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Dude, Where’s my Beer?


Heineken is adopting GPS technology to track shipments of Beer. Specifically, they are using GSM, GPRS, and GPS to track twenty containers of beer as it is shipped from the Netherlands to the UK. The test is designed in hopes to produce paperless tracking systems and thus save over five billion printed documents annually.

Normally about 30 documents are printed each time the beer containers cross the border.

“Satellite tracking can report a container’s location wherever it is – Heineken spokesman”

I’m glad someone is addressing my “Where’d I put that beer” problem… 🙂

One Response

  1. Man , My Girlfriend fusses at me all the time for losing beer bottles/cans around the house. It’s not as bad as losing the remote or keys … because … well , you can always grab another beer until the first one is found 😉

    Tim - June 17th, 2009

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