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Win a Garmin Nuvi


Travel and Leisure magazine is celebrating their 35th Anniversary by offering a contest to win a Garmin Nuvi. To enter, you must describe your favorite drive in 4,000 words or less.

2 Responses

  1. I love the drive along I-70 around the city of Glenwood Springs. The Drive offers two things that make it wonderful. The first is that it is a divided highway that offers a challenge to drive but still some safety measures to make it fun to drive. The curves and changes in elevation make the drive something that brings out the performance capabilities of even the sportiest of cars. The speed allowed by law is wonderful because it is highway and the speed can be maintained without fear of being pulled over for speeding. The increased speed brings out the challenges of the sweeping curves and sometimes hairpin turns. The combinations keep the driver awake and bring the driver into harmony with the car to allow the vehicle to show the driver what all those extras under the body shell can do. The mountain terrain also provide for inclines and declines that separate the vehicles with power and agility. The natural rollercoaster layout of the land and a stretch of highway that flawlessly ebbs and flows along with the river beside it make this section of I-70 a driving enthusiast’s dream. For those that are not out to test their car to its limits can leisurely drive along the Highway and enjoy the magnificent sights. The highway does not carve through the land but instead works to showcase it. The forethought to make the drive scenic is apparent as the road tends to hug the cliff walls to make room for greenery along the meandering river. During the spring runoff the river rises and comes to life cascading over boulders and racing around curves, but can also be seen tranquilly floating along stretches that speak peace to the mind. The road is nestled between rock walls that are brought into sharp relief while driving near midday as the sun plays peek-a-boo as the road curves. The sheer rock walls reveal the layers of rock and shades of grey are broken up by rust color bands produced by the natural iron content of the soil. Other colors like the white of aspen tree bark and the lush evergreen forest are not highlights but are prevalent in a kaleidoscope fashion. The majestic views seem to come more as one wonderful surprise after another because of the course that has been carved out by years of water flowing on its own designated course that curves around the mountain landscape. The thoughtfulness of construction keeps the attention on the wonderful nature around you and not on elements so foreign like shiny guardrails or billboards. The drive is something to be enjoyed by both the nature or car enthusiast.

    Kasey Welch - January 10th, 2008
  2. My favorite drive is one I took cross country starting from the midwest on I-40 and ending in California. Having never been in the western United States – I found it so interesting to see so many different climates and landscapes along one road. It was so amazing to go through the plains and see tumbleweeds, then through the deserts, then up into the snow covered mountains in Arizona, down to the depths of the Grand Canyon, and ending up by the ocean in California.

    Such amazing sights!

    Mike Birkman - January 24th, 2008

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