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Windows NavReady 2009


Microsoft has just announced availability of a new operating system targeted for companies building Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs). The new OS, called “Windows Embedded NavReady 2009” is designed to help GPS companies build core features into their GPS devices faster. The system is built on top of the Windows CE platform.

Through NavReady, manufacturers can offer live search, Bluetooth hands free calling, MSN Direct services for traffic and weather, as well as as well as “SideShow” (not slideshow) functionality. The SideShow functionality enables a PC to use the PND as a secondary screen to exchange information.

“As demand for personal navigation devices continues to increase, and existing owners look to upgrade from their original devices, original equipment manufacturers must continue to innovate and enhance their products with features that will attract a variety of users,” said Chris Jones, Canalys vice president and principal analyst. “Personal navigation solutions will increasingly become connected, which will open up new opportunities to add value through the delivery of dynamic information and location-based services. But this is a highly competitive market and it is important that businesses like Windows Embedded help OEMs and others bring these rich devices to market quickly and efficiently.”

2 Responses

  1. I hope the new OS will have built-in text-to-speech and voice recorgnition capabilities. All GPS should have these features these days.

    BChau - June 24th, 2008
  2. What are the best picks for 2009?

    mia jones - November 28th, 2009

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