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Wireless Carriers Contemplate FCC Requirement for GPS in Cell Phones


As we’ve mentioned before the FCC is requiring that 95% of all active cellular phones in the hands of consumers be equipped with GPS tracking technology by the end of the year. Many wireless carriers say they are struggling to meet that deadline due to customers who don’t want to give up their current phones.

As reported by Wireless Week, Nextel has said that they wouldn’t be able to comply with the deadline and has filed a waiver from the FCC. Verizon says they are unsure if they will be filing for a waiver or not but estimates about 90% of their customers will have GPS enabled cellphones by the end of the year.

“We’ve been up front with the FCC and public safety organizations. We haven’t asked for a waiver. We’re monitoring the situation… we’ve sold only GPS-capable phones for the last 18 months. ” Steve Zipperstein, Verizon vice president of legal and external affairs

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