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Where Did Dash Dash Away to?


Update 2: Hey, it looks like they are alive!. 🙂 Maybe we woke them up. Glad to see them (publicly) back in action.

I couldn’t help but notice that we have been hearing less and less from Dash recently. It seems like years ago (oh, wait, it was years ago) that we first started hearing about Dash. At the time they announced what were revolutionary features to the GPS industry. Unfortunately through several product delays the industry has largely caught up with their revolutionary device and the Dash Express no longer sounds as revolutionary as it once was. But more importantly, where have they been lately?

That seems like a good question. Back in October they teased us with six posts to their blog. November squeezed out four posts. Then in December they announced that they would start taking pre-orders, the Express would start shipping at the end of February, and their blog produced three posts. In January we saw them at CES and they wrote one post about that.

Now that we are in the end of February, a few people who did pre-order are beginning to wonder if their device will finally start shipping in the next 10 days. Other than an order confirmation, those who have placed pre-orders have reported receiving no communication from Dash. Their website shows no press releases so far in 2008.

So we called the sales line this morning and asked when the Dash Express would start shipping. We were assured the devices would still be shipping “by the end of February” but their silence has me thinking Dash devices might be getting delayed once again.

Update: We did come across this recent comment left on one of their blog posts earlier today.

Hi folks- Sorry for going dark on you. We’ve been lagging on this blog. We’ve been super busy since CES finishing up development work. We’re making lots of progress. The past few weeks we’ve been conducting extensive readiness testing. We’ll be reaching out to all pre-order customers in the next day or two with an update. Thanks for your patience and our apologies for not responding. Best, Gina

“reaching out to all pre-order customers in the next day or two with an update” doesn’t sound too optimistic to me, but it sounds as though customers should hear an update soon.

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