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Wayfinder to be Preinstalled on Phones


Wayfinder has announced a partnership with “one of the world’s top five mobile handset manufacturers” to get their navigation application pre-installed on certain phones. Typically if you want navigation software on your phone you need to purchase and install the software yourself, or download it from your carrier. This signals a change in the market whereby enough people are interested in navigating from their phones that manufacturers are installing the software by default.

“We have previously been pre-loaded on a number of handsets where users have been triggered to buy a GPS separately in order to experience the benefits of our applications. With the pre-installation of Wayfinder’s services on GPS enabled handsets one cumbersome step in extending our services to end-users is eliminated”, says Magnus Nilsson, CEO, Wayfinder Systems”

Wayfinder announced that the application will be based on Tele Atlas maps.

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