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u-Nav Launches Orion GPS Navigation Software


u-Nav Microelectronics, developer of the world’s smallest and ultra low power Global Positioning System (GPS) chipsets, have announced the availability of its Orion(TM) Navigation and SDK Software package.

According to Russ Garcia, President and CEO, “We have spent the last two years developing a software package to provide our customers versatility and differentiation for their GPS systems, but most importantly a package that brings those systems state of the art GPS navigation performance.” Mr. Garcia added, “The navigation performance provided by Orion will allow our customers to leverage the ultra low power, high performance, and cost advantages our industry leading IC architectures have brought to the market.”

Orion is a powerful and versatile GPS navigation software package designed to support u-Nav’s family of low power GPS chipsets across multiple frequency plans. The software is responsible for all GPS functions such as signal acquisition, tracking, data extraction, and GPS navigation. Orion’s message-based architecture supports both self-contained as well as hosted applications. Orion provides both industry standard NMEA and u-Nav binary protocols. This versatile GPS Navigation package supports autonomous operation and multiple assisted operating modes including 3GPP, 3GPP2, and IS-801 that are required by GSM, WCDMA and CDMA cellular networks. Unlike many competing A-GPS solutions in the market today, u-Nav’s approach allows simultaneous operation of GPS without interruption of a user’s cellular call.

The Orion Software Development Kit (SDK) provides developers the freedom to customize and add functional software blocks to meet application specific requirements. In addition, this user friendly SDK allows users to modify operating parameters of the navigation software and develop custom applications to run on the internal DSP of u-Nav’s GPS chipsets. The Orion SDK also provides a complete set of performance analysis tools and support for production flashing of the Orion software.

Orion GPS navigation software is in beta release now, with full production release in the fourth quarter this year.

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