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ViziWorld ViziMap Creator GPS Mapping and Address Searching


ViziWorld LLC, announced the release of two new capabilities within its popular online multimedia mapping product ViziMap CreatorTM.

“We are excited to provide these two new additions to our ViziMap Creator software – Address Searching that lets you pinpoint addresses on your maps, and Global Position Systems (GPS) support that enables you to import GPS tracking logs as sketches on your map,” said Keith Croteau, Principal, ViziWorld LLC. “These new features benefit ViziWorld members by allowing them to integrate their GPS data into their overall photo mapping communication and the Address Searching function gets people more quickly and easily to the location of interest.

The ViziWorld service lets people access a global map database, select a custom map area, link photos to locations on the map, add graphics to the map and descriptions to the photos, store the finished ViziMapTM and then mail it quickly and conveniently to multiple addresses.

Now available at www.viziworld.com, these added benefits continue ViziWorld’s advances in online photo communication by providing people with the added dimension of location that enables them to share their view and experiences of the world.

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