even Operate my XL. I have to wonder if some of the problems encountered aren’t due to impatience or misunderstandings. It does want to bring me home from our county seat via a route I would not take but them I have to realize the 330S does not know local road conditions. Overall I could not be more pleased. Thanks Tim!

    Phil - February 25th, 2009
  15. Sorry for the intrusion Tim. I thought that being you could move post and answered most all the other questions that you were the onsite guru and moderator and was being paid by TomTom. I asked the question here for that reason and with the fact that I am deaf it’s pretty hard to talk to support on the phone. Again, my apologies for the intrusion.

    William - February 25th, 2009
    • Well after no reply from Tom Tom except many offers to0 upgrade my maps for low prices which doesn’t include the outter metro atlanta area I live in. Funny thing is I’ve lived here for over 20 years and TomTom maps still don’t show Buckhead Rd. connecting to 278 hwy and Harmony Grove Rd. goes straight across hwy 44 to Old Phoenix Rd and doesn’t require a right then left turn as my tomtom says I gotta do and many more issues. I figured it must be tomtom doesn’t see enough people in my area to work on this section of maps to make it right and give me what I paid for. So I decided to try MS Street and trips. I purchased a cheap laptop under 300.00, the MS street and trips with the usb gps dongle for 80.00 totalling a little more than a really good navigator but!!! Lo and behold I end up with a navagation device that shows me a bigger picture of the maps, is zoomable, has thousands of POI’s and many can be added, Would be very useable to truckers, it speaks the road turns, is blue tooth compatiable, can be connected to your car speakers to hear it as loud as you wish and if you purchase a internet pci card you can go on the internet while on the road to do what you would want including google maps and google earth. There are even many devices to mount it above the floor or seat level so you can keep your eyes on the road. The list goes on and on. Even the new mini pcs will work. I’m very sorry tomtom didn’t consider a deaf mans revenue enough to communicate with me. The bluetooth factor lets me connect with my artone bluetooth dongle that connects to my hearing aids so I can hear the turns. The larger map screen lets me choose different streets quickly without reprogramming. You can also use the laptop for on the road business purposes and log business mileage for tax purposes. I guess the only downfall is its hard to put the laptop in your pocket but with the new minis you can never tell what the future holds. I’m sorry tomtom but I am a handicap person but I am also still a person that gave you my money and tried to work with you. My needs may not be needed by everyone but people like truckers and business travlers may find this interesting. I know Tim will probably delete this if it even makes it to the board but I am not bad mouthing tomtom one bit. I know it fits other peoples needs just fine.

      William - July 10th, 2009
  16. Is there a size difference between the XL-S and the XL300-S? Thanks

    John - March 1st, 2009
    • The screen size is the same and the device size is similar. It isn’t exactly the same size, but very similar.

      Tim - March 1st, 2009
  17. I am thinking about a new TomTom. I currently have a TomTom One with no Mapshare capability. Otherwise I love all the features. I have several customized POIs. If I get a new TomTom One XL-s or 330 Xl-s will I be able to load these POIs to the new device? How about the voice?

    Betsy - March 1st, 2009
    • Yes, you can transfer the POIs to the new device. As to the voice, you probably will be able to do so but there is a new voice technology being used on some of the newer devices.

      Tim - March 1st, 2009
  18. Thanks Tim for all the pro’s and con’s for xl330s. I just recently tripped from upstate ny to nc and tried to use the tt xl330s for the trip however i was also traveling with another vehicle which used the magellan 3200.
    What i didn’t realize is diferent mapping satelites are used pending the unit your using. This info may be useful for those that may be traveling in groups and have a gps for back-up if seperated. So given that, what unit has the most reliable satelite navigation.

    sam - May 9th, 2009
    • Sam, they all use the same satellite system. They do however use different map databases. The maps are stored on the device and don’t come from the satellites. All GPS devices get the same data from the satellites.

      Tim - May 9th, 2009
  19. I’m overwhelmed with all the brands/features/reviews etc out there. All I need is a GPS with multi point routing/route optimization that I can plot on my computer via mapquest/yahoo maps then send from my computer to the GPS…anything out there like that? I dont care about blutooth since it seems most brands arent compatible with Verizon LG Dare phone.

    Alma - June 8th, 2009
    • Alma, I’d look at the Garmin Nuvi 755T for those features.

      Tim - June 9th, 2009
  20. Hi,
    I just bought a tomtom xl 325s from a local store because it was the only tomtom they had, and no Garmin and I needed it immediately. Now I’m trying to research it a bit to see if i want to keep it, but can’t even find it online. Is it just an older version of the 330s?, and is it worth keeping?

    Chris - June 27th, 2009
    • Chris, I haven’t heard of that model. Where did you purchase it?

      Tim - June 28th, 2009
  21. I bought it at Kmart. The box says xl 325s, but the book inside talks about te 330 and 330s… weird. I think it may be the 330s.

