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Uniden GNS 8600


Uniden-Gps-Gns-8600Uniden of Australia has released the GNS 8600 GPS navigation system for Australia and New Zealand. The unit comes with an Intel XScale processor with 256Mb of internal memory. It comes with a nice wide 5.6 inch LCD display and a USB Port for updating maps.

In addition to other traditional GPS navigation features, the Uniden GNS 8600 comes with POIs of speed cameras, red light cameras, and areas that are known to have high accident rates.

However a review by the Sydney Morning Herald isn’t so flattering about the device.

A good measure of a well-designed GPS navigation unit is to see how quickly you can get up and running without touching the manual… Unfortunately, the Uniden fails on this front. Although sporting a large display, it doesn’t take advantage of the space for the touch-screen buttons. When functions are called up, small buttons appear along the edges of the screen with labels that are left open to interpretation.

It’s also slow to respond; the 8600 seemed overloaded by the burden of running its Windows CE operating system, periodically freezing up.

The review wasn’t entirely negative though.

The voice instructions are clear and accurate and even red light cameras and black spots are announced as you approach them.

One Response

  1. Don’t buy it its a copy of Mio 268 (minus a few features and a bigger screen) it’s ripp off. Has the same map system,(2 years outdated) and no current speed in main windows displayed. No colour themes (big no no,) for a lot lest you can get the 269+ or the TomTom ONE.

    Ruben - June 3rd, 2006

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