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Women Ride Motorcycles Cross Country with TomTom


We’ve previously talked about the partnership between Mad Maps and TomTom. A team of women are riding their motorcycles across the country with a little help from their Mad Maps and TomTom RIDER GPS systems for their motorcycles.

The team of women will be riding from San Francisco to Athens, Georgia to attend the International Women & Motorcycling Conference from June 30 – July 3. The combination of Mad Maps and the TomTom RIDER will provide them with alternative scenic routes along the way.

“The specialized route information provided by MAD Maps, Inc. brings an added benefit to our customers,” says TomTom’s U.S. President, Jocelyn Vigreux. “With digital MAD Maps now loaded on our device, riders can simply click on the screen and find an entire scenic route planned for them, complete with motorcycle friendly services.”

The route will travel into “No Man’s Land” (coincidence?) in Nevada before continuing through cities like Grand Junction, Dodge City, Paducah, and Knoxville.

“MAD Maps partnership with Suzuki and TomTom is an obvious link for us,” says Jenny Lefferts. “We create and document scenic driving routes that are not often found on conventional maps. It’s amazing to discover,” says Lefferts, “just how many domestic road trips are logged in the United States and how much more efficient it will be to travel with the TomTom GPS devices.” Riding across country on a Suzuki Boulevard with a TomTom RIDER portable GPS navigation system is certain be one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever had.”

6 Responses

  1. Too bad they will not be showing their location in real time…that would be fun to watch. Tell those ladies, if they want to add real time tracking on a Google map to give me a call.

    Tim Hibbard - May 4th, 2006
  2. Fun story, nice to see women riders getting some press. My dad’s a biker, was thinking of getting hime one of those Riders, people seem to dig them.

    Sig - May 8th, 2006
  3. I think this is so neat! I’m a Harley enthusiast myself, but I ride behind my husband (for now). I think this gadget would be very helpful! I hope someday to do something similar to this!!!

    Julie - May 10th, 2006
  4. Julie, you should rally some friends or couples and do a road trip like that this summer – seems like a fun thing to do. My dad likes to ride and go camping in the summer and gets a lot of pleasure from it. I agree the Rider sounds like a great device, I’d love for my dad to be able to just ride and not worry about where he is until he wants to come home to us! 😀

    Sig - May 19th, 2006
  5. Yeah I just got a Navone by cobra the 2500 model and it’s a charm. This summer I’ll use it to go bike riding on my 750 ninja oooooooooowee can’t wait this is by the way real time map. These maps are sent from the satalite. Also you can input your own routes.

    Hermin Trinidad - February 7th, 2007
  6. I think you mean that the 2500 will display real time traffic, not real time maps. 😉

    Tim - February 7th, 2007

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