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Traffic.com TrafficPro


Traffic.com has become smart about traffic (if they weren’t already before) and has launched a new service called TrafficPro. This new service is designed to allow something I’ve been asking for in a traffic service for quite some time…. better systems for predicting traffic. So how does it work?

The system uses a combination of historical data along with current traffic conditions to calculate approximate travel times for specific routes. They do this by aggregating data from a number of sources such as signals from GPS devices, anonymous cell phone usage data, toll-dag data, etc and then combining that information with their new predictive engine.

The system will even generate a “confidence factor” indicating how sure their algorithm is of generating an accurate travel time estimate.

Since Traffic.com is now part of NAVTEQ, this type of information will eventually make its way into GPS devices from Garmin and Magellan. In fact, this could be part of what the new Nuvi 670 to send traffic information and real time statistics to and from….

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