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Where’s Tim Personal GPS Tracking


Want a real-time example of how personal GPS tracking works? There are lots of products on the market today for fleet tracking and for tracking people. As a demonstration, Tim Hibbard has created a page called Where’s Tim Hibbard where you can track him at any time via GPS.

Specifically this solution works using the GPS in his Nextel phone, it broadcasts his location to Engraph which in turn drives a map produced by Google Maps. Want to know where Tim Hibbard is right now? Track him at Where’s Tim?.

After playing around with the site for a few minutes I had a bit of a “Beavis and Butthead” moment. I kept sitting there staring at the screen saying to myself “move damn-it, move!”. But he didn’t. In this digital world how soon I forgot this is a human we are talking about here and I wasn’t playing some video game. Thankfully you can use the “Get History” button to see where he has been.

8 Responses

  1. I have a child going on an extended hiking trip in a remote area. I’m interested in tracking the location of my child on a regular basis. But I see from most of the web pages of gps service providers that the device is usually set up to communicate with the service provider by cell phone tower. Since the device held by my child will usually be out of range of a cell phone tower, the benefit of carrying the device will be limited. Does anyone know of a product that not only tracks the device by satelite but also communicates with the service provider by satelite. Thanks very much for any ideas you may have.

    Jerome Gates - February 16th, 2007
  2. I would also be interested in finding out about personal GPS tracking of a loved one in a remote area.

    Rick Ravenelli - April 19th, 2007
  3. Interested in a personal GPS (preferably diguised as something else, ie.jewelry) for use with children. Want to be able to find them anywhere in case of say abduction.

    Liz White - November 27th, 2007
  4. Is there a monthly tracking device/service that would allow someone in the U.S. to access a website and track another person in Morocco? A friend’s daughter is travelling on an educational program this summer and will have both a cell-phone and satellite phone but neither has personal GPS tracking.

    Don Buer - April 17th, 2008
  5. Yes there are devices that can be used worldwide that provide tracking as well as emergency notification. (PANIC button). The system is good anywhere in the world. There are three things to note: 1) Device is about the size of an old school cell phone or “walkie talkie” 2) Device is $400 3) Service fee is $75/mo .. great for adventure or hiking!

    Sean - November 27th, 2008
  6. Is there a gps tracker device that does not require a monthly service provider, just myself, cell phone or my PC?

    jake - January 14th, 2010
  7. If you have an iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, or Motorola iDEN, you can use:


    Ken - May 20th, 2010
  8. Whatever you do. DO NOT buy a Zoombak. They sign you on for a monthly subscription but in their fine print there is an early termination fee for cancelling before 1 year

    Harry - August 10th, 2010

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