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Tracking Global Warming with GPS


A group called the Open Passage Expedition is using GPS technology to track changes in the Arctic brought by global warming. They will be traveling through a section of the Northwest Passage previously frozen with GPS onboard providing live updates (see the interactive map below) as well as Tweeting updates.

The goal of this carbon-neutral voyage through the Northwest Passage is to use written word, video and photos to tell the story of how climate change is affecting Arctic communities. Scientific research provides us with facts on how the earth is changing, but our goal is to tell this story in a more creative and emotional way to reach a wider audience.

GPS tracking came through help from Blue Sky Network.

2 Responses

  1. Carbon-neutral? What? Are they holding their breath the whole time?

    Steve Bukosky - August 14th, 2009
    • They didn’t mention, I think you will have to ask them.

      Tim - August 14th, 2009

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