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Verizon VZ Navigator Available Today


We previously announced VZ Navigator from Verizon, a GPS navigation system that works on the Motorola V325 cellphone. The service is now available to Verizon customers. The phone costs about $80 after a $50 rebate. I’m sure “other restrictions apply”.

Access to the service costs $9.95 per month or $2.99 for use within a 24 hour period.

One Response

  1. I tried the VZ Navigator 15 day free trial out on a trip to Chicago this year and it worked great. Navigating worked great even downtown in Chicago. The phone only connected to the VZ server when it had to do the initial route calculation or if it need to recalculate.

    The screen of the phone is a little small but you really don’t notice since it announces turns with street names etc..

    This is a very good solution for someone who doesn’t need a GPS on a daily basis but just for trips etc.. Especially since you can get it on a onetime 24 hour rental for 2.99.

    Richard - June 7th, 2008

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