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Transplant GPS Releases EMTAC Bluetooth S3-GPS


Translplant-Gps-Bluetooth-S3-Gps-ReceiverTransplant GPS announced the release of the EMTAC Bluetooth S3-GPS Receiver (S3-BTGPS) featuring the SiRFstarIII chip set.

The SiRFstarIII chip set is noted for its high performance, low power consumption and superior sensitivity, tracing signals from 20 geo-stationary satellites simultaneously while updating satellite information once every second.

These speed and sensitivity improvements enable the user to enjoy clear reception in environments with otherwise typically poor signal reception, making the S3-BTGPS ideal for navigating in urban canyons, in the mountains, or under dense foliage.

Similar to its predecessor the EMTAC BTGPS, the S3-BTGPS allows you to receive GPS data wirelessly. By transmitting GPS position data over Bluetooth, the user can position the receiver for the best possible reception in a wireless environment.

The EMTAC Bluetooth S3-BTGPS receiver is compatible with PDAs, PDA Phones, SmartPhones, Handheld PCs, Notebook PCs and other Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. An internal lithium-ion battery powers the GPS for at least six hours of continuous use, saving battery life of the PDA, laptop and other devices. Recharging takes only one hour with the included charger.

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