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World Debut – GPS Tour Guide System Hits Streets of New York City


GPS Multi-Media Inc., a Manhattan based technology and entertainment company announced this week that they have released “CityShow” a hand-held, GPS-based Tour Guide System for New York City. CityShow is now available to the public by rental from their website ( www.cityshownyc.com ).

CityShow, the “World’s Coolest GPS Tour Guide System” is a revolutionary product that does not exist anywhere else in the world. Consisting of a hand-held PDA computer, a GPS receiver and a pair of headphones, CityShow delivers location-based tourist information to New York City visitors.

Cityshow is extremely entertaining and helpful. As people wander the streets of Manhattan, CityShow tells them where they are, what they are near, and delivers appropriate history, stories, music, photos and other information. The system even provides the locations of the nearest subway stations and public restrooms.

“It’s definitely the coolest tour I have ever been on,” says Matt Crawford of Houston, Texas. “It’s amazing. It allows me to visit the city at my own pace, and the “show” aspect of it was really cool. It’s not boring like a museum tour it’s really cool.”

CityShow is available for rental in New York City by visiting: www.cityshownyc.com .

One Response

  1. Many significant technological advances have been made in recent years for delivering location based media to tourists. Hands-free tours using GPS guided or self-directed devices offer easy-to-use, hassle free touring experiences in multiple languages simultaneously.

    Doug Humphreys - July 17th, 2007

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