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Topo.com and Trimble Partner to Publish Custom GPS Overlay Maps


MyTopo.com and Trimble are working together to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a convenient and easy way to publish large-format custom topographic and aerial photo maps with Global Positioning System (GPS)-based routes and waypoints overlaid on their maps. The announcement was made at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

Trimble’s new version of Adventure Planner outdoor trip planning software, which is a component of the Trimble Outdoors service, has a new embedded feature allowing users to automatically send trip routes and waypoints to MyTopo.com. Users are led through a short process to design a custom GPS map, which can be previewed online. MyTopo.com then prints the map to the customer’s specifications and ships it to their doorstep for arrival within a few days. In addition, users of Adventure Planner software and the Trimble Outdoors Web site receive a 20% discount off the price of MyTopo.com’s field-ready GPS overlay maps until July 24, 2006. The GPS maps range in price from $9.95 and up, depending on size, and they can be printed on waterproof, glossy or laminated paper.

“Trimble Adventure Planner users can print maps from their home computer printer today, however, many adventures are more convenient with large format, waterproof maps for navigation,” said Rich Rudow, managing director of Trimble Outdoors. “After using these maps recently on a few backcountry trips, I was amazed at their durability in difficult environments. My last trip covered six USGS quads the convenience of carrying only one large format map rather than six quads can’t be overstated. We’re pleased to enable our customers convenient access to these maps from Adventure Planner at a reduced price.”

The new feature empowers Adventure Planner users to design the exact maps they will need for their trips, with their trails and points of interest displayed directly on the map. In most cases, this will eliminate the need for carrying multiple USGS quad maps and instead they will be able to carry one custom-centered MyTopo map with their own trip details overlaid directly on their map.

“Today’s announcement takes digital mapping in a new direction, allowing people to use their GPS devices and Trimble’s Adventure Planner software together to create their own navigation-ready field maps,” said Kevin Toohill, president of MyTopo.com. “We are excited about the potential for this technology to be used to make navigation safer, more productive and much easier.”

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