    Chris - June 29th, 2009
  22. My new TomTom 330XL S seems to work fine except in the daylight even though it is set at 100% brightness. The lower settings are not helpful at all. Is there any correction for this. It is useless since most of my driving is during the daytime.

    Tom - July 11th, 2009
  23. I reread my previous post and realized I needed to clarifty that my problem is the lack of a strong enough picture in daylight hours to see the picture. Have others had this problem? Is there a fix for it?

    Tom - July 12th, 2009
    • Tom, I understood your question yesterday just fine. I’ve placed my TomTom with velcro to the tach in order to able to see it without moving my eyes far from the road. That also helps a lot with the sunlight problem. I was wondering if there was a reason, such as being hard of hearing, why you don’t just follow the voice which is what I pay attention to much more than the visual.

      Gloie - July 12th, 2009
  24. I am from Australia. I am visiting CA/USA in the next couple of weeks, and I plan to buy the XL330S in LA. This model is not available in Australia yet, could you please tell me if the charger can be used with 240V? If I backup the original maps on my PC, delete the US & CANADA maps, and download the Australian maps, will I still be able to do the map update for the Australian map?

    Norman - July 15th, 2009
  25. I just bought the xl 330 s it seems to work ok? My problem is that I tried it out on 3 different places that I knew around home which is about a 5 mile range two of the three places missed the location by a 1/2 mile to a mile and the third about a block. How close should these work I hope better than this? Any help out there?

    DrTime - July 27th, 2009
    • DrTime, see this thread (and my response) on GPS Street Address Accuracy in our forums. I think it will answer your questions and more.

      Tim - July 27th, 2009
  26. I am wanting to buy my first GPS,, I want one with a SD slot and the traffic accidents up ahead. also with the voice and only need the USA on it. Any ideas on the best one for me, Tom Tom or Garmin and which one? Hope someone can send me in the right direction. Thanks David

    David - July 30th, 2009
  27. I recently purchased the TOM TOM XL330S. I always have the sound on, but don’t always get the speech when to turn etc.
    Also I want to be reminded when going over speedlimit and this does not always click in.

    sharon lewis - July 31st, 2009
  28. just got a 330s. followed startup instructions,but when map comes up its just a black screen with white arrows, can”t get full color screen with details to display, have tried everything. any ideas.

    keith - August 20th, 2009
    • Keith, is the device inside? The most likely reason for what I think you are describing is just that the GPS doesn’t yet have a satellite signal. For the first acquisition I wouldn’t be worried about an issue unless the device has had an unobstructed sky view for 30+ minutes.

      Tim - August 20th, 2009
  29. Just purchaced XL330s for a Xmas present. Also just found out by the web that there are free updates is downloaded 30 days after purchase. Can someone tell me if this true, or is it axctually after it is turn on or maybe after it is registered. It is like 46 days before she will open the box. Do I bring it back and buy it later?

    Jack - November 21st, 2009
  30. I bought the 330s and have never been able to upgrade it. There is no room for a upgrade. If you delete the program that is on the 330s, Lucky I kept a copy of it on my computer, when I tried to download the new version, it said it was unable to load. DUH, sure wish it had a card slot, like my old Tom Tom One. I still use my old Tom Tom One! I hate it when you have to delete something to make room for a newer version and then when you try to download the newer version, it won’t work. What ever you do, make sure you keep a copy and anything you have to delete. You can always put it back on your GPS.

    Dennis - December 5th, 2009
    • I’ve got a 330 that is updated with space left. If you’re having trouble, call TomTom support– they can help you get the right map and trim out unnecessary files.

      Tim - December 5th, 2009
  31. I’m trying to decide between a TomTom XL330s or a Garmin Nuvi 265WT for my first GPS, which one is best? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Jane - December 21st, 2009
  32. I just received my Tomtom XL 330 S and have two questions. I figured out that the text-to-speech has to be set to work which I set and will try tomorrow (that was my first problem):
    1) When I select the, “Places of Worship” POI, I get all kinds of El Hallil kind of funky mosks but no actual churches. Do I need to change the setting to find only Christian places?
    2) When I use the suction mount, it seems to adhere properly, but after only a few moments, it lets go.

    Any help would sure be appreciated,


    Richard - January 15th, 2010
    • Richard,
      Don’t know about problem#1, but for Prob #2 (suction mount doesn’t adhere) After placing the unit on the disk, did you turn the wheel at the suction cup? It wasn’t obvious to me the first time I used the device, but after a similar experience to yours, discovered the answer.

      Bill - May 10th, 2010
      • I actually fought and fought with TomTom and they finally sent me a new piece that sticks the unit to the windshield, and the same thing happened after a short while.

        I have turned the wheel as instructed.

        I actually hate this thing for a number of reasons that I won’t list here. This is the most poorly designed hardware and the software is not nearly as good as Garmin’s.

