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Volkswagen Google GPS Navigation


Google-Gps-NavigationPreviously we speculated about Google using their Google Earth technology to develop a Google GPS navigation system for vehicles…. sort of a stripped down version of Google Earth to be put into cars. Google had demonstrated something similar to this with Volkswagen at CES in early January.

Today, news articles floating around provide more fuel to this speculation. Volkswagen is reportedly working with Google to provide data and software as well as Nvidia (graphics chipset maker) to provide some of the necessary hardware. The idea is to build a GPS navigation system that doesn’t just take 2D maps and display then in 3D view like current GPS system do, but to actually display 3D data (terrain and buildings) on screen.

Volkswagen says there are not any “definite plans” to use the technology inside cars. Where else would Wolkswagen use them?

2 Responses

  1. Am seeking a download program for my laptop of a typical google earth with the ability to locate my location utilizing a “homing” sensor on my dash that visually tells me where I am at any particular area.

    These areas will be in very rural or wilderness areas and I need to be able to actually see “realtime” where I’m at.

    Is this possible?

    Robert Brodoski - March 3rd, 2010
  2. Yes but you didnt ask the question correctly. Homing beacond should be GPS.

    So what you need is a laptop, omni antenna in the cell phone range, an aircard with aux antenna jack, a cell booster 3-5watts, an internet connection and a browser with google earth running. Start “live” tracking in Google Earth and it will zoom into exactly where you are. BAM!

    bleem - April 8th, 2010

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