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Treo 650 GPS Review


Over at treonauts there is an article comparing three different GPS systems for the Palm Treo 650. They compare three different Bluetooth GPS receivers with the Palm Treo 650 and associated Palm GPS software. The systems compared were from TomTom, Emtac and Palm.

As for selecting the best GPS unit of the three that I tested I can’t immediately say that one is better than the other. TomTom’s unit ($299) benefits from the nicest design and includes the excellent Navigator software, Emtac’s ($279) proved to be the fastest at picking up satellites but lacks the Navigator software and finally Palm’s ($249) is the cheapest and the one that includes both the Navigator software and the most accessories (dual Treo & GPS unit charger + USB charger + vehicle mount). Having said all this, I will personally settle for the TomTom GPS bundle because it is the slickest and most pocketable of all units.

Another option is Delorme’s Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld and their Blue Logger bluetooth GPS for about $150. It is less expensive, but the GPS software isn’t quite as advanced as TomTom’s. You can read a review of Street Atlas US 2006 Handheld.

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2 Responses

  1. Have you tried the Smart2Go GPS unit for the Treo yet? If so what did you think?

    Ken Smiley - October 11th, 2005
  2. I have not yet, but I hope to soon! 🙂

    GPS Review - November 16th, 2005

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