        Richard - June 10th, 2010
  33. I have xl 335 and free update maps to canada-usa-maxico. Can I use IQ routs?
    But really I could never need maxico map.I notice canada-usa
    and canada-usa-maxico map is same size. Is it canada-usa map more detail than canada-usa-maxico?
    Can I load old canada-usa map back?

    lu - February 20th, 2010
  34. Hi
    I just bought a XL 330s and I’m having problems with installation. I took off the adhesive but I’m having a problem with it sticking to the device you put on your dash board. I’m I doing something wrong?

    Jennifer - February 26th, 2010
  35. Have a weird problem. On recent trip using my new 330s, the system had an irritating habit of directing me to exit to an off-ramp from the hiway, then directing me back on to an on-ramp for the same hiway. I wised up after the second time, and ignored the direction(but only because I knew the route I was taking). If I had been in a totally unknown (to me) place, I would have exited each time, thinking that the directions would take me to a different road/hiway. Anyone else have a similar experience?


    Bill - March 31st, 2010
  36. I have been reading about Garmin and Tom-Tom devices on here. I currently have a cheap Nexstar device that has suited me fine until recently when it started locking up. What I want is this: decent size screen, text-to-speech, updatability for the maps, and a traffic option. My little Nextar shows the name of the street for my next turn at the top of the screen, and the name of the street I’m currently on, at the bottom of the screen. It also has a warning “DONG” right before you have to turn. Is there a device out there that offers these features? I don’t need the other stuff, I travel as part of my job and I just need to get from point A to point B without getting lost. Thanks in advance!

    Linda - May 9th, 2010
  37. My now old Tom Tom 330 does all that and does it well. I saw a friends new Tom Tom 380 over the weekend and it does even more. Based upon my experience you will not be disappointed with a Tom Tom 300 series GPS.

    Phil - May 10th, 2010
  38. I bought a 330s XL it has US Canada maps including Puerto Rico but the gps isn’t getting satelites. ANY HELP??

    Angel - June 9th, 2010
  39. Just purchased a XL 330S, the text to speech is funny.
    Woodward Court pronounced as Woodward C R T
    Q E W pronounced as Qew
    Expreswar pronounced as Ex P
    Is there a way to coorect this?
    I know for loquendo engine, I can modify the lex file, but XL 330S is using vocalizer, I don’t know how. Please help.

    eric - August 16th, 2010
  40. TomTom XL 330S Review..
    I recently purchased this, factory reconditioned NAV device.. When I connected it to my computer, I was advised that the map was not current and the upgrade time had expired..
    Local POI,s………………..
    My first trip with this NAV was to a street address in Las Vegas, the NAV worked flawlessly on this run..

    I live in a small town 110 north of Las Vegas, I checked for local POI’s and found no Gas stations we are on U95 a major route to Las Vegas, and have 2 very busy gas stations (they have been here for many years), one has a Pizza shop which is shown as a restaurant POI , but no gas POI..
    The other gas station has a casino with a restaurant, but no gas or casino POI,s There is a Beauty Shop here, no indicated POI. There is a local POI shown for Death Valley National Park Info Center that has been closed for two years..
    NAV System……………….
    I have just returned from an 1800mile trip to Crescent City CA. thru the Redwood Forests..
    During my run the NAV advised to exit and then get back on the road I was traveling.. I was quite familiar with all the roads I was traveling and soon learned to ignore the “get off at next exit” instructions.. Other than these strange instructions, I thought the NAV worked OK, until on my return trip with route programmed to Reno NEVADA, I was leaving Susanville, CA when the NAV instructed me to bear left to head North to U 395 North with destination showing as 156miles to go.. I stopped and checked the map on the NAV unit and it showed the correct route to Reno.. I turned the NAV off thinking it would reset itself, but to no avail the NAV kept instructing to “turn around” and go North on U 395.. I stopped in Reno where the NAV showed the destination to still be 167miles..
    I cleared the route and set a new route to Carson City, and the NAV worked OK again.. After a night’s sleep in Carson City I programmed a route home.. For the most part the NAV worked OK with only a few strange instructions on my 350mile trip home..

    I really like the overspeed warning from the NAV- A+
    Warn for Gas Station.. I turned this off the first day, it made me crazy in metro areas, also identifies some gas stations that are not there, and does not identify some that are- D
    Resturant POI,s I found no failures, a great feature- A
    Miles remain to destination- A
    Bearing indicator- A
    Windscreen mount- A
    NAV system: I think this unit would work fine in metro areas..
    As I said in the beginning my unit is a factory refurb..
    I have had great luck with refurb electronics in the past..
    This unit may have been sent in for the Brain scramble problem, and I don’t know if lab testing would reveal a problem like this.. Other units may be flawless, but for me I give it a- D
    The default voice (Samantha) is difficult to understand at times..
    It is a nice toy but reliability of Navigation not to be trusted for me..


    Vance - August 22nd, 2010

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